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  Spring, Year 3    Leviticus Era
Join Lord Kyrian in celebrating springfires on the shores of Satin Beach!
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Shakaya is the new Carinae Queen!
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Benna has become the Empress of the Heretic herd!
Draco has been kidnapped by Moonfire, whom fled the scene quickly!
Gotham City is the new King of Crucis!
A meeting for the Knights of Lyrus is being hosted by Commander Kodarki in the Red Waste!
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[Herd Meeting] A Change of Seasons

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Posted on Mar 11 2018, 3:19 PM. (Edited: Mar 11 2018, 3:27 PM by Shakaya.)


Weeds had grown rampant in her absence from the Fields and a glimmer of guilt flickered to the forefront of her mind as she came to a stop in front of the lake. The silence that had smothered her home had driven her to spend more time in the caverns than necessary and her ears flicked back at the memory. The Sister no longer exists, the thought was oddly exhilarating as she turned away from the glimmering water and cast critical eyes over the sea of grass in front of her. "Fellow members of Carinae," her voice was soft as she allowed it to travel across Elysium, "and those of you who left under the Khalasar, come to me. Come home to the fields and bring any who seek haven from the rest of the world, our Cora has returned and the Arae herd has reclaimed the Wretched Beach." 

So much has changed in the course of a single morning, a small shiver of anticipation caused her hide to twitch as a soft breeze offered reassurance. So much has yet to change, resolve started to burn through her as she narrowed her eyes and began to focus on the weeds around her. The vile plants were ripped from the ground, roots and all, only to be tossed in an ever growing pile. One by one, movement caught her attention as her companion skittered down a nearby tree in order to help collect the waste. The navy blue rat looked positively delighted to see the weeds being uprooted and her green eyes were wide with excitement. 

The new queen moved further away from the lake as she waited, making her way across the terrain and pulling up any weed she could find. Spring is coming and there must be room for new growth and perhaps, a smile was quick to grace her muzzle, new members. Her thoughts were quick to drift to a conversation that she had held in The House of Mischief, a confirmation that there were rogues looking for a place to settle. The smile remained as her tail swished, "I am Shakaya and I am your new queen."

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Posted on Mar 12 2018, 2:11 PM. (Edited: Mar 12 2018, 2:12 PM by Gwynn.)

The sickly mare was quiet in her approach. Since joining the Carinae herd, invited to do so by the kind and strange Zacharius, she had not yet been called to a meeting. Hell, she hadn't even caught sight of the Queen while she resided here.

It was, therefore, with considerable surprise that Gwynn learned Arete no longer ruled the Viridian Fields and had handed her Kingdom over to a woman by the name of Shakaya. It was perhaps of good fortune that the horned fae had no former royal to compare the new ruler to, but then she didn't quite know what to expect. All she did know was that she hoped this 'new Queen' was nice. That was all she could possibly ask for.

Her steps were shaky, but at least the girl had been awake longer than a few hours. Her last sleep spell had been long and gruelling but thanks to the kind reminder of a few warm souls, she had remembered to feed herself and drink from a clearwater stream. Rejuvenated was not the word for how she felt, exactly, but she certainly could've felt worse. Her ears were blessed with the melodic, gentle voice of a woman announcing herself the new Queen, and a subdued excitement began to grow in the pit of the painted lady's stomach. She did not pick up her pace, for frail limbs would not allow it, but altered her course to take her along the perimeter of the lake and find her new Queen from there. Sure enough, within a few minutes she came within sight of a winged creature, alone and looking expectant. She closed the distance between them, some kind of bewildered as to be the first response to the lady's call, and offered a warm, welcoming smile. She wasn't sceptical, exactly, more sickeningly optimistic if anything, and didn't mean to come across patronising. It was more that being victim of long periods of sleep for so many years rid her of some of the more acceptable social tendencies. 

Awkwardly, she dipped her head to the woman, and a soft voice spoke her greeting, "Hello, Shakaya. I'm Gwynn," another smile, followed by a short pause as she struggled to find the appropriate words for a royal of a higher caliber than her, "It is an honour."

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Posted on Yesterday, 11:14 PM.

Kashmir had been bested by Benna in pursuit of the Heretic throne. She vied for the position as queen, and essentially made a proposition to a ghost, only to lose out in the end. And being that that was the case, she was starting to feel the itch for something. It could be that spring was fast approaching, and that itch was merely the shedding of Kashmir’s winter coat. Either that or it was the desire to belong to something more than herself. It was possible that it was a combination of them both too. The striped woman had been a rogue since arriving in Elysium, and thought that she would remain that way for quite some time. However, given the smallest taste of what herd life could be, it tasted good on her lips. And that was the draw to the Viridian Fields land. Kashmir had just been happening by when the call came to the Carinae members. Instead of ignoring like she normally would have, she decided to take a gander. The worst that could happen is that Kashmir would not like what she saw, and then would move on. And the potential best that could happen in this whole thing? Well, that was contingent upon what the herd and its leader had to offer her.  

Walking into the fields, the Friesian Zebra’s golden gaze roved over the territory. It looked like it could be a lovely place in its heyday, but it definitely needed some tender loving care then. Yes, a little tlc would return it to what it once was, and what it could be in the future. After looking around, that is when the sound of ripping reached Kashmir’s ears. They flicked forward in curiosity, and the mare craned her neck a bit for a better view. And who did she see but Shakaya going to town with her gardening capabilities, pruning the land from plant-like infestation. Ah, so she was the one that made the call. That was clear from the actions that she was making. It was the duty and obligation for the head of the herd to orchestrate its care, even if they personally had to do it, and not some lackey. This earned a notch of credit towards the blue tinted mare. Some rulers subjected their subjects to handling all the dirty work, and would not get down to the nitty gritty themselves. They sat on their golden thrones, being fed with a silver spoon, while others cranked out orders. But being that the queen was working about herself, Kashmir found that to be good. This prompted the mare to want to advance and investigate further.      
There was another mare that arrived just before Kash did, with what looked like a sickly constitution. Poor thing, that was not ideal. She would not wish this kind of sickness on any of her fellow equines. But the lady seemed to be accepted graciously enough into the land without fault from the looks of it. These were just assumptions based purely on what Kashmir could arbitrarily see – she did not want to eavesdrop - but it was a good start certainly. Before, the hybrid mare’s kindness and optimism was taken for weakness. The ability to possess empathy and make changes was considered a bad thing. That was how different it was in the Iron Valley in comparison to Viridian Fields. Here in these lands, judging solely on the first arrival, they were not the same. Chalk another good mark on the chalk board. It was Carinae – 2, elsewhere – 1. Kash could not help but wonder why the lands got to be in such a mildly unkempt state. It was not so bad as to be like the ash ridden Claiming Grounds, but it also was growing with unwanted flora. So how did the fields get to be this way? It was a question that she would have to ask when she got the chance. It could be as simple as no one got around to it in time or something greater like everyone abandoned the place before. Kashmir hoped that it was the former and not the latter, for everyone’s sake. Ultimately it would be one the deal breakers and deciding factors for her staying in the territory. She did not want to live in place with a notorious history. That sounded ironic now, considering the mare’s past experience.

While waiting to introduce herself, Kashmir dipped her head to the ground at her hooves. She pulled up a couple of stray weeds and tossed them aside in a show of good faith. Her velvet muzzle snuffled along the ground for a bit, revealing pearly white round teeth. When Kash got to one weed, she snagged it from the ground as Shakaya had done, clean and clear. It would not be growing back again if she had anything to say about it. Before she knew it, the striped woman had gotten to five, teen, and even fifteen weeds. She had wandered a bit from the other two mares, idly passing the time. It was easy to see how addictive this was, mindlessly unburying unwanted plants. When a good pile of the things were pulled up, Kashmir finally lifted her head again. The mare got her bearings again, and then headed towards the queen and her assumed herd member.

Dipping her head a bit in greeting, Kashmir finally deemed it time to speak. “Hello there, pardon the interruption, I am Kashmir,” she said smiling softly. “I thought I would take a turn about the fields and lend a helping hoof with the weeds. Also, I was intrigued by your call for Carinae members. Do you also take outsiders in your ranks?”

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