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To Watch Over Them

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Posted on Jun 03 2018, 10:49 PM.

The glassy lake was quickly becoming Shakaya’s favorite part of the Viridian Fields, the surface oddly soothing while various waterfowl splashed along its banks. A heavy sigh sounded from the healer as she closed her eyes and reopened them to the same sight. Where are you? The question was fueled with a slow-burning fury. Why have all but one of you disappeared? The mare had been so full of hope for the future upon taking over the leadership position and perhaps the euphoria had blinded her to reality.
“I call upon those who are a part of this family, those who have wandered and remained secluded since our last meeting.” The mare’s tone was clipped as she summoned the equines she had sworn to protect. “Those of you who wish to remain in Carinae are to meet me at the lake.”  Her voice softened as she considered any interlopers that might have crossed into her borders, “Those of you that are not a part of Carinae are welcome to meet with me at the lake as well.”
Previously pinned ears slowly began to make their way into a more welcoming position, the healer fighting to soften her features and keep her emotions hidden. “We have much to discuss.”

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