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Herd Dominance! (February Contest)
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 Camy Offline
Posted on Feb 06 2018, 8:04 PM.

Herd Dominance!

Monthly Herd Activity Contest

For the moment, Elysium's herds are in a state of mutual acceptance. Each herd is focusing on their own ideals, but most (if not all) focus on: growth, vitality, strength and presence. These ideals play a large part in a herd's success, both on the roleplay boards as well as out of character!

But there is one question that begs to be answered... Who is the Dominant Herd?

It's time for Elysium to find out once again!

How do I participate?

Herd Dominance is not intended to start Wars, as it is primarily an OOC-focused contest. That being said, there's no telling what some herd members might do in order to keep their herd active and viable! In essence, Herd Dominance is intended solely to encourage activity in herds and to create a sense of teamwork and comradery among herds.

Between the dates of February 6th and February 20th, Herd Members will earn Novas by completing the following tasks as many times as they can:

- Post 10 times
- Thread with a character from another herd
- Thread with a character from the same herd
- Recruit a new member to the herd
- Perform magic in a thread
- Meet a new character
- Teach a herd-member a skill
- Be taught a skill by a herd-member
- Meet with same-herd members for a specific purpose (training, etc)

Each item above is worth 10 Novas and can be claimed multiple times, so long as it occurred in a thread dated the 6th or after. For all items not related to post count, at least 5+ posts are required to claim the item. On the 20th of the month, all Novas for each herd will be tallied and the Herd with the most Novas is named the Dominant Herd for that month! This also gives you the rest of the month to relax and roleplay at your own leisure.

How do I claim Novas for my herd?
When your character has completed one or more of the above items, they may 'claim' them by posting on this monthly Herd Dominance thread using the following form:

Winner Takes All!

Now for the part I'm sure most of you have been waiting for... the PRIZES! Winning Herd Dominance is no small feat, and it will take dedication and cooperation from all herd members to ensure your own Herd secures the victory. This effort and comradery won't go unrewarded.

Winning Herd Dominance will earn your herd the following:

★ 100 points to each herd member present at the time.

★ A reward item that will placed in your Reward Item category for each herd member also present at the time.

★ A custom-made item for your Special Items category
- Members from the winning herd will pitch a collective idea for a new item to the Team. Upon approval, all winning herd members will receive that item in their special items category! It could be an accessory, soft magic or a token!


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Posted on Feb 19 2018, 12:07 AM.

Herd: Crucis
Achievement: Recruit a new member to the herd X2 (20 novas)
Link: 1 - Malsumis
2 - Luvena

Achievement: Meet a new character X6 (? Not sure if the 3 in the last thread count) (60 novas?)
Link: 1 - Malsumis
2 - Luvena
3,4&5 - Ebony, Lycus & Xzavier

Achievement: Meet with same-herd members for a specific purpose X1 (10 novas)
Link: Spar with Malsumis to prove suitability for Second In Command Rank

Total: 90 Novas for Crucis?


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 BailanduSilueta Offline
Posted on Feb 19 2018, 10:34 PM. (Edited: Feb 19 2018, 10:34 PM by Gotham City.)

Herd: Crucis
Achievement: Post 10 Times (10 novas)
Link: post tracker thing

Achievement: Thread with a character from another herd (10 novas)
Link: Arete

Achievement: Thread with a character from the same herd (10 novas)
Link: Luvena (different thread to last time)

Achievement: Perform magic in a thread (10 novas)
Link: Ice Cuffs around Draco with Moonfire

Achievement: Meet a new character X3 (30 novas)
Link: Moonfire
Arete & Garaile

Total: 70 novas

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Posted on Feb 21 2018, 5:26 AM.

Herd Dominance!

Monthly Herd Activity Contest: Winners!

The time of claiming herd achievements is now over.

Tallied Results


Perform magic in a thread

Post 10 Times

Total: 20 Novas

Note: The rest of the threads did not meet the thread start requirement (i.e. started two days before the 6th) and some were also short of posts (i.e. 4 posts rather than 5, or more).

Lyrus, Carinae, and Heretics did not claim.

The dominant herd of February 2018 is Crucis!  Congratulations! 

Gotham City Please speak with your herd members in the Clubhouse on what type of item your herd wishes to have before PMing the final information to the staff account for the Team members to look over.

If anyone has any feedback and/or suggestions for this event, please post it over at this thread.

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