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[Lost One Plot!] lost boy

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Posted on May 16 2018, 10:01 PM.


and we're living like renegades
Honestly, the weird ball of light was starting to get quite irritating. Sym had descended the mountain with ease, in half the time it had taken him to scale it, and promptly found himself journeying towards the Celadon Heights - one of the more recently discovered, mysterious territories of Elysium. He'd offered to accompany his alotted partner, Stellar, and expected them to follow on the descent. In his determination to reach the destination promptly, however, it was quite likely he'd managed to lose his companion. Oops.

Standing at the base of the colossal waterfall, Symkaria jerked his head to the left in an effort to swat the glowing orb away. It was peculiar, magical and mystical he was sure, but it was distracting his line of sight and he could've sworn it was emitting a strange high pitched humming. Perhaps it was imagination but it was annoying as all hell. It didn't even seem to be of any use, it certainly wasn't taking him anywhere. What the hell was it for?

Huffing an irritated breath through dark nares, Symkaria set on his way again and the damned orb followed right along beside him. 

For an hour or so he wove through the trees, his pelt taking on a shimmer of sweat not due to exertion but rather the humidity of the jungle climate. Dampness clung to his frame as exotic birds and creatures howled and sang their calls through the trees. Irritating, really. Eventually the Crucis Heir tripped up, his pace having become too fast as he failed to take appropriate notice of his surroundings. Cursing gently under his breath, the stallion stopped and looked under his hooves. What he had tripped on was not in fact a root or plant as he'd expected it to be, but a hunk of grey stone. A few feet in front of it was another, then another, then a pile of stones only a few horse lengths away from that. And then.... Symkaria's gaze tracked down, down, down through the jungle's dark claws 'til it landed upon the crumbling structure of discarded stone. A palace? Temple? Truly, he'd no idea what it was, or once was, but it sure looked like it had been grand once upon a time. This must've been what The Lost One was talking about.

He promptly righted his position and resumed a walk - a more careful pace this time - into the grasp of the stone building. Darkness elapsed over him as what remained of the ceiling merged with the canopy of trees and blocked out any of the sun's midday light. At least that meant it was cooler. The now dim illumination lit up a series of doorways and hallways, marked vaguely by a series of fallen bricks and collapsed walls. "Well what am I meant to do now?" he mumbled, noting that his voice produced a faint echo through the delapidated piece of architecture, but continued to press forwards nonetheless.

A right here, a left there, Symkaria wandered deeper and deeper into the strange structure. He'd probably get lost and die here, now wouldn't that be comical. Even having a King for a dad likely wouldn't help him. There was probably a reason no one had found these ruins before - did everyone who explored them just get lost? Was he about to stumble upon a skeleton or a ghost? Now that would jazz things up a bit. Maybe the ruins had just appeared. The Lost One had seemed a little... lacking in knowledge of what exactly they were sending the various Elysium residents to do. The lack of detail was almost concerning.

The midnight stag was not consumed by fear in the dark as one might've expected him to be. In fact his mood was entirely unchanged as he stood now in a corner of the building, facing a right turn compiled of yet more broken bricks and stones. He was born to an emotionless sovereign, it would be shameful to submit to traits as weak as anxiety or wariness. No, he would take control of the situation, he would find whatever it was this Lost One spoke of. 

Having taken a brief rest to regain his bearings - or rather, attempt to list in his head what directions he'd gone at the last few junctions - Symkaria set off once more. A few steps down the line he saw a particularly enticing brick sticking out of the wall to his left. With his front left hoof, he kicked it quite sharply, oblivious to what ill might become of applying sudden impact to an obviously incredibly fragile structure before merrily continuing down the corridor (or what was left of what used to be a corridor).

OOC: Stellar Infinitum you're welcome to join! I tried to leave it so that stellar could've ambled along but sym was too arrogant and forgot he was there lol
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Posted on Jun 10 2018, 8:22 PM.

The light that guided you here fades into nothing, and all that's left is the dark passage in front of you. No treasure to be seen thus far - your journey is not yet complete!

Something is happening! Dice roll for Symkaria: 2
Your journey is unsuccessful so far, but post once more and perhaps the treasure will find you!

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