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Posted on Feb 01 2018, 3:53 PM.

He was not a man to stand back and watch land fall into disrepair. He was not a sympathetic man nor one to shed much of a thought for those outside himself but there was some small part of the beast that lent itself to leadership. Some magnetic impulse inside of him yearned to devote itself to regality once more, to head a herd and write his name next to the word "King". He had proven himself a worthy leader, contrary to the beliefs of the women and men he had wronged, and the title - he believed - filled the chasm in his existence that was "belonging".

It is easy to fill one's life with material things. Sex, fighting, drinking. You might even be mistaken into thinking you are fulfilled, happy. But, when push comes to shove, you might realize that others have something to devote their lives to and you do not. Gotham was not likely to realize or admit to this but somewhere behind his unfaltering wall of pride is the truth. A fascination with space and time is not nearly enough to replace the emptiness of his ignorance: the least he can do to supplement it is take his agitation to a standing royal. 

The behemoth had not before challenged a Queen, nor in fact a King. He had, however, won many a battle both official and self-orchestrated and hence is well practiced in the art of combat - he is well practiced, too, in the trials and tribulations of leadership. With a crown lain between his ears, the man seemed to find himself overcome with a sudden responsibility and desire to do well by his people. He was by no means the most typical leader, and it still must be said that some of his decisions were made for his own benefit over all else, but regardless he found himself revered and respected. Leadership is a trait that seems to come to the man naturally and so here he is once more, stamping his hooves for the land that he had come to claim.

Gotham City knows little of the Crucis Queen, merely that the ruler is a Queen and not King, and that her name is Etain. He had not seen her, spoken to her, or trespassed in her lands for the sake of keeping a quiet comfort between her and his plans. He had hardly run his eyes over the land he was here to fight for, even; he did not particularly care for the nature of its landscape. A land was a land - and a land was a land he could rule over.

While the man was inexperienced with the Crucis Queen, knowing nothing even of her size or fighting form, he had heard whispers of the land she ruled. He'd heard words in the wind of Valor's challenge for Crucis and, although the man who fought for Etain had won, she had done nothing more with the herd since. It seemed that Crucis had become stagnant, not that a number of the other herds could be spoken for either, and Gotham knew he was the King it begged for. It is not evil and, while those he had wronged might protest, neither is he. Crucis was not renowned for being sickeningly good or lawful and so Gotham believed he would have free rein with his intentions for the land. It was by far the better suited for his wants, and already his heart throbbed and body shook with desire and suspense.

The Colosseum is a land he has trodden more often. The beast has yet to fight in it but the grandeur of its architecture, crafted purely with combat and bloodshed in mind, calls to him with a siren's cursed song. It is a place he can come in quiet, when not adding women to his tallies or inflicting unprovoked injury on mundane and irritating creatures in unofficial battlegrounds. The acidic tang of blood seeps through his nostrils, old but still strong and exciting. The stallion struggles to suppress the shudder of anticipation that shakes his spine through to the aqueous stinging lappets in his black and blue tail. 

His hooves are hard upon the earth of The Colosseum. His presence is thundering, demanding and defiant. No longer would he stand and watch the world slowly run itself into the dirt. Elysium was quietly desperate to be woken from its slumber. It wanted attention and, for once, Gotham was willing to give it. 

He throws his head to the sky and whinnies to the howling winter winds, tousled mane and tail rippling behind him. 

"ETAIN!" an aggressive shout carried by the violent breeze in hope of reaching the Crucis Queen. "I intend to challenge for the Eternal Wood. Face me and fight!" he steps upon the arena floor, taking a proud stance in its centre and awaiting the arrival of his opponent. "Fear not, I will spare your life. Deathmatches are for those who worry their foe will return to fight once more, though today I do not intend to lose." he sets the battle rules before the woman can attempt to interject - Gotham allows no negotiations on his terms.

The stallion stands tall in the heart of the arena, ears pricked and quivering to listen for any sound of the Queen's approach, whichever direction she should come from. His eyes are wide as he flits them to and fro over the lands that surround him, watching for silhouettes. His feet are square, muscles rigid and coiled like tightly compressed springs, yet his head is kept close to his chest, guarding the underneath of his neck and soft flesh of his chin. Knowing nothing of the Queen means knowing nothing of her tactics and the stag refuses to let her beat him by means of foul play.

His arrogance is unwavering and oblivious to the thought it might be his undoing. He expects to win, though even if he should fall down before the Queen it would be far from the end. This is the start of a revolt.
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Items allowed?: no

Magic allowed?: no

Death match?: no

Once you agree on either of the following above, you cannot change your mind afterward.  See rules for more details on what happens if you do try to change your mind.

If neither can agree to the above, the challenge defaults into standard judge pick match with no deaths.

POSTS: 0/3 (intro)


DEFENSE: Rigid stance to avoid being knocked over, locked and coiled muscles ready to spring if surprise attacked, ears and eyes alert to see/hear when Etain approaches, head tucked in to cover the underneath of his neck and his chin.


DAMAGE: none

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Posted on Feb 04 2018, 6:31 PM. (Edited: Feb 11 2018, 5:46 PM by Staff.)

Etain has willingly given the crown to Gotham City. For the purposes of moving the plot along, Gotham can assume that he discovered the letter from the Prince because it was left behind by Etain, and may call a herd meeting to respond. The Staff will pin the new ranks and rules when it is posted, and please post in rank updates for any ranks that need changing!

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