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  Spring, Year 3    Leviticus Era
Join Lord Kyrian in celebrating springfires on the shores of Satin Beach!
Congratulations to Kyrian, new Lord of Arae!
Shakaya is the new Carinae Queen!
The Crucis king, Gotham City, is holding a ball to celebrate his rise to the throne, and invited all herds to participate!
Benna has become the Empress of the Heretic herd!
Draco has been kidnapped by Moonfire, whom fled the scene quickly!
Gotham City is the new King of Crucis!
A meeting for the Knights of Lyrus is being hosted by Commander Kodarki in the Red Waste!
Destroyah has lost to Draco in a heated fight, but we're sure we'll see more from the mare!
Valor the dragon-horse has lost against Zuriel, fighting on behalf of Etain for Crucis!


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Open  Spoiled Brats || Herd Meeting

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Posted on Mar 01 2018, 4:15 PM.

Benna found herself pacing the valley. Her valley. The Heretics were under her charge now, and she was determined not to disappoint. But hell, she'd taken up her role as Empress at one heck of a time. Their Emporer was gone and a foreign Prince was about to turn up on their borders, hoping to speak to said Emporer. The herd were livid, and rightly so. Benna was seething with rage herself, but the young dragon kept her head. She had to now.

So, she mused their options, running them over and over again inside her head until an answer came to her. As far as she could see, there were two options. They could welcome the Prince, or they could turn him away at their borders. Benna was reluctant to do the second, but she doubted the herd would hold together long enough to welcome a foreigner.

Prince Henrie of Kavarre. Whoever the hell he was and wherever the hell that was. He'd heard of the land, heard tales of the Iron Valley, and as far as Benna was concerned he was a spoiled little brat living on daddy's coattails.

She groaned, the sound high pitched and screechy between clenched teeth. Stupid Prince, stupid stupid stupid. There were more important things to be dealing with this very moment! For starters, Benna needed to plan and scheme. She had her ideals for this herd and would be damned if she was stopped at the very beginning. Besides, what the hell did 'as is proper for a royal' even mean? Sure, maybe in Ken-land or whatever it was, it was expected to be prissy and nice to others. But damn it all again, this was the Heretics he was spea- writing to! They didn't play nice!

She sighed and squinted at the letter again. They would be rewarded for their efforts, eh? But would that really be worth it amongst all this tension and upheaval? Benna considered simply greeting the Prince herself and giving him a tour. Make sure Rocky knew to make his mares pretty and parade them or something. Slaves were impressive, yes? Then there was the idea of a feast. But then again, the herd wanted blood and action. They were aggressive and fueled by nought but rage at the moment. Perhaps a tournament? A battle royale? A hunt, even? Now that sounded fun.

There were those strange lion-bird creatures in the mountains, wasn't there? Perhaps they could lure one of those into the Valley somehow. Benna would keep a close eye upon their guest herself, whilst letting the herd show exactly what they could do. Then, there was the invitation from Crucis. Blood was bad between the two herds, but perhaps it would work in their favour to attend their ball. 

When she paused, it was at the Altar. Benna mounted the platform and glanced out across her valley. It had not been long since they had gathered before Draco's blood stains, but she needed to relay her ideas to her fellows.

"My fellow Heretics, come to me," she called, voice echoing across the valley with great force, "We have some planning to do."

blood guts & chocolate cake
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Posted on Mar 10 2018, 3:57 PM.

Muscles moved smoothly beneath Killian’s dappled sooty palomino coat.  He, yes HE, (that two lettered pronoun sounded so much better when used with his name) had heard Benna’s call. He stalked towards the meeting place.  Though he appeared in good health and overall satisfied with his current situation, he was not.  His father had been kidnapped, maybe he was even dead.  Killian growled with fury.  The stallion swore to tear apart whomever did this.  If Draco was alive, he would be sure his father watched as Killian took the life of the one who wronged him.  Draco’s old necklace full of skulls and fangs, each taken from a kill he had made, hung around Killian’s broad neck.  Though Killian wanted his father back, he knew that it was his time, it was time for the next generation to rise.

Killian stepped out from the shadows and into the open before Benna, looking around with a disappointed look upon his face. Why had no one else shown up yet? He stepped closer and bowed deeply to his Queen, before beginning to speak.  “Empress Benna, it is lovely to finally make your acquaintance, I am Killian, son of Draco.”  He glanced upwards at the Empress, seafoam colored eyes striving to make eye contact to show his sincerity about what he was about to say.  “I wish to be of service to the herd, more than before.  We could topple the other herds with our sheer numbers and avenge my father, together.  I was born, sadly, in a time of peace.  I have little fighting experience, but I have Heretic-blessed magic-” (or at least, that was what Killian thought) “strength, cunning, and most importantly, a burning vengeance.  Make me your commander, and Elysium will finally be ours.”

After finishing speaking, the stallion stood up, wisps of shadows forming from under his hooves and spreading outwards in a show of his newfound power.  Killian needed vengeance, and being Commander of Heretics would be the best way to go about that.


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Posted on Mar 12 2018, 2:21 AM.


hic sunt leones
She had chosen well in the young dragon, and eagerly responded to the call when the Empress demanded the presence of her herd. In dramatic fashion, the woman did not approach the gathering but instead materialized before Benna in a swirl of shimmering black stardust. Only recently, after her second encounter with their Firstborn, had she regained some of her former magic. She did not know if it had come with his blessing, or if simply the presence of such a being had awakened the power that had been sleeping within her... Whatever it was, she was relishing in the return of magic to her veins. 

As the stardust coalesced into the black void that was her body, Nocturné kneeled before the Heretic Queen.

"Hello again, Empress."

She rose, stepping back to stand beside Draco's child. She had only met his children once before, unfortunately at the scene of his kidnapping. Still, she could appreciate the confidence with which Killian asked for the title of commander. She liked that he admitted his lack of training, for one did not eliminate their weaknesses without first acknowledging them. She looked to the shadow-touched young man with golden eyes that approved of his request, though she knew that it was the Empress's decision to grant it. She spoke plainly to the golden stallion, and made him an offer.

"In my many lifetimes, I have had much time to learn the ways of battle. If you would like training in the ways of war, I can impart what I have learned. Commander or not, it would serve the herd well to have more warriors."

The lioness then turned back to the young Empress. Benna had spoken of planning, and based on recent events there was only one likely reason. Nocturné's tail twitched behind her, like a cat who had found a mouse and was just waiting for the opportunity to pounce.

"Can I hazard a guess that this is about the letter I found at the Black Altar, and the upstart who has so graciously invited himself to our home?"

One could not miss the sardonic tone that dripped heavily from her lips at the mention of the Prince. Nocturné was still not convinced that the arrival of the Prince's letter and the disappearance of Draco were not somehow related... But as of yet she had little evidence.
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Posted on Mar 19 2018, 8:40 PM.

I am so much more than royal

Coronado is both unperturbed and unsurprised that Draco’s reign ended in disgrace. The whole reign itself was a disgrace, honestly – the only way for it to end was the way it began. It’s not that Coronado liked or disliked Draco’s management style any more so than any of the others who came before it; it was simply one that he assessed at once as being doomed to failure. Deliberately posturing oneself as The Bad Guy rarely does one good in the long run.
There are too many people who like to think they’re the Good Guys. You call yourself a Big, Bad Wolf the way Draco did and you’ll have people knocking down doors to slay their own personal dragon and avoid confronting the weaknesses in their own character.
Coronado Vox – he’s neither a hero nor a wolf, knight nor dragon. He’s a vulpine creature of shadows who conducts himself in his clandestine ways and who regards the comings and goings of the Iron Valley with the heavily-lidded scrutiny of one who barely cares but somewhat disapproves. Throughout Heretic’s audition, while his herdmates came forth and threw down their bids for the throne, Coronado remained silent. Despite his name, the power and influence he seeks has precious little to do with kingdoms or crowns.
Coronado knows nearly nothing about their new Empress Benna, despite the fact that he has lived in the Valley for some time now. He knows that she, being female, will likely put a stop to Renegade’s clan’s antics, which will certainly be good for the Valley’s PR factor. Other than that, she is an enigma to him; he draws near to the group (filled with relative to complete strangers – a reality that makes him wonder just how long he’s been off). In his wake is an eerie absence of sound – the silvery cuffs around his fetlocks muffle each of his footsteps, and his hooves are hidden in the cloak of shadow that follows him like an aura. The golden fox comes to a stop a fair distance from any of the others – aloof though his sapphire, black-rimmed eyes brim with a warm curiosity. One of them – one of them who looks like a Renegade spawn – wants to be Commander, despite a self-professed lack of experience. Well, something’s going to have to divert him and his family from hoarding concubines. Coronado will voice no opposition. He shakes his head, twitching his withers to rearrange a spill of wavy black-orange mane against his meticulous coat.  The shadowy mare before him possesses slightly less humility.
I am Coronado Vox,” he offers after a pause in his customary fastidious monotone, “I can fight, but I prefer not to.” A corner of a kohl lip pulls up in a smile, exposing a glint of a jagged feline tooth. Shadows coil like tendrils of mist up his dark legs. “And Heretic has never had a shortage of – quite adamant – warriors. But intelligence is the area where I believe I can be most helpful.  I am quiet, and the quiet ones are often overlooked. People say things around me – to me – that they might aught not to. There are many ways to cause chaos. You’d be surprised how much fun the ones I know can be.
And then the black mare proceeds to address something that strikes Coronado as very irritating – and very entertaining – indeed. This pretentious ‘Prince,’ who demands to be received without providing any proof that he is anything other than some delusional vagrant with nice penmanship. “One has to admire the man’s courage,” Coronado admits skeptically, “Clearly he hasn’t heard much about the traditional nature of Heretic hospitality.” He does not glance in the direction of the Renegade descendant but the impact that the family has had is undeniable.
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