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Open  she walks among the snowflakes; any

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Posted on Jun 29 2018, 2:24 AM.

She has managed to find the grass along the outer edges of the mountain. The fjord is quite content in the chill of the wintry land and it glimmers in the depths of her eyes with an undeniable excitement. Elysium has been good to the small woman despite her current situation of trudging through knee high snow drifts. Just another mile or so and she would surely find a steady supply of green grass and some water.

The small mare picks her way through the snow, the sound of chickadees chirping brightly across the cold ground, causing a smile to bloom upon her lips. The antler crown upon her head is glittering in the winter atmosphere and it furthers her eagerness to explore the newly discovered land. Elka steps high to clear the snow and notices that it is dissipating and the air is warming slightly despite the frost of her breath encapsulated in a foggy cloud. The mare calls out of excitement when she spies the greenery of cold grass, fresh and crisp, her squeal a bit too loud.

Lips split to tug at the tufts of vegetation, they are cold and soothing to her dry throat. Elka had not realized the extent of her hunger but indulges it in a less than lady-like manner with eager clipping and sway of her long two toned tail. She is alone and content, wondering where she had managed to find herself since leaving her family.


she walks among the snowflakes
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