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Private  A Taste of Something Greener

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Posted on Apr 21 2018, 4:16 PM.


Teal ears were pinned back as the ghosts of a day long past threatened to ruin her mood. Blood, ocean, and sand. The vixen shook her body as she focused on the beach as it currently was. It was in pristine condition today, albeit not as immaculate as the Satin Beach, and the mare took a moment to splash in the surf. The coolness of the droplets was positively delightful as they crested and splattered over her back and wings. The liquid rolled smoothly over her feathers before falling back into the water below. Shakaya let the memories slip away, amethyst eyes focused solely on the ocean as the mare folded her knees and allowed her body to thunk against the sand. The colorful wings were quick to spread out and flap lazily at the water as the surf rushed up to meet them. 

The sea was foamy today, more so than usual, and the anomaly left the vixen staring at it. Her tail swished as she considered collecting the substance for testing but she decided against it. Sounds an awful lot like work, golden hooves flashed as they waved in the air while their owner rolled. I'm not here for work, nope... not today. Her pale muzzle split into a wide smile as she chose to shirk her responsibilities, today is going to be a relaxing day. Today I'm not a queen or a healer, or even an entertai- the giddy thought was cut short as the sea took advantage of her smile and flooded her mouth with salt water.  When added in moderation salt was a wonderful thing and the mare often enjoyed its flavoring. This is not one of those time, a disgusted expression flitted across her face as she righted herself and spat out the unwanted gift, I don't pee in you so don't give me a mouthful of nasty. 

Shakaya's eyes widened, I don't pee in it but other things do. Her neck twisted as she looked for any remnants of fresh water while her tongue flopped out of her mouth and continued to hang limply. Thankfully I'm alone... I think. Her gaze drifted to the foreboding mountains that sheltered the Iron Valley to her east. Are the inhabitants really as bad as everyone whispers? Her eyes softened as she ambled forward with flared nares. There was fresh water ahead, she could scent it, and a sliver of drool hung from her exposed tongue. The rest of the terrain around her seemed to fall into a haze when she finally caught a glimpse of the pool and she broke into a lope. The water was slightly warm but it didn't seem to deter her as she guzzled it in mouthfuls. So much better, she turned away from the liquid and started to head back to the ocean, so much. 

The journey back was far shorter than it had seemed while searching for the fresh water, only a hoof-ful of minutes that made the healer feel a little foolish. The sun was starting to heat the world around her, soothing rays washing over her and warming her hide as she gleefully plopped herself back into the shallows. Something jabbed against her hip and she recoiled, rump lifted awkwardly out of the water while her neck twisted until she could catch a glimpse of whatever had caused her discomfort. Her eyes narrowed at the weird ridge that jutted just above the sand before a shiver of excitement rippled through her slight frame. A shell or part of one at least, a tendril of her curiosity reached out and grasped the object carefully. Her telekinesis tugged insistently as she tried to free the object from the sand but the sediment held fast. Her muzzle turned into a frown of concentration as she pulled even harder at her prize until a nicker escaped her upon success. A whole conch shell? The odds of finding one were incredibly rare and she studied the empty specimen. Perhaps she could use it as a decorative piece in the upcoming party that she and Kyrian were planning for the foreign prince.

Word Count: 688
OOC| Xzavier don't mind Shakaya acting like a filly, everyone needs a day off sometimes. Smile Note for Staff; this is a potential herd joining thread.


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Posted on Apr 22 2018, 2:54 AM.

I'm willing to wait for it

It was an average day in the lands of the heretics. One filled with copious amounts of sparring, torture and of course blood. All the things Xzavier cared nothing for. The boy laid upon the ground with ax expression of boredom written across his face. Pale blue eyes regarded the world around him briefly before turning it toward the lands in the distance. Perhaps he could go for a walk. Anything was better than lying around in unwanted company. A soft sigh fluttered from his nares as he pushed himself to stand. Muscles tensing and relaxing upon finally gaining his balance. With a whisk of his short banner he dusted off various debris from his pastel rump.

Large cream colored hooves carried him forth as he sheepishly walked past a group of mumbling serfs gossiping angrily about his father. His audits buried themselves deep into the short tresses of his mane. Oh how he was beginning to loath the lineage he'd been born into and the consequences that came along with it. Picking up his pace the vibrant colt eased into a steady trot, wanting to place as much distance between himself and the heretics as possible for the time being. The further he was the more relaxed he felt and more content to just be himself.

Not long into his brief travels he slowed his trot as he picked up on the scent of saltwater coasting on the air. Pausing he fell nervous, as his visage lifted to get a better look at his surroundings. Was someone nearby? Ever so carefully he inched his way forward until he could peak over the crest of the sloping hill he stood upon. There he bared witness to a teal colored mare with vibrant wings taking a drink near the borders of the iron valley. Shrinking back, he hid himself, hoping that the woman had not laid eyes on him. Swallowing softly he dared himself to peak again only to find that she was gone.

While Xzavier was relieved he'd gone unnoticed he was still curious of the violet haired fae. As silently as a bumbling colt could manage he picked his way down the mountainside and dipped his nose toward the viridian grass. Taking in the scent he followed it to its source and by then the stranger was toying with what looked to be an odd looking albeit pretty rock. At least he assumed it was a rock, for what else could it be? However, it was not just the femme and her treasure that captured his attention but the landscape she stood upon as well. He'd never set foot upon a beach before.

He audits rose to full height as he listened to the crash of the ocean and watched as the waves greedily lapped at the shore. His eyes marveled at the sight of the golden sands and found comfort in its texture as he managed to take a single step upon it. For the first time since Rowan had left him there was a hint of a smile to grace his lips. This was a nice place, perhaps he would find time to visit again. Or at least that was the thought processing though his mind until he felt the soft tickling of a spider upon his rump. Tossing his gaze behind him to spot the arachnid Xzavier emitted an undignified scream of sheer terror.

Rearing up and then preforming a quick buck he hoped to dislodge the little creature only find it still hanging on by a thread. The mare and her finding was lost to him as he took off into a full blown gallop, tiny spider still billowing in the breeze. Oh no get off of me, please!

tag: Shakaya // notes: notes go here ya.
( © wyatt )


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Posted on Apr 29 2018, 10:33 PM. (Edited: Apr 29 2018, 10:35 PM by Shakaya.)


The scream of terror made the vixen flinch, the shell thudding against the sand as her concentration broke and her ears flicked into a pinned position. Wet sand clung to her hide as Shakaya rose to her hooves and attempted to shake herself free of the sediment. It was a half-hearted attempt, as she didn't particularly care what the sand decided to do, and most of it remained pressed against her body. How should I approach? Pale lips were turned to the ground in a contemplative frown even as she started to trot in the other equine's direction. Perhaps I should keep this slower pace, her strides shortened with indecision, then again if something is horribly wrong... 

Her gait quickened as the distance rapidly vanished between the two equines, the mare ever mindful of the message her body language was sending. I'm here to help, her chest was angled slightly away from her destination while she avoided making direct eye contact, not hurt. Her eyes roved over the young colt's frame as she attempted to locate the cause of his discomfort while maintaining enough distance to avoid an accidental kick. "Wha-" her question drifted away with the sea breeze as the smallest strand of something silky floated away from the stranger's body. Is that hair or webbing? Shakaya danced closer while her left wing began to extend, her feathers fluttering in the wind before brushing at the single strand of silk. It broke easily, too easily to be hair. 

A part of the mare felt guilty for severing the strand even as she reached out with her mind. "Hold still?" The request was mumbled as she tried to catch a glimpse of the arachnid. Her eyes narrowed as she focused and an invisible tendril reached from her and attempted to wrap around the insect but the healer overshot and wound up snagging a few strands of hair. "Oops, so sorry!" The apology was spoken quickly, "Just trying to help you out." The hair was released before the colt could tug it away and make the accident painful. Shakaya's teeth started to grind as she ducked to the left, concentration etched onto her features before her eyes widened as she realized a moment too late the error that she had made. 

It had looked like the colt was turning the other way, his legs spread wide and frame slanting to the right, but he appeared to have changed his course mid-stride and the two equines collided. Shakaya fought to keep her balance, hooves skittering across the sand and wings flailing before her muzzle hit the sand. The mare twisted, wings spread wide as she landed on her back and remained there for a few seconds as she blinked lazily at the sun. "Are you alright?" The concern was laced with amusement as the vixen attempted to fight the urge to giggle, "I'm so sorry for all of that, I was only trying to help." Her legs thudded against the sand as she rolled into a slightly less vulnerable position, "I'm Shakaya, who are you?"

Word Count: 513
OOC| Xzavier oh goodness, clumsiness abounds!

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