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Open  Somewhere on a Beach

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Posted on Jun 09 2018, 1:09 AM.

Maxwell felt his hooves dig into the sand as he walked, heard the crunching sounds change as he reached the beach.  He had wandered for a while, not really knowing where he was.  Well he knew he was on a beach - that was obvious!  He felt the sun warm up his back, but there was a cool breeze from the ocean that helped to make sure he didn’t feel overheated.  The scenery behind him was beautiful but he was more awestruck by the ocean.

He stopped at the very edge where dry sand was slowly being turned to the soaking wet sand of the ocean.  He stood there and felt the wind blow through his mane and smelled the salt of the sea.  It felt peaceful here.   He jumped as the silence was ruined by seagulls flying overhead, sending some sand flying and laughed after they flew far away.

 “Maxwell Trevelyan, scared by birds.”  He shook his head and took a few steps into the water, feeling his hooves and legs cool a bit as he got deeper.  He watched as some fish swim around his feet before looking back up at the horizon.  He turned and started to walk down the beach. He didn’t see any hoof-prints on the beach, but that was thanks to the constant waves on the ocean and the sands shifting with each gust of wind.  Max started to wonder if there were other equines in the area, he felt a pit form in his gut and hoped he wasn’t the only one here.


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Posted on Jun 13 2018, 9:30 PM.


We've changed, a new change of season,,

Amongst the swaying pampas grass with their pale fluffy tasseled tops and the softly fragrant geranium was a slumbering form. The distinctly masculine equine was stretched out flat upon the sun warmed sand at the basin of a dune. Little purple blooms haloed the figure and stubbornly poked through the tendrils of indigo tipped mane and tail hair that was spread across the ground in an attempt to soak up the rays of light. Ebony lashes were dark crescents upon his cheek as his eyes moved beneath closed lids. His rugged features were softened by his catnap. Dusk hued wings were stretched out in blissful relaxation instead of their idle position tucked upon his back. One of his sable pinnae flicked, his silver-gray neck twitched, and his cloven hooves shifted restlessly in sleep that was a dream state. Still grasped between his teeth was a leren root, known most popularly for its medicinal qualities. The scene was innocent and looked like it was paused, as if mid-task he had needed a break then simply lost track of time.

At the persistent abrupt, coarse calling of seagulls high overhead the stallion was groggily awoken. Eyes the color of sunfire, a bright shimmering gold flecked with orange and hinted by red, blinked away sandy grit with practiced ease. The roan was certainly at home with beach dwelling by his lack of care at the nuisance of sand finding a way into every crevice. With a groan slipping through his charcoal lips he rolled upright, robust limbs tucked beneath his barrel. Ears shifting forward then left, to the right, back and forward again, the draft rubbed his tongue against the roof of his mouth to suppress a yawn when he realized the root was still in his mouth. That’s right, he mused, I was out to gather some supplies. Lifting his gaze to squint at the sun, gauging the time of day, the brute heaved himself up onto all four legs.

The little errand had taken longer than expected and he’s “moment” of rest lasted longer than anticipated. It wasn’t that he had a pressing meeting or an impending agenda, he simply enjoyed being productive. Even if that was at the expense of sleep, as was the case recently. 

But the stress of identifying and finding a criminal was a burden he didn’t feel inclined to carry for long. He wanted answers. So the winged equine resettled his feathered wings then set off toward the shoreline. After cresting a number of dunes he was rewarded with the sight of endless ocean. Shades of turquoise, cerulean, and Aegean intermingled in a breathtaking display of roiling waves. The sky was even a soft azure that held aloft gossamer white clouds. Admiring the view, the baroque stud noticed that he was not alone. A tobiano was walking alone near where water met land. Setting down the root to retrieve at a later time, the black roan shouted above the sea breeze, "Hello there!" Furrows were dug into the pristine moon-white sand as he loped to catch up with the stranger.

"Where have you come from?" He asked in a friendly way that was only slightly dampened by the serious look upon his brow.

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OOC | Maxwell Eeee! I can't wait to get to know him. Big Grin 

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