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  Spring, Year 3    Leviticus Era
Join Lord Kyrian in celebrating springfires on the shores of Satin Beach!
Congratulations to Kyrian, new Lord of Arae!
Shakaya is the new Carinae Queen!
The Crucis king, Gotham City, is holding a ball to celebrate his rise to the throne, and invited all herds to participate!
Benna has become the Empress of the Heretic herd!
Draco has been kidnapped by Moonfire, whom fled the scene quickly!
Gotham City is the new King of Crucis!
A meeting for the Knights of Lyrus is being hosted by Commander Kodarki in the Red Waste!
Destroyah has lost to Draco in a heated fight, but we're sure we'll see more from the mare!
Valor the dragon-horse has lost against Zuriel, fighting on behalf of Etain for Crucis!


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The time has come for a Grand Ball to be held in the Eternal Wood. A Prince is coming, his intentions are unknown, and the land of Crucis is improperly equipped to greet him with animosity as they should prefer. Instead, in somewhat of an amalgamation of celebrating the new King and receiving the strange approaching royalty, a magnificent Ball is to be held, open to all and proudly orchestrated by the people of Crucis themselves.

In the large clearing of the Eternal Wood, you will come first to a rustic wicker archway. Spiralling dark branches construct a doorway, twined with woodland flowers, moss, vines and golden fairylights. Beyond the arch trails a path of scattered flower petals lined with intermittent glass jars containing a single tea light each. Some jars stand on pedestals of tree stumps, some rest on the floor in clusters. All around you, trees are hung with glass baubles, each holding yet more flickering amber tealights. Follow the path 'til you come to the event's main venue, and you will find yourself in a space not unlike the ballroom of a royal palace. Where trees were burned down and ash littered the ground there is now a swept and tidied dancefloor. Its perimeter is lined with candles - tall and of amber or white wax, some thick, some thin, some small, some housed in golden lanterns, some encased in glass jars. More tealights in baubles hang from trees, accompanied by a plethora of shining fairylights strung far beyond the event's border. Royal blue and metallic gold ribbons stream, too, from the branches, both thin and thick silken scarves draped across the greenery. The occasional thread strung with roses and woodland flowers hangs amongst the lights.

In the center, hanging from a singular thick branch, is a chandelier that looks as if it is made from crystal. A wicker base ties onto the branch with rope, and from it hang several candles in glass jars, tapering downwards in tiers til a single jar hangs lowest to the floor. Draped over the chandelier are strings of white jewels, reflecting the light in shards over the ground. Five smaller, floral chandeliers hang higher up at intervals from the forest ceiling.

Down both long sides of the clearing are long mahogany tables, gnarled and earthy in their appearance. On them sit yet more candles and a table cloth of uneven green moss. Crystal vases of woodland flowers run down the center of the tables, interspersed with crystal jugs of fizzing champagne and prosecco. Glass plates of wild strawberries, ruby apples and various other delicacies burden the tables with their irresistable appeal. 

At the end of the clearing is somewhat of a long pedestal - more a collection of various tree stumps and logs that are more or less the same height. The base is lined with fairylights and the trees behind are strung with threads carrying a plethora of white origami birds and flowers. From somewhere behind the stage comes an enchanting music, earthy in its origin and.. is that panpipes? It's melodic, beautiful and somewhat mesmerising, though it isn't clear from where exactly it is coming.

The night is growing darker, the dusk hours are upon us, and we shall await our guests. Welcome them, warm them, and enjoy yourselves.

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The night was upon them and the emotionless King was uncharacteristically proud of the event he had put on. While every bone in his body burned to greet this so-called Prince with a scowl and use a ruthless army to beat him back to where he came from, the man was not so stupid as to think it was a good idea. Crucis was merely a child of a herd, only now staggering to its feet as he took hold of the reins, and their army was far from fit to deal with the amibguity of what some far-off royal might bring with him.

Besides, he had been King now for a while and they had been without a grand ball to celebrate his initiation. He certainly wasn't not an arrogant man, but with that said he believed at least some small celebration was in order. If anything, it might show those who were skeptical of his rise to the throne that he was not a dictator and he was not 'without his fun'. That is, if he could make a convincing enough show of enjoyment.

First to arrive, as was intended, the King strode through the clearing of the King's Last Stand and admired the setting of the grand ball. The evening sun was beginning to drop and consequently each of the thousands of flickering fairylights and candles was casting an ethereal glow over the dancefloor. What once was a blackened and burned shell of a forest clearing had been turned to a magical setting for dance and merriment, and strangely the tragedy between Crucis and Heretic had somehow here turned out to be a blessing.

The behemoth glanced at the bubbling, crystalline champagne and prosecco as it stood in tall fluted glasses down the tables on both left and right of him, but made better judgement to remain sober at least for the beginning of the night. He stepped onto the pedestal of logs and tree trunks and regarded the event as creatures began to trail in through the wicker arch and down the petal-dusted pathway. He waited a suitable time for the majority of visitors to arrive, before straightening his stature.

The King, today, wore a single blue forest lily behind his left ear, and a rich admiral blue silk scarf draped over his right shoulder and tied into the base of his mane at the wither with a silver pin. He scanned the crowd slowly, coughing once as if to announce his requirement for attention. "Please," his voice began quiet and formal, waiting for the surrounding noise to calm before continuing. "People of Crucis, people of Elysium, welcome to the Eternal Wood. It is an honour to have you here. I hold this ball in honour of the visiting Prince but also to celebrate the iminent rise of Crucis as a force of Elysium." he seeks eye contact with those of his own herd, offering a fleeting smile to each he manages to find, "Please, enjoy yourselves. It would be our pleasure to entertain you." he does not address the Prince directly for he assumes the royal will announce his presence, and thus that he hadn't yet arrived. As the King steps off the pedestal, the mellow woodland music rises slightly in volume and he makes his way toward the mahogany table on the left of the ball-ground. Here he waits, supping at a flute of champagne and watching as the world rolls on around him.
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She could hear his call easily from her little home. It wasn't far from the boundaries of the burnt part of the woods. She rose quickly, and moved to slip the copper chest plate over her shoulders. It fit snugly now, as it should.  Roses were woven through her mane and tail in elaborate braids, along with ferns. Picoro had helped her with that. She glanced down in her puddle. How different she was now. She carried her head high, with all the grace and poise of a princess, and followed her kings call.  She hadn't seen the clearing ever look this beautiful. Not even at the feast of starlight. He had done well to honor the place. 
She took in the sight of lanterns, hung about, the tables, the pedestal. The chandelier, right over his ceremonial resting place. She gave a dip  of her head to Gotham city in greeting. She would go say hello properly in a moment. But first she glided to the tree from which the chandelier hung. and dipped her nose to the earth, where underneath rested a tiny wooden carving. "You would have enjoyed this I believe." she murmured. "I hope you and Io are well, wherever you lay at rest"  finished she rose again, and walked to where Gotham City stood. 
"did you decorate this yourself?" she asked "It looks wonderful, fit for Acrux even" she gave a soft smile, casting  away any sadness she may have felt a moment ago for wonder at the whimsical appearance around her. "The prince would be a fool to decline such a place as this"  she looked up at the taller man, her turquoise eyes gleaming with clear pride for her home. She would never miss an opportunity to show off the place. 
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pour salt into the wound and let it bleed
It was no surprise, Crucis would be having a ball for the visiting prince. It had been overwhelming and exciting, the news was, but Caelian had had his doubts about going. He’d been to large, fancy balls before, at his old home, and all he’d done was shadow his sister, following her everywhere because he had nothing else to do. She, of course, had not minded his company, but other did. No matter how fancily he dressed, they always thought him to be mud stuck on their hooves.

Hopefully, this party would be different. He was stepping out of his comfort zone once more, going somewhere he was extremely skeptical about. But, he was willing to try it once more, to their change his beliefs or solidify them. There was no need to hang onto his past memories, this was a whole new land. It did not hold the same culture as his home had.

So Caelian picked his way through the forest. He had not familiarised himself completely with the land yet, and had no idea where the party would be held. However, the forest was usually quite still, and dark. There was music floating on the wind, and a dull brightness shone around the trees, guiding the way. Eventually, dark hooves stepped into the clearing named King’s Last Stand. He had not a clue what the land’s history had been, but he intended to find out tonight, perhaps.

The clearing was decorated beautifully, hung with fairylights, ribbons, candles, jars of light, and many other beautiful and eye-catching adornments. It gave off a warm and welcoming feel, with its soft music and mood lighting. However, it also held a strong sense of elegance that drew out the classy within Caelian. 

He, of course, had not come unadorned himself. Though he owned few items from his home, he did have a small number of beautiful things. He, on a normal day, did not prefer to wear them. He hated attention drawn to himself, but this was a special occasion.

The only thing he wore that was especially fancy was the white jewelry threading around his tail, dropping into the black and white crack lines that resembled obsidian, and the same in his mane, as well as threaded around his horns, with a small white jewel hanging from the base of the front horn. It was simply one long silver thread, through his tail and trailing his spine, then weaving through his mane before threading through his horns. It had been something gifted to him by his king from his homeland, and he’d worn it to all the fancy occasions he had to be present at.

Caelian stood tall, with grace as his eyes landed on his new king and another woman who had been present at the meeting. He had not remembered her name, but he’d known she knew much about Crucis. Maybe she could inform him about the events that had happened in this area, but he didn’t want to seem uneducated. 

As horses began to arrive, he scanned the crowd for familiar faces. Surely, the skull faced stallion would show himself? He knew hardly no one, and even an unfriend acquaintance was better than no one. Then, he decided to properly introduce himself to his king.

After taking a glass of fizzing champagne in his magical grasp, he threaded his way to the massive stallion standing above most of them. Upon arriving before him, he quickly and respectively bowed to Gotham, before speaking. ”Excuse my ignorance, but I don’t believe I’ve ever properly introduced myself. My name is Caelian. I may not know much of this land, but I’d like to thank you for giving me somewhere where I felt as if I belong.”

He waited a few moments for a response, before seeing that Gotham would be busy tonight and would most likely not have time for many conversations. He left his king with another small bow and went back to the crowd, once again looking for faces he knew. Surely, there was more than one horse he knew?
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There was to be a ball in the wooded lands of Crucis. It was supposed to be a particularly fancy ball and one that pulled out all of the stops, no expenses spared, according to rumors. News like this traveled quickly throughout the other parts of Elysium apparently, for it even reached the ears of the outlying rogues. And one of those particular rogues just happened to be Kashmir. She was minding her own business when a little birdy told her about the event. And not only did the bird tell her about it, it left a particularly stubborn, albeit imaginary, earworm in her skull. From the sound of it, anyone and everyone could attend if they so chose to. It was bound to be the most talked about event of the social season and every thereafter, despite its success or failure. If it was a good ball, then it just might become an annual thing. If it turned out to be a bad one, then the host would never hear the end of it because of how poor it was. Normally something like this excited Kashmir to the core. She was a conversationalist, always enjoying the company of others at every opportunity. The mare wanted to know about the world through the eyes of other horses, and this helped to define her own world as well. Be it chit chat or thought provoking conversation, Kash found herself taking delight in either often times. But there was a draft sized problem that was creating a roadblock in the mare’s immediate RSVP.

The little birdy told her details about the event, and also who the host was. The moment that she had heard his name, she double took in slight shock. Gotham? Gotham City? KING Gotham City was to the host of this party? Kashmir was thrown for quite a few loops when he was mentioned. First of all, it was because she did not ever know if she would see the glowing stallion ever again. He was there with her for a minute, and then gone without her in a moment. The second loop Kash had was the fact that the stallion was throwing a ball. He seemed like an outgoing horse, what with his seduction and all, but still. Was this really his style? Perhaps she knew less about him than she originally thought. The final loop the mare got was that Gotham had the title of king. Kash did not recall if he was a king when they had met, but he certainly had not been ruling Crucis, that was for sure. So after their little tete a tete, he went on to be the king of Crucis? Shoot, if Kash knew that her lady bits inspired stallions like this then….argh. She had to stay focused.

Kashmir took a few steps the left, turned and doubled back to the right outside of the ball’s entrance. Her feathered hooves were beginning to tread visible grooves in the ground, and her honey colored eyes were like steel traps. She already had an elaborate costume on, got someone to watch Evalyn for the evening, and had come this far from the lagoon. But did she want to go in to the party? This would mean that she would have to face the man who had fathered her child. It had been several long weeks since she had heard sound or syllable of him. And now she was at the threshold to his kingdom? In the past, she tried so many times to convince herself she did not care for him at all. Their fling was a fling and nothing but a fling. Kashmir doted upon the fact that the only reason thoughts of him came up was because of their child. But, that could not be so. Just the way that she was pacing told her that could not be so. She wanted to forget, and she wanted to flip the switch that turned everything about him off for her. But it is hard to forget the first person you share your bed with. And she believed that physical encounters not only were physical, but matters of the soul too. So did she do it? Did she take the plunge and enter the wooden archway?

We all know the answer to that question.
A mask detailed with the finest freshwater pearls, amethysts, and rubies adorned the mare’s face. It shielded her entire facial features, and anyone who had not seen her put it on would not recognize her. Even one of her most favored features, her eyes, was guarded with thick lashes and the frame of the mask. Being that she was half Zebra, her telltale stripes would have given her away a mile away, so that too had to be covered. A soft red, sheer dress-like cover enveloped her frame in a gentle embrace. There were accents of lace here and there just for a little flavor. It was made to conceal and call attention at the same time. Kashmir decided that she would make a discreet appearance, lay eyes on the newfangled king, and socialize with others. Then at the stroke of twelve she would abandon her station and return to life as normal. A classic Cinderella move, but who really cared? She deserved a night on the town as much as any other. The invitation had been extended far beyond the reaches of the herd, and her foal was taken care of, so why not? She recently went for a position as queen; being a mysterious party goer should be no sweat. It was quite rude to show up to a party without bringing something to the table, so Kashmir brought a little cake-like dessert, topped with honey and sugar. It was a little treat for when all other delicacies had been devoured and the night wore on. If they ever did that is.

After stepping inside, Kash headed to the place where food might be served and put her cake down. The Friesian Zebra then glanced about at those already gathered. There were only three, and she did not have a lot of bodies to hide behind, but it was too little too late to turn back then. The mare did not speak a word yet, only lying in wait for what was to come. Would they recognize and speak to one another? Kash realized instantly that this is why horses did not show up on time to balls. Arriving “fashionably late” as it was called sometimes suddenly seemed appealing. Doing so prevented awkward encounters, and waited until the party was in full swing before arriving. It did not seem to matter for the moment that Kashmir had arrived on time though, for others were already commanding the king’s conversation anyways. In the meantime, she helped herself to strawberries and food on the table, and she sipped innocently on some punch quietly.
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As gentle as a butterfly’s wings kissing against a cheek, the pinto mare treads into the woods with fiery sorrel ears perked alertly forward and pale nares flared to savor the damp forest smells that were so delightfully different from the arid desert breeze. Chipped hooves the color of pale beige sand settle softly upon the forest floor and each step is meticulously taken so she doesn’t disturb the glorious wonder of the décor. She is breathless in both wonder and weariness. To travel from the monotonous red waste to the vibrantly green growth of the timberland was a daunting feat for the immature maiden, especially alone. No one told her to rest so she persisted at all hours. No one was there to insist she nourish herself, so the fae had spirited all the way here without a sip or nibble. Even now she was negligent of her rumbling, empty belly despite the abundance of foliage around her. Instead, she was filled with awe because, surely, this place was full of magic.

Curving ornately was an archway that she could hardly believe was real. Full of pretty, pretty flowers and uniquely shaped leaves; vines and stunning – oh so interesting – lights; the pegasus idled under the passage and imagined it taking her back to her homeland much like the portals she used to travel through. But she also wanted to stay and explore. This was such an adventure! She stretched out her nose to inquisitively, timidly touch a single golden hued light. It boggled her that an orb could sustain itself. She had to concentrate so very hard to maintain her little lights. Cocking her head to the side, looking adorably curious, she squinted her mismatched eyes before experimentally poking her tongue out and giving a quick lick to see if the illumination tasted like anything. Sucking her pink tongue back in the sepia pegasus wrinkled her nose as her ears swiveled back. It didn’t taste much like anything.

Attention lured by the sweet, soft fragrance of flowers the filly-mare hesitantly followed the petal strewn path. Strange objects, like the ones in Shakaya’s cavern, held flickering flames the size of fireflies. They were distracting but she continued as the muted sounds of music and conversation drew her closer. Faintly, she could see the glowing of more flames. These ones were tamed by the length of their wicks. She had never seen a candle before but suddenly the word appeared to her. Beyond the ring were others and more mysteries. Rolling her lower lip between her teeth she abraded it nervously as fearful shyness overcame her before releasing it to form a pout.

She knew not what she was walking into. Even though she had found the invitation the lithe draft was illiterate and didn’t realize she was allowed to be present. It was purely a whim that brought her out here and that same impulsive nosiness kept her sneaking forward. Each other time she had skittishly entered the woods she had left intact so she was emboldened by her past experiences, though she kept to the edge and peered around with eyes wide open.

Enamored by the surreal splendor of it all, she gasped when her sights landed upon the ribbons streaming from branch to branch. She ached to touch them. Never one to question herself, the maiden swished her flaxen tail while considering how she would reach her prize. Ears flicking forward, back, to the side, back, and forward again to warn her should someone appear, the winged mare stretches her neck as long as she can – lips teasing the corner of a blue scarf – but she can’t seem to get a solid grasp. With a frustrated huff, she rears up. Balancing unsteadily upon her hindlegs she succeeds in snagging the silk fabric and stamping back down to all four legs. She nickers with triumph before closing her eyes and moaning with pleasure at the water-like lustrous texture.

Abruptly she realizes how late the hour is, darkness had descended with her unaware because of the warm, welcoming glow cast by the candles and other lights, and she tucks the royal blue scarf close to her chest. Then she does a peculiar head toss, where she is unsuccessful so she tries again, and soon the scarf is draped across her withers.

Only after her antics does she start to see the equines around her. A figure draped in red with a striking face – oh! That’s a mask. - nibbles at the proffered horderves. By the stance and elegance, the pinto pegasus is sure that they are a mare and she finds herself relaxing since it is mostly the stallions that frighten her. Much to her surprise, maw popping open, the next mare was one she had seen before. They were both at the Lyrus herd meeting and her name was…was…Lu…"Luvena!" It startled the filly-mare that she whinnied aloud and she instantly pressed into a jigging jog to hide herself before anyone noticed, though her efforts were painfully obvious.

Peering from behind a stump decorated with a variety of artfully placed, asymmetrical candles, the damsel’s eye was caught by an ebony stallion with two spiraling horns erupting high upon his brow. He was tall, she could tell even from the distance, but not as tall as the other stallion present. Swallowing anxiously, the timid fae gazed upon her would-be-host though she didn’t know that tidbit of information. She simply stared innocently at the looming figure of the onyx stud. Upon his mug was a peculiar pale blue grin that wasn’t actually his lips, it was a marking. Other strange markings marched across his body in glowing hues of cyan; semi-circular rings upon his neck and back as well as single file stripes on his legs. He was quite the sight and he had a scarf similar to the one she had snatched.

A cheeky grin curved her lips upward as she whispered to herself, "Such fun, fun, fun." Turning toward a long table offering delicious snacks, she began to browse through her choices and ignored the perpetual fatigue that her neglected body used to try to get her attention. This was all too exhilarating for her to try and find a secluded place for a nap. She had plans to accomplish! After all, she hoped to get a golden ribbon next. 

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Weaving through the trees that made up the Eternal Woods was a good change of scenery and the stallion strolled toward the party slowly as he took in the natural beauty. Far different than the rocky cliffs and unsteady slopes of the place that I've claimed as my own, the firm soil was pleasant to walk on and he took a moment to dig cloven hooves into the sediment. Soft, sturdy and comforta- the thought was cut short as his left fore-hoof snagged on a tree root. He'd taken little time to explore Elysium during the long months that followed his arrival and a pang of regret churned his stomach. The land had done nothing to deserve the bitterness he felt toward it and the spines lining the underside of his throat began to stiffen. Sounds of laughter and conversation were beginning to echo through the trees and his ears strained to find the only voiced he cared about. The digits failed to pick up any trace of the filly-mare and his strides shortened unenthusiastically. 

There was little doubt that the target of his attention would be at the Crucis Ball but it would seem as though his timing was early. Alell being punctual? Hot air escaped his nostrils in the form of an amused snort as he rubbed his cheek against the rough bark of a nearby tree. The signs of spring coming were starting to appear everywhere and a smile formed at the thought of spring in his homeland. His eyes closed as he stilled, memory providing the vivid scent of the flowers he had scattered in the sand. The lilies were mixed into the sand of his favorite basking spot and he rolled in the hot sand with a grunt of pleasure as it sifted through his scales. Seabirds called in regular intervals as the ocean licked the earth and a breeze brought news... The smile faded as his eyes opened and he was met with the sight of trees, home is gone

Gone but not forgotten, lights were beginning to appear and he looked at them in wonder. The things that equines were capable of doing would never cease to amaze him and he lost himself to time as he tried to figure out how the decorations had been placed. Such attention to detail, admiration surged through him as continued to stride closer. It was with surprise that he found himself before a clearing, the sudden lack of trees caused the stallion to hesitate as he wondered what had caused the anomaly. 

Eyvindur heard the filly-mare before he saw her, ears twitching to and fro as he attempted to locate her. Nameless horses were gathered in the clearing and it was with restraint that he kept from shoving through them in his search. For a moment the former-dragon found himself overwhelmed with the amount of activity in the clearing and he allowed his eyes to slip shut as he grounded himself. His facade of comfort was easy to summon as he dipped his head in greeting to the individuals around him but he did not stop to speak to any of them. I will have time for that later, he could only hope that none would be offended, but I have abandoned her for far too long

He didn't know what he would say to her when he did find her, posture slouching with guilt. You looked to me for protection and guidance, a scarred wing lifted in order to avoid knocking over a table, and I failed you. Most of the other participants of the ball had worn masks and other things to disguise their identity and for a moment he wondered if he should have done more than bathe. What would I have worn? A pebble or a stick? He snickered at the mental image as he made his way to the snacks. It would be interesting to see what equines considered to be delicacies and the knowledge would be valuable for the future.

A mare moved away and it was only then that he caught a glimpse of her. She appeared to be in relatively good health as she called a greeting before attempting to hide. A fond smile exposed over-sized canines at the realization that her stealth had improved very little in his absence. It might have actually gotten worse. He didn't rush to her as he approached the tables fancy looking treats but his muscles quivered in anticipation. He should have known that he would be able to find her by the food and he watched as she stared at the many options. Still, he took his time to reach her, pausing as he walked in order to study the tidbits with critical eyes. Still trying to decided which one to eat? The dilemma that the filly-mare seemed to be facing was surprising and he tilted his head while he watched her. She didn't seem to notice him in the long moments that followed and Eyvindur swallowed before deciding to speak."I hope you aren't trying to eat with your eyes."

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''A wolf in sheep's clothing is more than a warning!''

Ecstasy finally arrived into the Eternal Forest. She heard from other horses and her older brother, Adrenaline, about the Crucis Herd, and all she could hope was that she would like it and maybe, the king would let her join them.
This was a really important step in her life. A big one. She knew that the best way to speak with the king was to meet him today. He was holding a ball for an unknown prince.
Finally, she saw how beautiful the forest was, with shining lights and ornaments. She felt like a true royalty coming here. This ball reminded her of the first and only one she saw in her life, held for her family. If her parents were still ruling the kingdom, maybe she would see more.
Stepping forward with a big smile on her face, her opal eyes looking around with admiration, she sang a little bit trying to encourage and cheer herself up.
She was making weak metal sounds with her pure gold-hooves on the ground. Her pink hair was covering her left eye, almost touching the ground. Her tail was tied up, and her movements were graceful, yet confident and haughtily. Her head was tilted a little bit up in the air, like how any princess would do.
Still, she felt scared. She doesn't know anyone and she was all alone without her older brothers.
Tas looked around to notice a stripped stallion and a female bowing her head to him.

'He must be the king...I can talk with him!'
Slowly, she began going towards him. She waited for the other equines to talk to him, greeting them with a small movement of her head and a warm smile. When she saw the occasion to talk to him, she bowed.
'' You must be the king of Crucis! Let me introduce myself properly, mister. My name is Ecstasy Overdose, is a pleasure meeting you! '' [color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)]she spoke in her calm, royal tone.  [/color]
'' I must say that I admire your work for this ball. Is extravagant and elegant. It fits the Eternal forest so much! ''
She looked around her, at the beautiful lights and the people that surrounded her. She felt happy. This would be a good home for her.

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hic sunt leones
An invitation had been extended to the herds to attend a ball in honor of the new Crucis king, and to welcome this mysterious Prince that was coming to Elysium. All the herds, even the reviled Heretics, would be welcomed into the Eternal Woods tonight. This, the lioness had decided, was not an opportunity to be missed. 

Out of the shadows at the edge of the Wood, she coalesced just before the striped woman donned her disguise and approached the clearing. Once the other woman had gone, Nocturné stepped into the light that glowed dimly from the lights strung through the trees. Golden, cat-like eyes took in the almost sickeningly-tasteful decor that had been put up in the clearing. Florals and greenery were strewn everywhere, and flickering candles were set upon tables that dotted the space where several equines were already conversing.

Several of the others seemed to be wearing formal dress and masks, but Nocturné chose only to shroud herself in glittering stardust. Where normally, her coat was so dark it swallowed light, tonight it glimmered dimly like stars in deep space. She had no fear of these mortals, and so saw no reason to hide her face. Gotham City had invited the Heretics, after all, upon the condition that they behaved. And she very much intended to do that... for the time being. 

After the King's announcement, he was surrounded by courtiers vying for his attention. Instead of waiting in line with the other sycophants, the lioness drifted towards where the red-clothed mare was sipping on punch. The two of them seemed to be the only ones not actively trying to speak to the newly crowned King. Nocturné helped herself to a glass of blood-red wine, and took a long draught of the bitter liquid as she leaned against a tree close by to the other woman.

"First you vie for the Iron Crown, now you come to spy upon the Crucis? My my, what a well-traveled woman you are."

Though she had made a valiant effort to obscure her identity, Nocturné had recognized her as the bleeding heart who had thought to win the crown of the Heretics. Still, it was with more amusement than malice that the words were delivered. The lioness might be on the prowl, but she was merely toying with this young woman. Her prey was something much juicier...

"Not to worry though, darling, I have to play nice tonight. And I don't even know your name. I don't believe you mentioned it during that dreadfully sappy plea to Heretic."

Nocturné took another sip of wine, golden eyes watching the gathering around Gotham City with eagle-like focus.
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He was not a man who could often be humbled, but here and now there was an element of that as the beast regarded the visitors to his rather impromptu party. It was becoming populated not only with creatures of Crucis but of neighbouring herds, and of no herd alliance too, and if he had been any less emotionless you might've seen the King break into the softest of smiles.

Luvena was the first visitor to approach him, looking exotic and, dare he say, quite pretty with various flora woven into her hair. He watched as she walked first to the tree from which he had earlier hung the magnificent chandelier, and his expression was one of fleeting quiet curiosity as she mumbled words and dipped her head to the floor before making her way over to him. His expression softened as she praised his handiwork in the clearing, proud to have been recognised for his efforts as King, even if they were somewhat uncharacteristic. "Hello Luvena. Yes, I thought it might make for a good first impression, thankyou." he nodded, lips holding the slightest breath of a smile though he hoped the mare knew him well enough by now to not take his lack of emotion as anything insulting. "We shall have to hope not - or else we'll hope he does not possess a plentiful army." a short burst of low laughter rumbled through his throat, likely provoked by the flute of champagne he'd just reached the bottom of. Next to arrive was Caelian, another of his citizens who he recognised from the meeting but only just found out the name of. The man thanked him for making him feel belonging, and Gotham's heart fluttered just a smidgen more as he received the gratitude. "It's a pleasure, Caelian. I'm so glad you feel welcome with us, you will always belong in Crucis. he nodded gently and watched the black stallion fade back into the growing crowds.

Third was a creature he didn't quite recognise. There was something familiar about her, but she kept to herself and the beast assumed he would greet her when she felt the time was right. Her regalia was quite splendid, red and flowing as it masked the entirety of her body. Strange though, that she had disguised even her face. This was not a masquerade...

Gotham tipped back another glass of champagne as he noted the duochrome lady a little way away snatching a blue scarf from where it hung on a tree. He might've been perturbed by this in a sober state, but being as growingly intoxicated as the behemoth was, he just cracked a small smile and allowed the girl to continue. Again, he presumed they may meet later in the night - he would leave her to her cheeky antics for now, who knew what she might've done by the time they may meet in a few hours. The next creature Gotham noted was a dragonlike man, another who did not belong to Crucis and did not approach the King. It was fair, however : he was seen to be busy and Gotham was hardly a fan of fruitless conversations and gratitudes and greetings anyway. This rather suited him. The black stallion plucked a strawberry from the table at his side and chewed with brief contemplation, taken rather by surprise as a mare seemed to sneak up on him and address him with royal tone. She seemed young, but she was rather complimentary and polite enough. He turned to her with a smile, the expression now peculiar on his ordinary blunt features - somehow, the warmth was not quite becoming of him.

"That would be I, it's a pleasure, Ecstasy." a last name was a peculiar occurrence in Elysium, he had noted. At least, few seemed to introduce themselves with it. Perhaps there was a story to be heard, there. "I am flattered, truly." he dipped his head, watching in the corner of his eye as a dark mare sipped crimson wine and approached the cloaked figure with somewhat of an ominous expression. He had requested no drama take place, though, and for now he would let the interaction go on without intervening. God knows whether he'd be in a fit state to intervene after finishing his next drink. "Have you been to the Eternal Wood before?" he directed his full gaze back to the mare, inquiring with curiosity that only held the slightest of hidden intentions. There was never any harm in inviting new citizens to Crucis, after all.
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She watched with bright turquoise eyes, as others began to show up to the ball, some adorned as she was, others bearing nothing but their natural coats and hair. She admired both for their different beauties. She recognized a few of them, from the previous herd meeting, and figured she ought to introduce herself tonight. and yet one presence was still clearly missing from the equation. Their so called prince had yet to show,  despite the fact that the ball had been thrown together for him, and his entourage.  She tensed slightly at his words.  "I'm sure if he does, than the other herds would join us in driving him out, if it does come to that. I'll let you entertain your other guests" quietly she dipped her head to him before  moving off to introduce herself to some of the other crucians.  Her name being called by another  caught her attention first. 

She recognized the mare who said it... but it puzzled her, it had sounded like a child, and yet before her was a woman,  she moved towards the woman carefully, as if she were a deer, who would be easily startled. "Good evening" she greeted, rather formally. The ball was bringing everything she remember from her childhood, flooding back. All the formalities of balls and political greetings and such. "My name is Luvena yes, I'm afraid I don't know yours"


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Ordinarily, Coronado is not one for parties. The golden fox is a solitary creature, who finds the company of most to be mildly interesting at best and onerous at worst.
But, Coronado is bored. The Valley is quiet. And introverted though Coronado is, he cannot overlook the momentous opportunity that this little Ball provides him. Heretics are rarely afforded the chance to converse socially with other herds, or even Rogues; the others, it seems, are warned away from them from a fairly early age. But for a man who loves to gather secrets, whose influence over the world in which he walks is cultivated entirely through the subtle manipulations of those around him, being confined to a small area with a rather homogenous distribution of moral alignments is the sociopath equivalent of eating pizza for dinner every night of your life.
Variety, they say, is the spice of life. It frustrates him how little he knows about the other nations here. Besides, he’s interested to see how other kingdoms deal with this peculiar Prince business.  
He does not make a grand entrance. He pours himself a gin and tonic, the shadows that follow him like a loyal dog coalescing at his dark hooves, which move soundlessly with the help of his silver cuffs. He cuts a striking and fastidious appearance – suit-and-tie is natural for him, gleaming golden coat streaked with an impossibility of evening-tide colors and eerily beautiful spiderweb augurs. His wavy black-and-orange mane falls nearly to his knees, a single cascade meticulously kept at one side of his neck. He sips his gin and tonic, serene sapphire gaze surveying the crowd. Of course, there’s the Crucis King  - Gotham City, or so he’s heard, and the man cuts an impressive figure. Coronado is not here to schmooze with kings, but he will if he must.  A mare quickly occupies him with compliments about the décor (which, Coronado must admit, is rather impressive). A young Pegasus tries to abscond with some sweets, until she is minded by a stallion. Most of the rest crowd around Gotham, presumably trying to get in his pants, or something to that effect. There is one familiar face among them – Nocturne, his herdmate. He gives her a nod and otherwise leaves her alone; if he wanted to talk to Heretics, he’d be back in the Valley. He’s here to learn more about the others.
And one in particular intrigues him. Rather than bum-rushing Gotham, she stands demurely by the food, and Coronado finds he recognizes her as well. She’s the one who proposed a peaceful regime for the Heretics – a move so ballsy that it didn’t fail to leave an impression on even the unperturbable Coronado.
Languidly, fastidiously elegant in his purposefully covert way, he joins her at the table.  “You’re quiet,” he observes, then he lips up a strawberry and chews it pensively, delicately. He sips his gin and tonic, dropping his gaze to indifferently survey the panoply of desserts and delicacies before them. “Don’t you want to go flirt with the king like everyone else?” His tone is conversational, with the slight melodic lilt of the natural instigator. Dozens of other, more piercing questions spin through his mind – where did she glean her pacifist worldviews? What level of courage could one possess to try to leverage it on a herd full of (now he feels a curl of amusement lick at the corners of his mind) savages?  
He lips up another strawberry. We’ll get there.
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Letting people down is my thing, baby

So there’s some guy, and he’s calling himself the Prince of Kavarre (which sounds like a mid-to-pricey pinot grigio TBH) , and he’s telling everyone that they ought to give him a royal welcome. This isn’t that surprising. Walk down into any subway station in any major metropolitan area on the planet and you’ll get some dude with mange and a faded Bob Marley beanie telling you the same thing.
The surprising bit is that they all believe it. Suddenly everyone’s scrambling like it’s the Second Coming to roll out the red carpet for this dude. Baraqel has been blindsided too many times in his life to believe anything conveyed by words alone.
That said, he’s not going to complain, because they’re throwing a party, and Baraqel’s not one to look gift booze in the mouth.
The décor would be impressive, if Baraqel gave a shit about décor. He wanders in from the forest, wondering how these close trees feel about so much artificial light in their depths. This is, remarkably, the first time that the lifetime pyromaniac has ever attempted to empathize with trees; he resolves not to make a habit of it. His ember-colored eyes take a perfunctory survey of the assembled; most he doesn’t recognize. King Gotham he does, but the monarch is currently swamped with the kind of entourage that monarchy tends to attract. Socialization will go better post-hydration anyway; there is a bitter, somewhat desolate edge to him of late that makes him a much more sympathetic figure but a much less punchy conversation partner.
He wanders up to the bar and pours himself a tumbler full of whiskey  - adding a garnish of soda for good measure – and then takes a step back, content to observe until the booze does its job. 

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