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Posted on Mar 14 2018, 3:57 AM. (Edited: Mar 14 2018, 4:16 AM by PigeonCatcher.)

The sun beat down on the sandy shore, the bright light blinding and hot as it baked the sand. The heat from the orb of light in the sky cooked anything that dare stay in it for too long. 

Waves lapping at the shore, sea birds circling overhead. It was a peaceful day, tranquil and calm a soothing breeze sweeping through the bay from time to time breaking the heat wave like weather. The only escape from the suns relentless attack were the trees away from the bay and the shade from the passing clouds that streaked across the sky evaporating into thin air as the hours passed. 

Crabs and other beach dwelling creatures hidden away inbetween rocks and in tidepools, hiding from the heat. But one small thing stood out amongst the creatures hiding.

A pure white horse laid on their side their chest rising and lowering slowly, eyes shut tightly as they laid motionless on the hot sandy beach. Their pink mane dirty and knotted sand covering a snow white pelt and cotton candy colored hair leaving it a dingy yellow and dirty brown. Their legs curled close to her body their ankles a slight red the feathered hair on them buried under the sand they laid upon. Their small frame cooking in the sun, the waves of heat devouring their form causing tthe strangers silhouette to waver and sway to any onlookers in the distance.

A white speck on the map, a foreigner washed ashore. A young soul alone, they are many things. But more then anything they are lost and with nothing but themself and their small knowledge of Elysium of which was learned from rumors and stories.

Oh deear Very short yes I know, don't worry my replies will be longer. I was lacking inspiration.

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