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Posted on Feb 04 2018, 11:10 PM. (Edited: Feb 10 2018, 8:25 PM by Darsith.)

Tag: Syrilith // words 504 // use scroll for text!

Darkness. Darkness is all he felt, he saw, he breathed. It was once a warm, comforting feeling that cradled and shielded him from the outside world. But with a single moment, a single splash of water, it was now icey cold around his body. The water churned around his body, changing him. It began to tug at him, which he responded by jerking away from the force. He didn't know what was trying to pull him, the surface was just as dark as the pool he was resisting in, however he knew he did not like being tugged around. He began to jerk around, attempting to fight the invisible entity and break it's hold from him. He thrashed, jerked, anything he could to try and get free, but it wasn't working. His nostrils and mouth was being flooded by the dark water due to his desperate struggle. The darkness was trying to drown him.

Despite the futile attempts already, he still fought the element. He would not die here. He will not let this force succeed in it's plan. However, as he continued his struggle, it felt like the tug was loosening it's grip on him, or maybe it was him being surged with a sudden burst of strength. Realizing the chances of slipping away were increasing, his thrashing became less desperate and became more confident in his fight, continuing to fight, until the force gave in and he was able to hurriedly scramble himself up to the surface for fresh air.

His emergance to the surface was met by a sudden splash and his head rose out the water and he gasped for air, flicking his dripping muzzle from side to side. His struggle for air felt like he was in an ocean mere minutes ago, yet now it felt his struggle was a bit dramatized, as he pulled himself onto dry ground and tiredly looked out at the pool, breathing heavily as he tries to capture more air into his lungs. His eyes remained fixated on the water's surface. He stared at a figure that was as tired and wet as he was. The darkened area made seeing most of the massive horse's features difficult, for his coat and tail was just as dark as the environment, though streaks of light were able to take refuge in his long, damp mane. Two dark, sharp items protruding from his head, almost looking like the branches of the tree that swayed above him. But the thing he could see the most, the thing he was truly focused on, was a pair of piercing yellow eyes staring back at him. Finally tired from looking at the water, he turns away and lays his head on the ground. He had fought his first battle and won. It was a hard struggle but he won in the end. The massive creature snorted as he lay there. The first battle of his life had robbed him from detecting other entities in the area.


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Posted on Feb 10 2018, 10:19 PM.

It had been a...very unexpected night with Kodarki.  The shrooms he and she had eaten were way too strong.  She had stupidly ate one to see what it had done.  Her, of all equines, had been knocked down by a shroom with magical capabilities.  However, she needed to know what Kodarki had done.  They were intimate only during that time but it hadn't changed their friendship.  She couldn't back time, she would raise this foal as her own.

At least, she thought so.  The creation pool had buzzed, calling her to it, and what the pool gave her was an already grown coat that was a spitting mix of she and Kodarki.  How many times did she wonder what a foal would be like if she and Isolde had finished before it went blurry.  How would they be?  Would they be black like she?  Or a brilliant snow, shining through the red waste like Isolde.  

But what caught her attention was that this already grown stallion of hers had fought to the surface.  He laid there, after watching himself on the ground.  Syrilth didn't know what to think though.  She had never seen this phenomenon before.  She had...that with Kodarki but the foal was now an adult?  From the pool?  Elysium was weird in its own way.  First the firstborns, then the darkness, then the white out, all of what she knew was that this shouldn't be a surprise.

"..."  But it was still new to her.  She felt like she was robbed of raising her son, the heir of Lyrus, on her own.  Not the pool.  But a part of her was glad.  It would've slowed her down in any fight and would have to leave Kodarki to fight for her.  While she trusted him entirely, she preferred to fight her own battles.  It was so complicated, but the dragon within was proud.  Ever so proud.  He looked fit for battle.  The Lyrus Queen and her Commander.  Two warriors who viewed themselves as friends and nothing more.  The heir of Lyrus was right before her eyes.

Finally she stepped forth, her hooves clopping on purpose to signal her presence as she made her way over to him like a shadow prowling.  What to call him?  For many years, her kind followed the way of morphing two names to keep track of who was from what dragon and bloodline.  Kodarki wasn't one but that didn't mean he was exempt.  She hadn't chosen her own but...who said someone couldn't choose their own name?  "Hello, my son.  What do you wish for your name to be?  I am Syrilth, while your father is Kodarki.  You will be known as the Lyrus heir but more importantly, you will be known as my son.  You are from an old line of dragon and equines to make the perfect warrior to protect others."

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