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Posted on Jul 12 2018, 1:52 AM.

Nephele didn't go many places in Elysium, but there was one area she knew very well. The Iron Valley had called her back ever since stepping hoof back into the strange land. It didn't take long to arrive there, either, as her trained hooves knew where to step. Silent as death, with the same bone-deep chill, she entered the familiar green sanctum of the Heretic herd. Met with rose and iron, she walked slowly, calculatedly, into the shadow of mountains. It looked to be empty of life, but she knew better. She knew there were others, and they were close. Their scents mingled in the air, and the blood mare lifted her great head to let the smell fill her flared nostrils. Even the snake upon her back that was usually all too happy to lazy about and bask in the mare's body heat flicked his tongue to the air.

Her ears, all four of them, swiveled to catch noise, and emotionless eyes scanned the land around her. Memories of those she met danced in her head, and she wondered, briefly, if Draco still led the hated herd. His scent was absent from those that wafted around her, and she smiled. The brat didn't deserve the title of emperor, he's was as useless as his foal factory of a father. The smile was replaced with a scowl as Nephele thought of Renegade. His scent was present. That was unsatisfactory. With a sigh, she took an abrupt turn into the heart of the herdlands. 

If she hadn't been spotted yet, then they were all either blind or stupid. Drawing breath, she spoke, her voice deep and unwelcoming. "Is there no one here to welcome me?"

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