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Open  Where the Wild Things Are

 Foal, 6-12 mos  Mare
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Posted on Jun 15 2018, 1:16 AM.

"Your past does not create you.
Your actions are what shape you."
Slow. Easy, one step at a time. Avoid any holes - but use the bushes as shade. The small flock of blackbirds were innocently picking through the grass ahead for worms and other insects. Already, Azrik had found out that she was finally old enough to give off a predator's aura and was unable to simply pretend to be a normal foal as she waltzed up to her prey. No, if she wanted to eat, she had to stalk like Nicla. Speaking of...

Now! White pup and red-gold filly sprung forward at the same time, startling the birds into a screeching frenzy. Both predators jumped, teeth snapping.


Licking her lips, Azrik pushed through the feathers that were still intact. She hummed under her breath and took the longest feathers, placing it inside the satchel that rested open on the ground between her and Nicla. There was no need for them to keep the feathers, but the filly had an itch to make something out of it if she could manage. Maybe a necklace of some sort?

And who would wear it? Nicla countered immediately. You know I won't. You know that you won't, too. 

The filly bared her teeth at her companion, but without any ill intent behind the gesture. "Don't be mean just because you can't wear the pretty flame coat," she sniffed. 

Growling, Nicla said, Neither can you! Not when you're wearing your pelt! 

Azrik stuck her tongue out. "I'm bored."
"She speaks." | She thinks.

OOC: Just thought everyone should have a reminder that she's a carnivore...

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