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Posted on Jun 17 2018, 10:50 PM.

The morning was particularly early. Lilac lined the skies as the sun made its break over the horizon, shattering light over the skies in jagged shards that thrust themselves through the canopy of trees. There were few sounds but for the merry chirping of the early waking birds, the heavy foot fall of a sovereign's inky hooves and the crunch of fallen leaves beneath his steps. 

Gotham takes a long breath of the crisp morning air, hauling it into his lungs with closed eyes before letting it whisper from his nostrils in two distinct trails of misted white. He takes a moment to stand stock-still, ears pivoting over his crown to take in the gentle avian melodies chirruping above him, before setting once again on his way through the woods. It's been a while since the King patrolled his lands at such an early hour, and with the lack of forward movement in finding the perpetrator of numerous murders amongst Elysium he thought a change in tactic may be overdue. Switching up the times of his patrols is only the first of many changes the behemoth intends to implement. It is, however, thanks to a blanket of quiet laying over his herd members that the rest of his changes are yet to be put in place.

Silently, as the stallion treads onwards, he vows to himself: We will catch the fool who dares kill the innocent creatures of these lands.

He glances up from the ground he treads, continuing with his gentle pace as he picks his way around towering tree trunks and old stumps of felled wooden beasts. Gotham City did not expect on this day to stumble upon a fellow of his ruling, why on earth would anyone but he be up so early? He believed most would instead be cherishing their beds, deep in slumber or fitful dreaming as they lay wrapped in quilts of leaves and moss. He had no time for such luxuries, however. For a King, there were responsibilities to burden oneself underneath, tasks and daily duties to perform; expectations to be upheld.

Gotham mightn't dishonour his people by shouting "Sleep is for the weak!" from the treetops, but he believed for one thing that sleep was not for sovereignity. The requirements of royalty were far too plentiful to allow for such frivolity.

OPEN! He's just being solitary and quiet /shrug/

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Posted on Jul 07 2018, 4:42 PM.

She hadn't meant to take off with such haste and neglect, but when she had caught wind that her son had been taken ill by colic, she hadn't even given it a moments thought before taking off to nurse him back to health, despite the fact that he was a man now. he had been fine, a mild case, and recovered quickly, but she had dwelled to be sure, and to spend time with her son before returning to the woods. It was a relief to step back under the cover of the trees, and feel the breeze on her back, a respite from the hot sands of the Lyrus lands. 
She was in better shape then ever, her strength up, and the horns on her head now fully formed. She proudly carried her breast plate as a token of who she now was. 
It didn't take long to find the familiar blue glow of Gotham city. He stood out among the darkness of the trees, quite blatantly. Picoro crawled back to her from the branches as she quickly dipped her head lower, a feeling of shame overcoming her, for abandoning her duties. "Good morning" she nodded tentatively in the rulers direction. "I hear things have been quiet here. That is, I hear nothing at all" 

Gotham City 
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