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Open  Winter's Sorrow

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Posted on Feb 11 2018, 7:21 PM.


Time mattered little to her these days, each rise and fall of the sun just a way to mark the passing of another useless day. She had sent her daughter with Ozereus as an escort, to her new home and future mate—how long has it been since they left? White eyes narrow in concentration as she forces herself to recall exactly how many times she has stared sleepless at the moon. She blinks slowly as the fog lifts and the cobwebs recede, three weeks. The answer startles her though it should not and she feels the ache in her chest, her soul, that comes with waking up for the robotic state she fell into months ago. 

Salty liquid pools in her eyes but nothing falls.

She turns her gaze to the moon and moves from the copse of trees sheltering her from the cool winter air into the open. Despite turning away from her mother’s religion once her uncle claimed guardianship over her as a foal, she still finds comfort in the silvery being gracing the sky. A fractured whisper spills from silk lips and she looks down at the snow covered ground. ”What have I done?” Though she does not doubt the Wolf’s promise of keeping her child safe, she regrets (perhaps for the first time) having sent Davri there without going with her. A situation I can easily remedy..but what of my promise to this land?

Her gaze flares to cerulean as she looks around the quiet land, her herd numbers having dwindled greatly in recent months due to the disappearance of a few as well as her own neglect. What have I become? This question is posed silently and she is certain she will not care for the answer. I have failed this land and my family Thinking of the two who mean more to her than any others, Ozereus and Davri, she pines for the comfort of their embraces but knows her shadow will not return from at least another week. Arete begins to run then, a quick circuit around her borders, just the trick to help sort out her scattered and tormented thoughts.

A third question springs to her mind and this one falls freely from her lips as she runs her midnight patrol, ”What do I want?” The question is familiar, having asked it to herself not long ago, but still the answer eludes her; it has been quite some time since she last thought of her own desires.

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OOC |  Open to anyone, even those outside the herd...just a patrol thread. xD

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Posted on Feb 12 2018, 8:20 PM.

He had been exploring this unknown island that he suddenly woke up earlier to this night.  How he got here, he didn't know, but it wasn't all that different from where Garaile was from.  This one especially that he was about to cross into, before his nostrils picked up a pungent scent.  His red eyes narrowed, knowing what such a strong scent meant.  Someone claimed these lands in front of him and he would either have to go around or cut straight through.

He wouldn't mind the extra walk, he wasn't in a hurry to get anywhere either.  He just wanted to find out what this place - this island - was exactly.  The only thing that got him here was magic, but he didn't know how.  So he thought asking about it would help solve the puzzle, or at least find a way back home.  Or perhaps stay if the residents were in need of help.  His family wasn't in any danger, that he knew of, and he was used to being out for long periods of time.  They probably thought he would be in another.  

His antlers snagged on a low branch, nearly costing him his footing but with a strong tug, he got free easily.  His antlers were iron after all, and mere wood didn't stand a chance matched with his muscular figure.  Leaves crunched under him as he continued to make his way parallel to the border of whomever claimed this land.  He stayed near the trees, if it did get him caught some more times but it hadn't bothered him.  Hardly anything did.


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Posted on Feb 19 2018, 5:47 PM.

The beast figured it might be time he reached out to another of Elysium's royals. It would do neither him nor Crucis any good to stay secluded in the confines of the Eternal Wood, and there was never a day when alliances and inter-herd friendships were not useful. Lately, Elysium seemed to have been buzzing. Not necessarily in that it was thriving, but more that something was going on. He wasn't sure what, but the fact that it was something was enough to convince the King to seek out another royal.

He trekked the borders of the Viridian Fields, knowing little more of it other than the fact that it is the herdland of those they call the Carinae. He knew, also, that it was headed by Arête, and was what resulted in merging two smaller herds due to some sort of ... significant event? It was the middle of the night, and consequently he did not step a foot into the Carinae territory. He was far from familiar enough with their Queen to risk irritating her by trespassing, not least by causing distress so thick into the witching hours, but this way he might at least bump into the woman while she was patrolling. 

His wish to find the Queen was granted sooner than he expected. From a short distance away, he hears soft words spoken by a female. He looks in the general direction of the sound and sees little more than two cyan coils running up what he assumes to be the legs of the creature. The night is dark and black, but the faintest shape of a light mane and tail are also just about visible to the black and blue stag. Before he manages to step closer to the creature - who he couldn't at this stage recognise as the Queen, but assumed it couldn't be many others - he hears the crunch of leaves behind him. The noise came not from within the Carinae lands, so seemed to be another... trespasser? Someone like him, anyway. He turned his head to see the faint shape of a black and red creature holding upon his head the most colossal spiked horns he'd ever seen. The stranger stood a fraction shorter than Gotham himself, but the mammoth structures more than made up for the difference in height. He wondered whether he was close enough that this other man had seen him, but instead stepped closer to the border and called out to the woman he imagined to be the alpha of this place.

"Arête?" his voice was not commanding as you might expect, but rather curious and regal. "Are you here? It is Gotham City, new King of Crucis. I figured it may be sensible for us to speak." and he tipped his head back to the peculiar beast who also seemed to be visiting. "Do you have business with the Queen, too?"
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