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Open  Cherry Cordial

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Posted on Jul 07 2018, 4:43 PM.

A set of solitary hoofprints trailed for miles on the desolate grey waste, though the majority of said prints were obscured by a wide strip of what seemed to be a continuous brushstroke. If one were to follow the prints from the beginning, they'd find a lone mare far ahead. She was young and not at all intimidated by the sheer vastness of the nothing around her, as her head was held high and ears kept straight and alert, swiveling apart from each other to catch any sound. 

Another hoof sank into the fine, grey dust, just as her flowing curtain of a tail covered the few prints just left behind her, and Cordial felt the ashen particles compress under her weight. Every step she took kicked up clouds of the powder, coating her body to give a matte finish to her normally gleaming silhouette. The grey even managed its way into her nostrils, coaxing a sneeze from her chest, though, she stopped the disturbance with a snort.

Figuring she ought to give her coat the same treatment, she stopped walking and parted her legs to stabilize herself. Body braced, she shook, much like a wet dog, and diluted grey rained from her fur. With the desaturated ash gone from the majority of her body, Cordial craned her neck back to inspect her handiwork. 

The whites and creams no longer seemed a sickly gray and the rich brown and red had gained back their depth of color. She even went so much as to lift her tail high, getting at least the most part of it up and out, but that didn't stop the tips from dragging still. Setting forth again, looking not unlike an Arabian in posture and gait as she picked up her pace and trotted along, further into the grey nothing.


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Posted on Jul 13 2018, 6:16 PM.

It seemed like Kashmir was spending more and more time in the Claiming Grounds during the daytime hours. She was beginning to feel like the unofficial welcome committee to all who entered and stayed there temporarily. The striped mare did not mind really, quite the opposite actually. She liked being the first to open her arms and hands to those that had no one. Kashmir liked to be the first to greet another that had not been greeted before she arrived. It gave her a sense of happiness and that she was caring for others in some small way to the best of her ability. That did not mean that she would abandon those that already chose to follow her lead. Absolutely not. There was a deep seated respect and care for the current Iron Valley members of course, and it was not going away anytime soon. Kashmir was just paving the way for horses to do what others had done before them in finding a home. So that is how the empress ended up in the lands again, happy as a lark. There was a graceful pep in Kashmir’s step, her feathered hooves clicking out their own random, yet rhythmic tune. Her hooves lifted from the ground in a rather bouncy manner, especially from someone with living where she lived at that point in time. Heretic certainly would look upon her with a disdainful look, if only he could see her then. Serves him right, that pig headed son of a gun.  

As the mare was traveling into the land for what seemed like the umpteenth time, she noticed another moving along the trail. Kashmir’s honeyed eyes watched as the other shook herself to clear the residue left over by the fire before she approached. The Claiming Grounds fire seemed to have happened many, many years ago, so Kashmir could not help but wonder how long the ash would stay. It almost seemed like a semi-permanent feature, no matter how many hooves tread upon it. It stuck to manes, tails, bodies and everything else, but there was still plenty more of it to go around in abundance. The ground, the trees, the entire landscape was coated in ash and burnt. Perhaps there was a fountain of ash that kept spewing it up from the bowels of the earth unceasingly, yet no one knew about it. Well now, that was a disconcerting thought. Constant production of ash meant that there could be active fire nearby. Was this place sitting on a volcano or something? Someone should probably check on that before it got out of hand. In the meantime, the hybrid equine approached the slightly taller, multicolored mare and spoke to her outright.  

“Hard to stay clean in all this ash, is it not?” Kashmir said with a friendly, knowing tone. She herself could not stand having a mangy, disheveled coat, and hers must always be pristine to be suitable. That was what she had been taught from a very young age, and that principle stuck with her long into adulthood. Constantly visiting an ash ridden territory made that slightly more difficult to do, what with raining ashes consistently around her. But it was dealt with promptly and with precision, so there was no real problem with it. “I find it easier to wait a bit before getting it all out of my coat, that way I do not have to do it multiple times. Too many long baths in water make for pruny skin, am I right? Do not even get me started on tongue baths.” There was a small attempt at humor from Kashmir, and her features were dotted with the formations of a smile. She thought that her own jokes were funny, though perhaps not everyone else did. If you could laugh at yourself, it made it all the easier when others did too. That was just how the mare’s sense of humor worked; it was a little quirky at times, a little sassy at other times, but was no one else’s but hers.

“I am Kashmir,” the mare said without further preamble. She did not go into the logistics of everything quite yet, that could wait.

ooc - Cordial


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Posted on Jul 14 2018, 3:40 AM.

An unfamiliar voice in an unfamiliar place drew her attention. Looking towards the origin of the sound, Cordial turned and cast berry eyes on quite the striking individual. A mare just barely smaller than she and exotically patterned joked to her, and the younger mare couldn't help but laugh and share a friendly smile to the new face. Something about the stranger seemed so collected, or maybe it was her eyes, which were of a deep and warm hue of gold. Either way, Cordial relaxed and moved herself to face Kashmir. 

"And I'm Cordial." Her voice was slightly high with youth, though not unpleasantly so, and it had a richness to it that would surely deepen as time went on. "This ash is quite the inconvenience, I'm just trying to make my way out of it. It seems as though that may take longer than I had anticipated." Again, she smiled, and in a less serious tone added, "On the tongue baths, I wouldn't mind them as much if someone I fancied were giving them." Being the playful beast that she was, Cordial felt no reason to guard herself against an individual that meant well. No hostile words or motions were being thrown to her, nothing to display any form of a threat. With the coast clear, the teenaged mare was all for a refreshing conversation in a world of grey and nothingness.

"You wouldn't happen to know the way out, would you? I feel like I'm in purgatory, it looks like I am, too." Looking above Kashmir, she really couldn't help but think that the grey *was* endless, that there was no way out, but the presence of the other mare showed otherwise. It was just the matter of finding her way out that eluded her.


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