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Open  Lyrus Tournament

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Posted on Mar 10 2018, 1:06 AM. (Edited: Mar 10 2018, 1:19 AM by Syrilth.)


To "welcome" the Prince who so invited himself to visit for who knows what reason, Syrilth has decided upon holding a small tournament with the following branches: Strength of battle, stamina race, and quick racing through the canyons to show off your abilities in both air and ground.  This is your chance to show off your skills, and all herds are welcomed though Knights and Lyrus herd members are needed to wholly welcome the Prince.  There will be food provided and any who dare tries to cheat or go to the Oasis whom are not part of the Lyrus herd will face a punishment from the Knights, Commander, or Syrilth herself.  All herd members are instructed to be on watch for any trouble.

The brackets consists of: Strength, Stamina, Ground Race, and Sky Race.   Up to four to six horses will be allowed to apply for each, depending on how many enters.  NPCs may be used if not enough entrants.  Once four horses minimum wish to join any bracket, it will start.  Late comers can join in up to a deadline set in, so be quick!

You may sign up for all with any character but if your character signs up for stamina, strength, and race, they will be very tired and may not do well in the race.  Sign up strategically.

Those who choose to fight, will fight upon the wide span of red sands with slopes and hills all up for your advantage.  For those not used to the sand, you will find it itchy, immensely hot, and stingy if it gets inside a wound.  All strength battles will be judged by Syrilth herself and will step in if someone is being troublesome since this is not a battle to the death.  Up to 4 turns and, those who stays down too long or gives in loses to the winner.  Know your limits!

For those who wish to show off their stamina, pacing themselves in the sun's scorching heat and the rocky, tough terrain that can be treacherous, this is for you.  You will first go through the many canyons to underground and then come back out to come down the slopes until you get to this large arch that is the finish.  The only thing to be weary of is each other as well as scorpions.  Knights will follow to ensure it all goes well to their best of their ability while Syrilth will watch from above.  If you wish to partake in the dice roll to see if your character falls, slips, or is met with rocks falling, make sure to say so somewhere in OOC.

The ground races will only focus on the canyon area, the entrance being this while racing through the many narrow walls.  Make sure to pick the correct one!  Anyone who has wings and uses them here is disqualified automatically, this race is about speed and agility on legs only!  If you wish to have a dice roll to see if your character slams too fast on the breaks in one area, causing them to slow down, or ram into something, or taking a wrong turn, please say so somewhere in OOC.

Lastly, the race of the skies bracket are for those who have wings and will be required to make sharp turns, dives, etc.,  Here is the starting gate that you fly through before you fly through this other arch you will then need to fly deep in one of the canyons that is big enough for your wings else you will clip them, if you do not you are automatically disqualified.  Then finally you will head toward the turn to fly around and then go back through the same process in reverse.  If you wish to have your character's fate be decided by dice roll, say so in OOC.  They will have the choice of clipping their wing, dive or turn too early.

Those who do not wish to partake in it may watch, but may not intervene at any point in time. 
Those who are banned from joining is:  Renegade.   Syrilth doesn't want this sexist pig at all near Red Wastes.

Those who wish to apply, add this information to the OOC area with your character's IC post:

Please have fun with this and keep it fair!


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Posted on Mar 12 2018, 1:00 AM.

His wounds were mostly healed and the man had barely a limp to show as he strode through the Red Wastes once more. Elysium was beginning to pick up, a buzz resounding around various herds as they prepared for the impromptu arrival of the mysterious prince. Tantibus knew no more of the strange visitor than anyone else, but he was sure aggravated by the arrogant announcement and demands to be well received. 

It was with distinct pride that the masked stag stepped into his herdland to find out a tournament was being held. Tournaments were his weakness. Having exited the largest of his former world's tournaments as sole victor, he was in possession of a certain bigheadedness in regards to his fighting talents. Despite the fragile scars of his skin, newly healed and tender, there was no way the stallion could pass up this opportunity to show his strength once more. Even further, it was a chance to prove himself to Syrilth. They were yet to have the spar they promised each other, but this would serve well to prepare the woman for what she could expect.

He looked upon the tournament grounds with a curious eye, scanning over the twists of the various race terrains before resting his gaze on the hills on which the battles were to be set. He made his way to the top of one of the flats, a swarm of red sand blooming behind him as his hooves sank into the dunes, and announced himself the first competitor of the winged Queen's strength match. Anyone else was yet to arrive, and he watched the vast expanse of red that bordered his position, curious as to whom he might be pitted against.

Bracket(s) Entering: Strength Battle
Do you wish to have a dice roll for them?: N/A (i don't think? if there is a battle dice roll then why not, throw them at him <3)



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Posted on Mar 13 2018, 8:54 PM.


Tried to keep our colors inside the lines
Today! She needed to go register today! Oh, what a wonderful day indeed. The sky above was an endless stretch of bright blue and the sands were warm beneath her pounding hooves. She savored the heat of the wind upon her flushed and slightly sooty cheeks as she sped toward the meeting place. As far as her mismatched eyes could see were shades of tawny, taupe, and ochre with very little deviation. Perhaps a scarce spot of greenery could be seen by the presence of cacti or an abrupt umber darkness as a shadow stretched below a looming cliff.

Stained a red tinge from the crimson hued sands, the silky tresses upon her slender legs snapped and whipped with each stride. A braid with a teal acacia bead adorned each foreleg and matched the pair in her mane and the one in her tail. Like a banner of ivory, the thick tail was held upright as she cantered. Sorrel tipped ears were perked forward as she spied the silhouette of a horned equine in the distance. She wasn't the first to arrive. 

Squinting against the glare of the blazing sun, the pinto finally drew close enough to see the details of the stallion and she shied at the sight of his impressive size and scars. The horns upon his brow were actually antlers, still connected the skull of a deer. Quivering with unease despite him being a herdmate – she knew this from the herd meeting – she pranced away from his direction and angled toward an impressive archway that was to be the gate for her race. The flying race!

Being sure to not cross the threshold, the sepia winged maiden shuffled her hooves to the edge of the cliff before peering down. Beside her, to the right, was the grand stone phenomenon and over the edge was a breathtaking canyon. Pebbles clattered down the steep walls where her hooves pushed them over. Her wings fluttered excitedly as her nostrils flared to take in a gasping breath. She could barely contain herself as she waited for competitors to join her so she reared away. Tossing her head and kicking up her heels, the filly-mare beamed a radiant grin while pacing a circle on the ground. 

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OOC | Cheers to a good race! c:

Bracket Entering: Race of the Skies
Do you wish to have a dice roll for it?: Yes, all the more fun.


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Posted on Mar 13 2018, 10:17 PM.


Live for More
Today was the day. The day Eo had been training for. Though she had not known it when she had arrived in the Red Wastes so long ago, Eo had prepared herself to become a true warrior of Lyrus. No longer the spindly child that had shown up on Syrilth's doorstep, Eo was now a blossoming young woman. Though still petite, she had grown several inches and had replaced the slender, malnourished foal with a well-fed and well-muscled youth. As she approached the gathering place where the Tournament was to be held, her feet were light and her eyes were sharp with focus. 

Eagerly, she approached her Queen who was taking entries and overseeing the events. A respectful dip of her head was given to Syrilth, as she handed the woman her entry slip. Two boxes were marked: Strength and the Ground Race. She had considered joining in on the Stamina event as well, but had ultimately decided against it. Two events would be taxing enough on her strength... three would be too much. These two she had decided upon because they were where she could most challenge herself - she knew that she had stamina after spending months training in these desert canyons nearly every day. But strength? She was only a beginner in her warrior training, but this would be a good test of her abilities and what she had learned so far. And the race would test her agility and quick-thinking. 

Nearly bouncing on her toes in her excitement, Eo trotted up the hills to where Tantibus also awaited the beginning of the battles. She gave a smile and a nod to the older warrior before beginning to stretch and warm her muscles for battle. Soon, the rest of the competitors would arrive and they would begin. She would be prepared, at least as much as such a young warrior could be.

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OOC | Syrilth @all

Bracket(s) Entering: Strength & Ground Race

Do you wish to have a dice roll for them?: Yes (ground race)


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Posted on Mar 14 2018, 11:02 PM.

Lycus did not belong to Lyrus or in the Red Wastes. He had no affiliation with the herd or even traveled into any part of their lands. He did not know anyone or anything personally, rather he had heard of them and their strong reputation. But Lycus was bored and tired of waiting for something interesting to go on. Lycus and his sister Ebony had only visited the ash ridden Claiming Grounds and that was it. After that, all they had done was lie in wait for interesting things to partake in. So the young colt decided to venture into the Red Wastes as a spectator only. His sister should be fine for a few hours without him. She was not one to cause a lot of trouble, and mostly kept to herself. And if Ebony was not fine in his absence, Lycus was only a stone’s throw away from her like always. Somehow Lycus always knew what his younger sister needed, and she always knew his needs too. He hoped that he would not be met with snapping teeth or sharp hooves, but it was worth a try to see the outcome of his actions. At least then his boredom would be abated for a short amount of time.  It was no secret that some far away prince was set to appear in all of the herd lands; the news had spread like wild fire. The boy hoped to catch a glimpse of the supposed royal, and whatever else was going on. 

The multicolored equine headed into the territory with his wings tucked at his sides the best they could be. He was still growing into them, and they overshadowed Lycus’ body a great deal. Being that he did not want red residue dusting his appendages, he had to make significant adjustments. It was like the feathery things were glued in place, not likely to come undone any time soon. That was not his primary concern however; Lycus was having a curious moment, and that was absorbing all of his attention. Sparring was his favorite activity to participate in, despite the small number of times he had actually been in spars back at home. He loved tussling with the other kids. In his free time, not so free time, and every time in between, that was what Lycus desired to do. He actually was surprised he was not doing it as he was walking along the territory. There was just no one to spar with then, only himself. He would win and lose every time, and what a crying shame that was. Seeing how others sparred and learning their methodology could only benefit him later on in life. That was what Lycus wanted to see because it intrigued him and he could learn from it. He did not care for the race on land or give to shakes about the one in the air. His wings were only a nuisance for him at this point, how much better could they be for others? That was a waste of his time. The colt just wanted to see the combat portion of the event, and that was all. Spectating would not be the easiest for him, for if he were able, he might have signed up too. But this seemed to be a herd based event, and Lycus was subject to their rules, whether he liked it or not.

[size=x-small][font=Helvetica, sans-serif]There were only four others gathered together in the sign up spot before Lycus got there. His sangria colored eyes washed over each individual before he spoke a simple phrase or two out loud. He was resigned to announce his intentions in lieu of him being a stranger, even one that was small in stature like him. In time, Lycus would grow to be a tall draft-like stallion, but that was quite a ways off yet. It would take years for him to reach his full height and potential. The colt had only been in the world a few months for goodness sakes, and was no true threat to the warriors or knights of the land. They might consider him a pest, and shoo him away, but that was all that was needed really. Seeing as this was tournament of well-trained, capable fighters, he did not want to get tangled up with them. There would be no possible way for him to hold his own, even with his overwhelming sense of fervor. They could either allow him to stay and watch, or kick him to the curb. The choice was theirs really, specifically the queen’s choice, but Lycus had to speak up to make a point. Any wise horse would not let some random others roam in their lands unchecked, even a young colt. If Lycus and Ebony had not been orphans at the time, then he probably would have been accompanied by some sort of mother figure, and that would have been a problem to most. So, Lycus stood up as tall as he could, put on a brave face, and asked permission to stay for the festivities. “I know that I have no business here, but I heard of your competition going on soon from far away. If you would allow me to watch your tournament, then you will not even know that I am here. Consider me less than another shadow on your canyon walls, nothing else,” Lycus said.

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