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  Spring, Year 3    Leviticus Era
Join Lord Kyrian in celebrating springfires on the shores of Satin Beach!
Congratulations to Kyrian, new Lord of Arae!
Shakaya is the new Carinae Queen!
The Crucis king, Gotham City, is holding a ball to celebrate his rise to the throne, and invited all herds to participate!
Benna has become the Empress of the Heretic herd!
Draco has been kidnapped by Moonfire, whom fled the scene quickly!
Gotham City is the new King of Crucis!
A meeting for the Knights of Lyrus is being hosted by Commander Kodarki in the Red Waste!
Destroyah has lost to Draco in a heated fight, but we're sure we'll see more from the mare!
Valor the dragon-horse has lost against Zuriel, fighting on behalf of Etain for Crucis!


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[THRONE AUDITIONS] The Tides are Changing
Firstborn of Arae

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Posted on Mar 04 2018, 1:17 PM. (Edited: Mar 04 2018, 2:14 PM by Cora.)

Words could not describe how good it felt to be home.

Petite blue hooves touched down gracefully as she descended from the sky in a glow of blue light.  Beneath her hooves, the poisoned black sand turned white once again, and the purity spread forth until not a single trace of foulness could be seen.  Wretched Beach was gone, Satin Beach was back, and so was it’s Firstborn, Aranea.  The woman let out a joyful giggle and rushed down to the water, splashing around in the crystal clear liquid before reminding herself of why she was here.  She had a job to do.

Aranea stretched her neck and head upwards, mane blowing in a warm gentle breeze that the Beach had not felt in ages.  She smiled as she felt it, before letting out a call.  “Come, my lost, my broken, my wanderers, to my tropical sanctuary.  Come, my loyal followers, our home is restored once again.  Come, all of you, and may the most worthy of you all claim the sapphire throne of Arae.”  She paused for a moment.  “Fighting will not impress, you must explain to me why you deserve the throne.  The wisest, most deserving of you all will earn the title.”  Aranea’s thoughts flashed to her old herd, and hoped that some of them were still here.  She giggled.  Moonfire was still here, she had helped to gift her immortality after all!  She thought of Bella, of Beaufort.  She hoped that they were still around.  Overjoyed from finally being home, the Firstborn sent up a spout of water from the sea, splashing back down in beautiful drops of water that caught the sunlight perfectly.  Home.  Home at last.

Something is happening!Aranea has opened up auditions for the throne of Arae! She is searching for a horse that shall lead her herd to peace and prosperity.  Careful, fighting for the throne will not impress, only disappoint.  Auditions will close on March 14th at 11:59 Site Time. Please keep in mind that your character must have at least 10 posts before challenging for the throne!  Good luck to everyone!


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Posted on Mar 04 2018, 6:16 PM.

Come fly with me, into a fantasy..
Finally, her prayers were answered.  

Aranea had come as Moonfire napped beneath a tree, the blue tree that represented Arae, during the afternoon.  A sound that sounded like sand shifting underhoof came in a wave from Wretched Beach.  Moonfire perked up, blinking the bleariness from her azure eyes and glanced over to see what was happening.

What the warrior mare saw jolted her completely awake and into a standing position, eyes wide and jaw dropped open in disbelief.  Skye and Tempest, eagle and dragon, shot up beside her, Skye letting out an astonished shriek.

A small blue glow came from a spot down by the oily water of the poisoned beach.  At first it seemed to be created by Moonfire’s overactive imagination, but from it, the shape of an equine appeared.  As the blue horse touched the sand, the beach began to turn pristine once again, the water became clear and fish were once again visible within the crystal clear water.  

Moonfire was sprinting towards the Firstborn before Aranea even sent out her call, a huge grin on her face, like she was greeting an old friend she hadn’t seen in years. Skye and Tempest soared overhead, their joy filling Moonfire and mixing with joy of her own. This couldn’t truly be happening, could it? This must all be one wonderful dream!  

The moment Moonfire crossed over from the Immortal Gardens to Satin Beach, she slightly changed her stride so as up get better traction as she had before the poisoning of her homeland.  She knew this place like she knew the back of her hand.  

She had missed the feeling of running across such soft sand.

After so many months of waiting, waiting, waiting, her home had returned at long last.  Moonfire could hardly believe that the figure on the beach was Aranea, that the land she was currently sprinting over was the beach, her beach.  Satin Beach.  She galloped down a dune, jumped a newly created tide pool filled with tropical fish and starfish of all colors, and ran straight up to Aranea, chest heaving from the sprint.  Skye and Tempest dropped into a nosedive and landed on the sand behind her.  Instead of bowing deeply as she would any other time to show her utmost respect, emotions took hold of the mare and she reached outwards to hug the woman with her head and neck, as if she were one of Moonfire’s mortal friends.  The great warrior could restrain herself no longer.  A single tear fell from one of her glowing, azure eyes, and fell to the ground, darkening a small patch of sand on the beach below.  “Aranea… I’ve missed you more than words can describe, my lady.”  She would murmur into the Firstborn’s blue mane, if the Firstborn did not back out of the hug.  Moonfire then stepped back and gave her the deep bow she knew the azure Firstborn deserved.  “I have long awaited for this moment, dreaming, praying that you would return one day to restore our home.” She looked up at the Firstborn beaming with a smile that practically glowed from the pure joy that it radiated.  “I never lost hope, because I knew that you would come through for us, one way or another.”  She finally stood up, stepping back a few paces.  She did not know if others had arrived yet or not to claim the throne, nor did she care.  All she cared about was her Beach, and her Firstborn, and the joy she felt in that moment.  

“I would like to offer my services for your throne, my lady.”  She began, already knowing what to say. She had been preparing for a moment like this for so long, in hopes that Arae would come to be once again. “I failed once before as Queen, I know, but I have grown since then.  I have learned much during my time away from these borders, and now I can finally use my knowledge to serve as Arae’s protector, if you’ll have me.  I would dedicate my immortal life to attaining the peace and prosperity you so desire.  If we were attacked,” She paused. “I have the military knowledge to fight off the likes of anyone, including the pesky Heretics.  I have ideas that would keep them from getting as far as the outskirts of our beach, all while keeping as much of Arae safe.  In times of peace I would lead the herd with the kindness and caring that your name demands.  This second time, I would not let you down.”  She did not know if anyone else had arrived yet, but she raised her voice for this next part all the same.  

“However, I completely trust your judgement, my lady.  Should you not choose me, I offer my services to the new ruler as the General of Arae.  I have ideas that will keep Arae safe for generations to come.  I have seen countless rulers of Arae in my time, I was the General for nearly all of them. I will be loyal to whomever is chosen as Arae’s leader, and I would give my immortal life in order for Arae to thrive.  I have seen battles take place on Arae’s shores, and I have learned from them.  I can keep us safe, once and for all from the herds who will wish to take us down.”  She was finally done giving her speech.  The mare stepped back, sinking her hooves into the sand and reaching her nose down to the ground to touch it.  Some stuck to her nose, causing her already white muzzle to become sparkly with shiny white sand particles.  

This wasn’t a dream.

She was home, after a year of waiting.  Satin Beach was pure once again.  Skye let out a shriek of joy and flew straight up into the air, with Tempest letting out a joyful roar before doing the same thing.  Moonfire raised her head to the breeze, letting the familiar warm air flow through her mane.  She closed her eyes and smiled.  The great General, who had been through so much in the past year, could finally be at peace.

“I’m home.”

Tempest Speaks
Skye Speaks

"Come fly with me, into a fantasy..."

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Posted on Mar 04 2018, 9:18 PM.

She had, for a time, left Elysium. Left the cursed land that had promised her hope and delivered her naught but despair. She had flown over azure seas, and wretched isles of bandits and rogues, and yet not once had she settled or found peace. She had begun to think it was her, that she was causing her own misery. And she was, though she hadn't truly settled on the thought yet. She had seen Aeryn's daughter, and knew that she couldn't take it in Elysium anymore, not without her refuge, her haven. The beach was gone. and so was she. 

She snapped awake on the shore of some long forgotten isle. She had see no others here, save for a handful of wild dogs, who nipped at her heels, but mostly kept out of her way.  No one called her name, and no dogs barked, all were asleep in this night.  and yet something, pulled her out of her dreams. It was not the lap of ways on the shore, nor the addition of something new in the air, but rather, the disappearance of a presence, of whom she did not know. But she knew it was someone she didn't like. 

She did not want to go back to a forsaken land, but curiosity pulled her forwards, to the edge of the sea. She took off into the gentle breeze, wings fluttering. It was only when she had been flying for quite some time that she felt it. or heard it. she wasn't sure, but it was like the waves were singing to her, whispering a sirens song that begged her to follow it. and she did, the glow of her wings and legs pulsating wildly, with her heartbeat. Something was changing in the waters, and a weight was lifting off her shoulders. she sped onward, watching the mass of land grow closer on the horizon. It was blue and white, with bluffs of brown rock, unmarred by the touch of evil. It was as if the fog had never rolled in. As if it had all been a bad dream. And there she was, stood upon the shore like an emblem of freedom, a spot of blue among the white sands, and she beckoned for her people to return to her.  Not just Arinae, but Moonfire as well.  She looked good, she hadn't seen the clyde in what felt like an era. Though she had thought about her many times in the past few months, loneliness finally getting a grip on her.  She landed like a feather beside the mare, and gave a solid dip of her head, brushing her shoulder against the others. 

"Aranea" she whispered. A smile crossed her face for the first time since the fog had taken the beach, or before that even. Since Renegade had grabbed her by the neck and torn apart her soul.  She fell into a bow before Aranea, so deep that her muzzle brushed threw the fine sand,  muting its fluorescent glow.  "I have despaired for so long over this beach, and prayed for many hours that one day you would come back to us, and banish the evil that had stolen away our haven from us, it was all I had left when Aeryn left me. And finally for us you have come through. I never thought I would see this place, or you, again" 
She rose to her feet, and waited for Moonfire to finish before speaking. "I have been loyal to this place from the day I set foot on these satin sands, and I learned from Aeryn, what it takes to lead in with peace and prosperity. I served as its ambassador. And for this place, I would leave behind any anger I have, to help it prosper once more. " she turned her head to Moonfire. "I would like nothing more than to lead beside you, Moonfire. I know I abandoned you, and left, but if you can forgive me for that, we could build something beautiful once again. And banish any lingering darkness from this place." 

Moonfire Aranea 
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Bella is back


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Posted on Mar 05 2018, 1:47 AM.

the north

She was an outsider to this place, perched on a sill and looking in. A golden bird standing outside in the sleet and snow and watching the inside of a home, wishing to be close to the warmth, but fearing what could be inside. Well, perhaps everything except that fear described her.

Valkyr was not one to fear anything, for there were many challenges in life, and while fear was something, it could not be a dominant ruling emotion. So it was why she strode slowly, carefully, her hooves pressing in to the sand, feeling it give under her. Not that long ago, she had seen this place as a barren landscape, covered in vile darkness that would leech the life from your soul. Now it was a place of beauty, and -- if whispers were to be listened to -- a place that was also seeking a leader, to begin anew.

She had knowledge of deities, but she had no knowledge of the deities of these lands. Perhaps it was why she was somewhat wary as she stepped, her black rimmed ears pinned forward and her golden eyes taken by the one that seemed to be radiating magic. It was not unknown to her, but oh, the magicks of her lands in the north were icy and cold, frigid, dangerous. This place seemed to radiate everything that was the opposite, a warmth that ebbed and flowed through her, washing over her body and through her mind.

The golden warrior was well aware there were others here, though she turned her head to them, and gently nodded in acknowledgement. Other than that, she did nothing to speak to them, seeing as they were well acquainted with one another.

This was not her birthland, but this could be her home.

Valkyr drew upon herself, squaring her shoulders as she stood straighter, her eyes falling the woman before her that seemed to be the one to talk to. From listening earlier, her name was Aranea, and perhaps she was a deity of this place, had been the one to clear the fog. She had no idea, but she was eager to learn, willing to listen, and her eyes softened so she would not come off as harsh or over eager.

"Aranea," she began, and her voice rolled forward, a slightly deeper tone and a thick accent lacing the name. "I am not from here, not like these two that pledge to you, and I am aware that I am perhaps at a disadvantage for such a thing. These lands need a leader, a herd, and a place where one can call them... home. My home is far to the north, a land known as Brynjar but perhaps not heard of, and while I am foreign, I am eager. My mother and father were leaders in their own right in the north. I know of the responsibility that comes with taking on a crown." Her words paused, and she drew a breath, aware that she may not be making the right impression.

"My home was a peaceful and jovial place, but I left to seek out something.. else. It is my birthplace but it is not a true home anymore. I seek to find a place to call home, and to usher in peace, to lead a close knit family more than a herd. I wish to claim this throne that you offer up. I have nothing to offer you except my word." She had no grand gifts or accomplishments that would mean anything here. Her warrior ways were known in Brynjar, for her strength and endurance, but that would mean nothing here when none knew who she was.

So she drew in a breath, her dark lips flickering up in to a small smile, and her posture relaxing as she eased herself, almost laughing. "Of course.. if I do not get the crown, and am not seen fit for such a position, I would still like to pledge myself to you. My will, my sword, my allegiance. While the deities in Brynjar were content to settle among the people, I see that perhaps here... well, something greater may come."

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Posted on Mar 05 2018, 11:38 AM.

  Once again, Cheshire was out exploring. He was out of the darkness for at least one week. He felt happier. His depression and anxiety were long gone. He was finally ready for a new life, a new start.
  He came to Elysium without knowing, just seeking for a dark place to live alone in his own world. But it's not like that anymore. Elysium had magic and good people (even if darkness and evil can be anywhere).
  Cheshire's true emotions came back when he finally discovered light and happiness...When he visited for the first time in his life, The Bay. He loved the sea and the water. He loved the way the rays of sun were touching his fur.
  Once again, Cheshire stopped as he felt a warm sea breeze.
   'Another beatch? I never saw another one.'
  Then, his aqua eyes were almost blinded by a powerful blue light. He closed them for some seconds, his cat-like-pupils becoming even thinner.
  When he opened them once more, he felt something. No, he knew what was happening. Ches made some friends here and he knows that this can mean only one thing: A Firstborn came.
  But who can be? Maybe The Sister? No...It can't be. Then, he understood. Can she be...Firstborn Aranea?
  Without thinking, he began running towards the light, his striped scarf flew away from his neck. He didn't care. He needs to speak with The Firstborn, to see her. Maybe she has a quest? Did something happen?
  He finally arrived! The light was more powerful. A beautiful beach...The most beautiful one he ever saw. Pure, soft sand, warm breeze, birds singing, crystal water. His eyes were full of excitement and happiness.
  Right in front of him, there was the Firstborn and three more equines. The first one was a black pegasus with the same height as him. She hugged the Firstborn.
  ' I think she missed her...  '
  After all of them told their speech, he finally stepped forward, softly. He bowed deeply for The Firstborn, showing his respect, then he greeted the other three mares, like a true gentleman.
  '' Firstborn Aranea, '' he began with his calm, relaxing, yet deep voice. '' My name is Cheshire and I came from Wonderland. I was the Protector of the Magical Forest for 2 years, and then, The White Queen made me the Leader of the Royal Guard when darkness began spreading in our magical and pure lands, to protect every living creature who cannot fight for itself. '' He made a small pause to look around.
  '' I arrived in Elysium to start my life once again. I lived in darkness like a lone wolf without a pack, too scared that people may think I'm a monster. I was sick of shadows in my life and in my soul. Then, I found this place. This luxury. The Satin Beach made me happy. This is the place that I want to call home. ''
he spoke with a warm smile
  '' All my life I saw how many kings and queens failed at saving their land from darkness. I wasn't important enough for them to try and help. Now, I want to make sure that this land is protected. I want to make this land to become a home, not just for me, but for all the people who need one, who need protection. We will be peaceful creatures who will welcome every good soul. We won't cause a war. We will fight just to protect our herd, friends, and family, the ones we love and those in need. We will make the Aranae Herd one of the greatest. We will try to help to stop the evil. We will not judge people by their words or appearance. We are going to welcome every equine that needs help or a place to stay, to feel safe. These are just some small parts of my plan. '' Cheshire said and looked at those around him.
  '' If you think that I'm not worthy, or that I'm just talking about things I can't do, then at least let me help the new ruler with the land. I'm not good only at fighting, but I studied the herbs too. At least let me join this beautiful herd and be a warrior or a healer. I will do my very best to protect these lands and the people that will live here. I promise if you let me stay, that I will be loyal to you, and everybody else. '' he finished, eyes sparkling with happiness.
  Yes, this is his best way to start his new life. Cheshire will make sure that his words won't go to waste, and he will do everything he can to help his new friends and his new home.

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Posted on Mar 07 2018, 11:57 PM.


Every moment of my wandering,,

Days moved by with aching slowness. The exact time that had elapsed was unknown to him. It had been perhaps weeks since his fall from the sky. He would rest and eat, intermittently, but always the stallion determinedly continued his unwavering path to find his solace. Steadily and faithfully the dark figure would persist no matter the weather, though he would shy if the winds grew too fierce. The memories were too fresh, too strong for him to ignore their burden of remembered fright. Sometimes the sun would be his guide while other times he took his company with the moon and stars. Whenever he gazed upward during the night, the rogue looked for the bright glimmer of Vega and his heart would hesitate before dutifully enduring its rhythm. A few souls, as battered and lonely as he, had kept him company but he would depart from them to journey alone. They were forever in his memory though because of their kindness and generosity. He had not forgotten his other promise. For now, his inured cloven hooves were marching him the entirety of the coastline. His citrine gaze covetously watched the sea.

So it was with surprise that he first noticed the pristine sand beneath him. Initially, the texture clued him in. Never before had he tread upon soft sand. The granules have always been coarse, some more than others, but this was the purest he had ever seen or felt. His emotions were suddenly less of a pressing, weighty burden and more of an attainable goal. What he was feeling was a sliver of hope. Longingly he cast his gaze once more to the sea, always searching, and he was taken aback by the breathtaking view of an ethereal blue deity standing within the tide further up the shore.

He felt reborn despite his brokenness – no, it was because of his fallibility that he felt so deeply moved by this moment. Unashamedly he watched a strongly built ebony mare gallop to meet the firstborn and he felt his heart swell with warmth as they embraced. Their moment was a private thing yet he felt it was also a beacon of promise. The distance stole the words from the stranger’s mouth, so he knew not what was said during the exchange, but he could see the conviction behind them and knew she was confident. His pride was too tattered at the moment to instill such fervor in his voice.

Another pegasus appeared upon the shore while he was yet a detached mystery, lingering close but not completely part of the welcome thus far. She had the wings of a butterfly; beautiful and graceful. A certain reserved nature could be seen in her mannerisms compared to the extroverted and affectionate greeting given by the taller mare. Nonetheless, the luminescent fae showed her reverence and when she straightened she had a renewed strength about herself while she spoke.

He bravely took a few steps closer only to still as a pinto appeared. She was regal. Though the words were still spirited away by the comforting lull of the ocean waves giving and taking land, the brute knew she must be compelling. From the way she arched her neck and stood so proudly he was certain that she was a force to be reckoned with. The brute used to stand in such a manner. Thick neck displayed by a gentle arch, shoulders squared to present his resplendently colored wings…but now he was humbled. His masculine features were attentive and his wings bundled close to his side, useless and hurting for the time being. Regardless of their state, the roan was ambitious enough to work with what he was dealt and strive toward success, no matter the odds.

With this in mind, he lowered his head and urged his legs to pick up a jog at the same moment another stallion came upon the beach. Beginning to close the distance that separated him from the small gathering, the stud canted his head to the left in order to peer out of his better eye – the right one lacked focus after a wayward spar went rougher than anticipated, a jagged scar crossing over the lid – to see the striped stallion bow. Onyx pinnae perked forward to listen to the stranger’s speech. Although he heard the passion and dedication in the Cheshire’s deep voice, the grounded pegasus found himself becoming more and more aware of the restorative feeling emanating from the beach and filling his weary soul.

This land was whispering to him and he was helpless to resist its allure. Aranea? His hooves felt weightless as he came to a trembling halt. The Arae herd had been revered by his dam, mentioning the faithful and peaceful nature of the herd in lore as often as she mentioned the mother earth goddess. As his youth progressed, she had instilled a certain level admiration into him with what he had learned through the fables. To stand before her now, in the flesh as he was tattered and bruised, was rejuvenating and a privilege. Though the other firstborns were failing to uphold their oaths and promises, Aranea was here among her land and freely communing with her followers. It was then that he realized that this was the Wretched Beach transformed back into its rightful stature as Satin Beach. Certainly this was a place of renewal.

He intuitively came to the conclusion that this was a challenge, of sorts, because of the members gathered around Aranea – each one having spoken to her individually with proclamations of loyalty, if Cheshire’s petition echoed the pervious mares’ intentions. He regarded each individual in turn, subtly dipping his head to them in greeting and acknowledgement. They all had an air of candor about them that was refreshing after so many encounters with malevolent equines. Finally his resolute gaze purposefully landed upon the magnificent figure of Aranea and he kept eye contact as he bowed his chest, forelegs stretched before him while leaning back on his haunches and minutely ducking his nose. As he rose, the rogue rumbled, "I can scarcely believe my fate as I stand before you, Aranea." The land of Elysium was a wild place that seemed to try and ease the pain it gave by giving equally powerful memories of awe, wonder and joy.

"I have wandered these lands untethered by commitment and unable to pledge my loyalty to any mortal or immortal alike," he began. "Until recently." A small silence followed as he garnered the courage to reveal closely kept thoughts, he was more reserved now. It was difficult to disclose what he considered private to those he didn’t know. Yet he understood that to give was the blessing. If he could, the baroque stallion would weather the storm for any in need. This has always been his soul’s song. His leonine tail, tipped with feathers, swayed low enough to the ground to sweep the sand gently as he continued, "I have fought and lost. I have held fast to anger in the hopes of overcoming those who would do injustice but I know what these actions do to the heart. Such deeds guided by these selfish emotions corrupt the wellspring of our being. I am no longer willing to continue down that path, one that I know I made for myself."

Instead I, Kyrian, would tread a slightly forgotten path. I pray that you will heed my words as wisdom gained from my past actions and that you would allow me to guide those who are willing to come beside me. Together we will be held fast to this path of forgiveness and sufferance. We would grow in cleverness and sincerity, as a unified herd, until no one could deny our light." At some point he too had grown bolder during his words and now stood unswaying while the tide seemed to anchor him to the shore. He was of the land and sheltered by the sea. The comforting embrace of the briny water reached up to his fetlocks and the sand beneath the pristine clear liquid slide around his hooves to sink them deeper.

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Posted on Mar 17 2018, 5:26 PM.


Take me down to your paradise

Like Moonfire, Quetzalli had been nearby in the Immortal Gardens when the call rang out. However he was much slower to realize its implications. In his boundless curiosity, he approached the edge of the Gardens where it had once rolled into the toxic lands... only to find that the fog had dissipated. A small gathering of equines were there already, though only one that he recognized and only then by her description. Still, there was no mistaking the figure that frolicked amongst the waves at the center of the group was the one who had called. He had only heard stories of the Firstborn to this point, and he did not know that it was Aranea, but he had heard her voice nonetheless.

Cautiously, in awe, the roan stallion picked his way across the dunes to the gathering. As he approached, he could catch snippets of what the others were saying on the wind. Aranea... returned at last? The blight removed from the beach? A slow smile began to work its way across his face, until he was beaming. Oh, how he wished Amapola could see this... he felt a distinct tugging in his heart seeing that she was not amongst the gathered. He approached the goddess and bowed deeply, emerald eyes gleaming with joy.

"Firstborn... please accept my sincerest welcome back to us. I have heard much about you from a beloved friend... and it brings me great joy to see her home finally restored."

With that simple greeting, he stepped back amongst the herd to await her next words.

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Firstborn of Arae

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Posted on Mar 18 2018, 10:16 PM.

A melodic chuckle echoed from Aranea's lips as the first horse flew towards her and threw her neck over the firstborn's shoulder. She pressed momentarily into the embrace with a warm smile, stepping back a little as the other mare did the same and watching with an expression that mirrored Moonfire's. This mare had been loyal to Arae for a long time, it was humbling to hear such overjoyed words of gratitude fall from her mouth, even more so for them to be followed by a rather compelling vie for a second chance at holding the throne. 

Another familiar face followed, approaching to stand by Moonfire's side and offering to lead beside her as, the lady presumed, a sort of Second in Command. Already, Aranea's heart was warmed. Here were two former citizens of Arae pouring their hearts out in loyalty and love of their former land. She knew there and then that the golden sands of her beloved beach would be cherished and looked after as she wished them to be. If Moonfire and Bella were any example to go by, she would have a good number of deserving creatures to choose the new royal from. 

The next to approach was not a mare she had seen before. She had an immediate air of strength about her. She seemed as if she would be easy to respect, an honourable leader. She stated of her recent arrival to Elysium from elsewhere, announcing herself a stranger in the midst of so many long-time citizens, and then pledged her allegiance to Arae whether she be crowned Queen or not. Evidently this woman was modest and dedicated, fine characteristics for anyone beneath the herd named for the aqueous firstborn. Another man greeted the gathering and announced himself as Cheshire. He, too, made a powerful bid for the throne and Aranea was finding the decision getting increasingly more difficult to have to make. The stallion came from a peculiar land and vowed to protect the Satin Beach no matter what. Certainly convincing. Like Valkyr, he promised to dedicate himself to Arae regardless of the resultant royal. There was so much honour in that gathering on the golden coast.

The final bid for the crown was made by a winged man, eloquent with his words as he revealed the struggles of his recent existence. Aranea found herself saddened for him: it was obvious he had not had the easiest time as of late. His speech held to it a different quality than that of the others as he possessed some kind of entrancing calm, allowing the waters to wash over his lower legs as he stood bold and unmoving before the rest of them.

The greetings were yet to come to a close as another pegasus passed by and offered his welcome to Aranea. At this, she smiled sweetly and dipped her head an inch or so, speaking with a warm voice, "Thankyou," before turning back to those who had expressed their wishes to sit upon the throne of Arae.

"All of you would be deserving leaders of Arae, and I so wish I could allow you all the privilege of becoming its many Kings and Queens." her smile softened to one that almost held a breath of sadness, "But I must choose. First, I must say how humbled I am that you all have expressed your allegiance to Arae regardless of whom I should pick. You are good people, all of you, and I am so proud to be stood here, speaking to you now." her gentle gaze skipped over each horse who stood before her, landing finally on the man of grey, orange and indigo.

"Kyrian, I believe with Arae's revival it deserves also a new face." the decision had been hard, but she was confident now in the words she spoke, each syllable making her more and more sure of her choice. "I don't think I am mistaken in saying that you would benefit from Arae as much as Arae would benefit from you, which is why I wish to crown you their new King." head dipped once more as if to feign a bow to the new royal of Elysium's returning Satin Beach.

White teeth beamed as the firstborn imagined all the new adventures her beloved herd may come to experience beneath their new ruler. "Welcome to Arae, I have no doubts you will do us proud." she stepped back a few metres, the sea grazing her shoulders as she looked a final time over the gathering in front of her. "I hope all of you will remain in Arae and contribute towards making it stronger than ever before. Make it the strongest herd in Elysium, make me proud!" a final chirping giggle resounded across the beach as the sea washed over Aranea's head and she receded into the water like ocean foam.

Something is happening! Congratulations to Kyrian , new King of Arae! Anyone may continue in this thread to respond to each other or Aranea, and Kyrian may immediately begin to dole out rankings and such forth!
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Whatever it takes,,

The last to make an appearance was a stallion with wings as brilliantly hued as aurora lights. They were all bright and eye catching tones of yellow, green, and blue. The feathers gleamed with health and contrasted generously against the pale red roan coloring of the green-eyed stud. In a sensational state of detachment yet fathomless connection, Kyrian found his citrine gaze lingering on the humble newcomer and watched him bow before reverently greeting the firstborn. He felt an interesting kinship toward the stranger when they mentioned a beloved friend and having a home restored. With that tiny droplet of life sustaining nourishment his hope continued to grow. This could be his purpose; this could be his home too. And perhaps his beloved would be restored to him too.

When Aranea spoke her gratitude toward the gentlestud the wounded stallion closed his eyes and nearly felt the warm embrace of the ocean, that was her voice, completely surround him. Resonating in his bones, he felt the ebb and flow of her words like the spring tide gently soothing away worries while leaving trinkets of reassurance behind, almost like seashells nestled in the sand. When Kyrian opened his sunfire eyes he found his stare met equally by Aranea. His breath swelled in his lungs before whispering from his lips in an astonished sigh at her declaration and his heart rushed to drum an ebullient beat against his chest. The restoration felt nearly complete – if not his body, his spirit was tenderly mended by those who gathered here today in honor of something greater than themselves.

"Aranea," he expressed her name with deference, "It is my heartsong that you speak the truth." At the subtle inclination of her cerulean head the draft was suddenly set free of his euphoric trance and lowered into a deep bow in return. As before he kept his gaze upon hers until the last possible moment when he broke their visual connection to display his fealty in a way his words could never express. He was an ally, a believer, a freshly made monarch devoted to the needs of his herd before his own; all of this and more was revealed by his action.

Returning to his full height and raising his skull, Kyrian felt apprehension squeeze his chest tight as he took a moment to look upon each member present since he was still a simple stallion with an unmended wing, no different from before his vow. Then Aranea’s reception filled his ears and he realized that, though the shores of Satin Beach had initiated the feeling of rebirth, the strength he found to make his oath had come from within. The dusk winged equine truly believed every word he had spoken and he sincerely cared about the welfare of each individual standing around him, as well as those he was yet destined to meet, and it was conceivable that a few he had already met would find the luster of the shores irresistibly welcoming. The responsibility was a heavy weight upon his shoulders yet he would gladly assume the burden in order that others might flourish unconstrained.  Nodding toward the sea goddess he felt his heart give an aching stutter as it yearned to join her in returning to the ocean but he was tied to this land.

Turning to face those that remained the Lord announced, "Each and every one of you are welcome to call Satin Beach your home even if you do not stay, if that is your wish. Your pledges of loyalty were to the Firstborn, Aranea, this I understand." He paused to let this sink in. They were free to choose to remain rogues or find homes in other herds while their hearts remained bound to Aranea should they not wish to be under his authority.

"If you feel called to be more, to become a citizen, come forward and we shall exchange an oath," he began as he slowly walked from the tide and onto dry sand. "Though I do not know any of you personally, the fact that you regard Aranea in such high favor speaks of your integrity and virtue. I would be honored to work together with all of you in restoring Arae to its rightful glory."

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Moonfire couldn't help but feel a bit upset.

Aranea chose an outsider over her?

As the Firstborn spoke, her eyes flicked over to Bella quickly, trying to convey her emotions to her though quick eye contact.  Before the Fog, Moonfire would have followed an outsider without question. Hell, she’d done that many times.  Why hadn't Aranea chosen her? Was she truly that unfit to rule? Moonfire bowed deeply once more to the Firstborn. “I understand.  I will continue to serve you and your herd nevertheless.” She then turned and strode over to the man who had won the throne, Kyrian.  Sure, his speech had been eloquent, but pretty words did not always translate to a good King.  Yes, Moonfire was a bit protective of her Beach.

“What kind of oath do you wish for?”  She said, almost tiredly.  She had done this so many times with so many rulers, it was getting tiring.  Couldn't she have finally proven her loyalty to Aranea, time and time again? “Is my years-long pledge of my Immortal life to our goddess not enough?”  She spoke with no anger, only curiosity.  A personal oath, was that what he desired? Moonfire followed no certain ruler, it was because of this that she had been here so long. He would have to be content with her loyalty to Arae itself.  He was but an outsider here, and Moonfire was a veteran.  It would take a while before she could truly look at him as her ruler.  The time would come, but not now…

“If you need a General, allow me to prove my battle prowess to you.  I will not let you down, I have defended this Beach and the throne you now sit upon from outsiders using my own strength, sacrificing my own flesh and blood.  Perhaps you would like to take part in a friendly spar right here on this beach?  I prove my ability to be General, and you prove your capability of defending the throne from the likes of the Heretics.  I've had to defend it before, it's not easy.”  She grinned in a friendly fashion at the man before her, waiting for his response.  This was her offer, it was not one to be taken lightly, it would be unwise to turn it down.

OOC: Wow Moon went through a rollercoaster of emotions in that post… She's a little tired of oaths, I suppose. She's been here since the first queen, after all XD
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