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Posted on Apr 19 2018, 8:25 PM.

As of late, Elysium seemed quite simply to be in shambles. The arrival of the Prince had everyone up in arms, all but one of the territory leaders had changed or been newly appointed to recovered lands, and Gotham City had stumbled upon the corpse of a mutilated doe in his beloved woods. Not only that, but the mangled remains were accompanied by the minutes-old fawn, fallen from the doe's stomach and heartbreakingly unaware of the tragedy of the situation. It was, quite frankly, a fortunate twist of luck that Luvena, Gotham and Baraqel had stumbled upon the trauma as soon as they had. Any later and the fawn might've been murdered too, as an after-thought, or perhaps would've died due to neglect. 

The Crucis King didn't often - if at all - succumb to emotion but the events as of late had him closer to collapse than ever before. The life of a royal had never been this hard in Pantheon, in fact he had lived a life of luxuries, laying on relentless balls and elegant feasts before ever having to burn dead bodies or reincarnate innocent orphans as one of his own kind. In a way, it was more exciting. He felt more accomplished as a King, like he was doing more to earn respect and cater for his herd. However, he would never wish these horrors upon anyone. Something was afoot, and it was up to him first and foremost to discover what before it happened again. Failure wasn't an option - not in the slightest.

He stumbled lazily through the territories of Elysium, glancing back often to ensure he was being followed by his small entourage. He expected Luvena to be behind him, guiding the fawn to where they would attempt to save its life. Strange, the thought of turning a fawn to a foal, but what choice did they have? An equine as colossal and intimidating as he had little chance finding another nursing doe to adopt the child, and the fawn could hardly nurse from a horse. The Creation Pool was their only hope lest they tried Keokola who hadn't been called upon in an age, and they would have to cross their proverbial fingers in desperate hope the plan would work.

There seemed to be a solemn air hanging over the Creation Pool. Perhaps it knew its work had been undone, or rather the work of what it stood for. Life, birth, undone by the malicious actions of an evil individual for who knows what reason. The grey clouds swamped the ordinarily heaving-with-life tree-enclosed pool with melancholy. There was no joy of birth to be had here today.

Mammoth strides swallowed the ground as their beastly owner made his way to the water's edge. There he stood, his stance square and unmoving, twisting his head back to his few followers and casting them a glance of something almost akin to remorse, but mostly blank. What he felt for the fawn was what he felt inside and inside only. As a King he could not afford to be emotional, he had to lead his people in a manner as steadfast and reliable as he could muster. Oftentimes it was easy, for there were no emotions to be suppressed. This time, no such luck. He glanced from Luvena to the fawn and back again with weary eyes, "Will you.. lead them in?" he nodded to the unsuspecting child before returning his gaze to the shimmering waters. He lifted a front hoof, skimming it over the pool's surface and watching ripples splay out from where he had made contact. The water seemed thinner than it had when he was last here, when his second son had been born, but maybe that was the nature of the place. Changeable. It was enchanted, after all.

Dipping the edge of his hoof into the water and feeling the cold wash over his fetlock, he closed his eyes momentarily in contemplation. After a few seconds passed, he opened them again and spoke once more, refraining from turning back to his companions, "Or should we put them on my back, and I can wade in with them there?" he almost felt stupid, questioning what methods to use like that. He'd hardly done anything like this before, though, so it was reasonably natural for him to be sceptical. "Perhaps.. it-no, she or he.. will go in themselves?" so many questions for a King to ask his people. Luvena was a far more mothering type, in his defense, for he'd never much cared for dealing with children. Even his own.

The beast removed his hoof from the water and pivoted his rear around, placing himself parallel with the border of the crystalline body and now addressing his peers in a manner that was more proper. "Unless you've any other ideas?" he dropped his head a foot or so, shaking it gently and casting his mismatched glare to the ground. Here he let his stoicism break just briefly, nostrils flaring as he exhaled a long breath, "Gods, who would do this? I just don't get it."
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Idk if you wanted Baraqel to come but thought I'd tag just in case ! Anyone else is welcome to hop in if they want to assist, too <3

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Posted on Apr 19 2018, 11:00 PM.

She kept her eyes trained on the small child beside here, keeping a watchful eye on her long tottering legs. It was getting tired, but there was nothing she could do about it but nudge her gently forward, despite its small cries of protest and -likely- hunger. She too was growing tired, she had to build her stamina back up again, or rather just build it up, having never really had it.  She had grown fond of the little fawn in just the little time since she had met it, and she found the thought of casting it into the creation pool - which she had avoided during her own pregnancy - scary, but she knew they didn't have much choice.  
She watched as their surroundings changed, from dark forest to sparse damp grass, to the bizarre glow of the trees surrounding the pool. It was no ordinary place, and the air seemed to hum with magic, almost as if it was a living breathing thing, with a heartbeat and soul of it's own. Sometimes she wondered how the firstborns had managed it, to breathe so much life into this world... or if it had been them who did it at all. perhaps it was some higher celestial being, or a hero. or perhaps the earth and simply chosen this place in which to channel it's beauty. 
She looked up as Gotham City turned his gaze back, and she met it with a silent dip of her head, pink horns turning  parallel to the ground for just a moment.  She had left the breastplate and gold back in her clearing with Picoro (Who had taken jealous to the fawn) .  
Soon the pool itself came into view. A shimmering mirror, unmarred by pollution or algae.  She watched as the king dipped a large hoof into it's water, sending a ripple across the small pond. He asked if she would take it, followed by other suggestions, to which she shook her head. "I'll take her"  she murmured. "I've grown rather fond of her if I'm honest"  
She began to slowly wade into the chilly water, a slight shiver running down her spine. the child hesitated at its edge, and she reached out to it, whispering her lips over her forehead. "Come on little one, it's alright"  she hovered near the little thing as she moved, ready to catch her should she stumble. Slowly they went deeper until the fawn was up to it's chin. 
Her ears swiveled back at Gotham words, noting that it was the first time she had heard him express something so plainly, so emotionally.  She closed her eyes for a moment in sorrow, and shook her head. "Gods only know how many there are here who would." she replied softly, barely glancing back. "But whoever did... I hope someone finds them soon... We should send word to the other herds, in case our criminal plans on..." she swallowed. "Continuing this endeavor" 

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Posted on May 02 2018, 7:39 PM.

Baraqel had chosen not to follow, but that was to no disappointment of Gotham's. It was not his duty to follow them to the Creation Pool, he hadn't expected as such and was content enough without his presence. Luvena was a more necessary company, however, given her aptitude with youngsters in comparison to the King's, well, distinct lack of such. Had he been left alone with the young fawn he simply wouldn't have known what to do, and lack of knowledge was not a frequent occurrence - certainly not one he was comfortable with admitting to.

He listened to Luvena's soft words, flitting his duochrome gaze between the mare and the fawn at her feet and nodding gently as she spoke. He was honestly quite filled with relief that she'd decided to take the fawn into the water herself. He likely would've looked rather silly attempting to coax it in - what did a big brute like him say to an orphaned fawn when he was in the process of trying to turn it into a foal? He certainly wouldn't be able to think of anything. Luvena, by comparison, was so soft, gentle, caring with the child. His gratitude for her presence was unending, thawing his cold heart just a touch though it would likely freeze over again just as quickly. He remained quiet as mare and fawn waded into the water, watching intently to see whether the fluids would swallow them up but nothing happened, not yet. The water looked cold, the man felt guilty that he was not the one freezing in there but had left it to his appointed Judge. Well, it wasn't like he hadn't offered.

As the fawn submerged itself to her chin, Luvena began to speak again to the black and cyan beast behind her. He raised his head paying obvious attention to her, nodding a second time, even softer, in agreement with her words. "Once we are done here, I will alert Lyrus, Arae and Carinae. Heretic... well, perhaps I should warn them too, although dare I say we have our qualms with them already. To walk to their border and chance them smelling their ex-emperor on my person may be a risk." he almost grimaced, knowing he could hold his own at least for a while but would be no match alone for the entirety of the Heretic Kingdom. To go there and risk attack would be far from clever.

"We will recruit as large of a search party as we can. This killer will not remain on the loose for long - I simply won't allow it." he watched the fawn for a moment, a peculiar note of sorrow gracing his suddenly softened eyes. "I can't allow it." he muttered, the words husky and barely audible but there, definitely there. This murderer, this serial killer, they would not have Elysium. Not on his watch.
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