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Posted on Jan 30 2018, 2:15 AM.

She was back, but then again she was sure that he had been expecting her, this time she was more prepared. There was clarity in her eyes,a sharpness that had not been there before. She had made Ylva a promise and it had gotten the mare captured by the king, Troy had no intention of letting that promise go anytime soon. Her son had a right to meet his other mother, her son had a right to know that his mother was not being held against her will by rapists and murderers. Eyes would slide slowly to the side, studying her son as they walked. She had no intention of allowing this man to knock her out and toss her aside like he had last time. She had every intention of fighting until exhaustion, blood loss or death won out on either of them. 

Body would shake, the chain mail and iron plating rattling along her as she allowed its weight to settle in. She hadn’t put this armour on since their escape, she had stashed it away as if putting it on might bring back a rush of bad memories, but that was not the case. The weight of it and the feel of the cool metal welcomed her like an old friend, offering comfort rather then terror as she had expected. Just as she had felt at her reunion with Shul it felt as though things were falling back into place. It felt familiar, it felt comforting... “This man who will come before us is the one who took your mother. It is time we see him stand trial for his crimes.” Words were easy and sure now, voice steady as she turned her gaze to look into the violet eyes of her son, the eyes that reminded her so painfully of Ylva. 

Slow steps would pull her away from the boy, armour rattling as the frayed edges clinked against her legs, until she once more came to stand within the centre if the coliseum. For a moment she allowed her gaze to close, a soft sigh slipping from nostrils as she remembered the last time she was here. A shiver traveled up her spine as she remembered the pain and the exhilaration that had arched through her whole body during that battle. She was more then ready, wounds once healed and body recovered from childbirth thanks to that strange pool. She was ready but still she felt as though something was missing, she felt as though something was coming. Voice would catch in her throat, bringing her instead to stand in silence and stare at the pillars. Something was coming...

ooc;; permission given from Candi to pp Namerin. This thread was going to be a challenge but now it’s a reunion with Ylva shulmanu and Kur welcome to hop in as well!

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Posted on Jan 30 2018, 2:39 AM.

a fatal dance, a primal rage.

The heathen walked slowly, her belly swollen huge and about to bust, her entire body ached. The deep wounds Draco had given her upon her hindquarters had healed, but she bore ugly scars. She had sought the help of a Heretic healer; it was the said healer that had given her the news of her current state. She was with child. She was carrying Draco's child. The very thought had caused her to sneer her upper lip in distaste, but she soon began to live with it as the months went by. She quickly began to plan her escape; she was not going to stay within the borders of the Iron Valley. Not under Draco.

It had only been a couple nights since she managed to escape. She had been exhausted and starved, but she had still given the Heretic guard an ass whooping of his life. Although she had escaped, she hadn't been able to travel far with the extra weight on top of being so drained. She had managed to catch a rabbit and a single coyote, but that had been the extent of her diet. Her stomach was growing more painful each day she had went hungry. Her baby craved more meat. More blood.

The Colosseum came into the view of the pained, exhausted amethyst orbs. Her head hung low as she dragged her feet with each step, her tail slumped and her wings dragged far more along the soil than she normally allowed. Every bit of energy was being sucked out of her from the spawn growing inside of her. But as her nostrils flared to inhale, she caught a familiar scent.

The scent had caused her heart to skip a beat, her nerves jolted. It was as if she had been giving a second wind. Her head shot up, ears perked forward. Destroyah... And with that hope in her heart, she began to pick her feet up quicker, bringing herself to a short lope. She slowed herself just before the entrance of the marbled building. Her massive belly bounced as she did so. As her head peered around a wall, her gaze was met by a heavily armored female with a very large male at her side. But she hadn't paid much attention to the male.

It was her, that captivated Ylva.

Lurching into a trot, her mane and tail flowing behind her, she halted at the female's side. "Mitt hjerte, min sjel..." She whispered, skull resting against Destroyah's cold steel armor. "My love." She breathed.

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Posted on Feb 02 2018, 3:59 AM.


He had avoided her since the birth, if you could call it that, of her brat. Inana hung around his neck, silent as ever. Despite his absence, he hadn't completely ignored her travels. It was only natural that when she returned to the colosseum, he followed. No cry rang out, much to his surprise. He sought to approach Troy from behind, watching her closely. She stood still, staring at something unseen, as though she was waiting for something. The giant stallion did not announce his presence, allowing the familiar thud of of his hooves to alert her. Ears careened forward, listening intently.

It was then that another would approach, a foreign woman who looked about ready to burst. A foreign language rolled off her tongue as she closed the distance between herself and Troy. Ears caught her final words. My love. Confusion rippled across his mind, his weight shifting subtly. Inana tightened around his neck, her scales tugging gently at his thick pelt. He remained silent, a fixture in the background, watching the scene unfold, awaiting answers. 


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Posted on Feb 10 2018, 1:54 PM. (Edited: Feb 10 2018, 1:54 PM by Shulmanu.)

The meeting was a strange one. He had never met all but one of these creatures and wasn't so sure how to react in their presence. Well, that was somewhat of a lie: Shulmanu recognised the stallion vaguely from the day he witnessed Troy giving birth - if you could call it that - to her child. They hadn't spoken, though, and he didn't so much as know the man's name.

If love and admiration in a non platonic form had been more familiar to the stallion he might've smiled as the other mare approached and embraced Destroyah. He figured there were more emotions between them than he had ever experienced with another but no pangs of jealousy moved his heart. Good for them, good for them that they have the capabilities to love one another and care so much, too. It was entirely likely he'd never know what that felt like, but no matter. He was happy the way he was.

Rade perched upon his shoulder, surveying the scene in polite quiet just as his equine companion was doing. Shulmanu tilted his head back to the bird, offering a nod in appreciation of the formality. He had heeded Destroyah's call but did not wish to disturb her union with the other mare, and so he, like the other man, stood back and watched in silence. 

There must've been a reason for the striped mare to call her closest ones here, but there was time yet for her to reveal it. The pegasus tucked his colossal wings into his sides and shook his tail once against his hind legs. He quirked his ears towards the conversation - not eavesdropping but listening for the time he was expected to offer a contribution - and waited, patiently.

Destroyah, Ylva, Kur

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