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Something Wild (OPEN)

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Posted on Jul 04 2018, 4:09 AM.

Oh, it had been so long.

Moonfire had a rough past couple of months.  First, she contracted an illness that caused her to feel weak and void of any energy.  It was the weakest the mare had felt in her lifetime, quite frankly, it was embarrassing. While she kept herself away from the rest of the herd in order to keep everyone else healthy, she reflected on the events that had recently transpired.   There were some regrets, sure, but she was very happy to have her home back.  Though Moonfire knew that as an immortal, the sickness could not kill her, she knew that it could likely kill mortal horses. She stayed in a cave on the far side of Satin Beach, away from anyone for at least a full cycle of the moon.  When she was symptom free, she began to return to a more populated area, via the water.  She walked into the clear water up to her knees before the hippocampus magic took over.  Her trusty companions, Skye and Tempest flew only a few feet above the water where she swam.  

Moonfire dove down deep into the deepest part of the sea close to Satin Beach’s shore.  As she dove, what she saw amazed and reinvigorated her. A pod of dolphins passed.  Numerous species of fish farted around very healthy coral.  The huge black mare grinned. This was what she had fought for, not just the equines that inhabited the land.  This was equally as important.  After a bit of exploration of the depths, Moonfire burst out from the water, caused an enormous splash and spray easily visible by anyone from land. Moon didn’t care.  It was a hot day, and she was so overjoyed to be home, and not feeling so empty of energy.  She landed on the beach, sleek coat already mostly dry.  She hoped she would run into some herd mates, to explain what had happened. She hadn’t interacted in quite some time! Skye and Tempest brought her the latest news on what was happening, including the brutally murdered sea creature that was being investigated, but she wanted equine contact finally.  Getting to know her lord better would be awesome as well. He seemed nice, despite his reluctance to name her General.  

Open to anyone! Just getting back after a break Big Grin sorry for spelling errors or random words that don’t make sense, blame my phone’s autocorrect.
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