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Posted on Feb 10 2018, 6:22 PM. (Edited: Feb 10 2018, 8:43 PM by Darsith.)

Tag: Thorn // words 338 // let the fun begin c:< 

Yellow eyes dimed of boredom looked out at the sea of red sand he called his home. He was a youthful soul, with a youthful mind, yet he was in the body of a stallion. He remembered the night of his birth- it wasn't that long ago. How he struggled under the water surface and how he struggled out to prevent from being drowned by the strange pool. He rose out of that water that night in the body he adorns today. A dark colored body with a massive size that very few could tower over. One of those few equines able to surpass his height was his own mother. Yes, his mother. The one mostly responsible for his draconic behavior and his diet that was different from others. And that diet, was the more flavorful meat. It was a shame the Wastes only harbored small creatures, but food is food. Better finding a rabbit or two than expecting to find a decent amount of vegetation. 

Today, the young stallion was patrolling around the outskirts of his massive territory. He was searching for something to entertain, but so far, has found nothing. He snorts frustratingly, upset his home could not satisfy his craving for action, for something. It only replaced that dimness of boredom with a glint of frustration. Not even a stray prey to chase after to stop for a snack. He was becoming disheartened and was about to turn back and see if he could find one of his parents to converse with or pursue one of the two mares that called this herd home and flirt for a while. But as he turned his head, something from the corner of his eye made him look back at a silhouette wandering the wastelands. He peered at them, unable to see them clearly from where he was standing. Boredom and curiosity grabbed at his mind, told him to investigate this silhuoette. Following his mind, he begins to make a trot towards them, mischief twinkling in his eyes.


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Posted on Feb 14 2018, 3:45 PM.

The Red Waste. She supposed this was the Red Waste, anyway. It was a land fitting such a name. Sand, red grains of it, covered all she could see. There were no signs of plant life that she could see, and few signs of equine presence. But there were hints to it, and that was all she needed.

Her mind slipped back to what her diety had said to her about the Waste. The Lyrus herd, a herd of warriors, made this land their home. She supposed that too was fitting. Only the strong would be able to survive in a place like this. Their Queen - Syrilth, was it? - holds a grudge against Renegade. At this point in time, Thorn really couldn't care if that worked against her. To tell the truth, she was spoiling for a fight of some kind.

She had come here to get away from her own herd for a short while. At first, Thorn had held no real direction to where she wished to go. But when it came down to it, she really only knew of few lands - the Valley, the Creation Pool, the Eternal Wood, the Viridian Fields and finally the Red Wastes. Thorn did not want to take her chances against the half-mad queen of the woods Nocturne had mentioned to her, and there was very little to be said about the fields. So she had ended up here.

Sand seemed to cling to her body, sticking to the hairs of her pensile tail. She held it up higher to prevent the long strands of green hair dragging through the particles of the ground, but it seemed to make little difference. Not that she was so picky.

Someone was making their way towards her. As he drew closer she could see he was large, taller than she. But there were many equines in the valley of all shapes and sizes, nought could intimidate her. He had an impressive set of antlers on his skull, white against the black of his body. The blank canvas of her eyes took him in, body drawing up slightly as she did so. Her ears, protected by a second set, were attentive to him.

"Am I right in assuming this is the Red Waste?" Thorn asked as he approached, head tilted slightly to the side as she awaited an answer.
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