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Open  Never thought you'd fall so far

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Posted on Jun 28 2018, 10:06 PM.

A panic sets deep in her stomach. Yet she does not stop galloping. She is breathing hard. Her mind is clouded. All she knows is to run, run far away. Running from the volcanic eruption somehow her earnings snag on a branch and get ripped out. It hurts but she must not stop. Her necklace is in tatters and it easily falls off. It hits the ground with a thud. Naaslaarum does not notice. A wildfire soon starts up. The flames burn her in spots. She cannot stop running. To stop would be a death sentence. It pains her to keep running like this but she must if she wishes to live. A large tree falls behind her. She stops and turns. Her brothers are trapped. She goes to help them but the urge her to keep going. They demand that she keeps running. The palomino mare wants to help but the smoke is rising and it's getting harder and harder to breathe. Convincing herself that they'll find another way she flees through the only escape route this side of the jungle.

She runs until she can't anymore. Naaslaarum cannot hear anything other than the pounding of her heart so it is a bit of a shock when she's running on sand and the scent of the ocean spray reaches her nose. Her legs give way and the mare collapses onto the beach. Her breathing is erratic and she tries to get it under control. She realises how tired she is but she can't stop. She has to get up. Has to keep going. Naaslaarum attempts to get up but her effort was for nought as her legs cannot bear her weight.

A high pitched squeal comes out of her mouth. Her ears are stiff with a few twitches to any new noises. She is lost. Injured. Anxious. Worried. Scared. None of them expected the volcano to explode. Not with such violence and fervour. She couldn't go home but she had to. Her brothers. Her mother. Father. The herd. What if they were hurt or worse dead? She has to get up. She must. Failure was not an option. Yet it seems as though failure is the only option.

Naaslaarum makes an attempt once more to get up but almost immediately is back down on the sand. Her body is giving up. No. It can't give up on her now. She has to make it. The other dov needed her. It is over. Her exhaustion has won the fight. The mare can no longer even lift her head up. A rest is what she needs but she is too paranoid to fall asleep. It is unknown territory. She knew nothing of this land of its customs. Just a small nap. A small one. This is what she tells herself. She would just rest 10 minutes then be gone. The lies she tells herself.

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