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Rolls? [ Dice Master Challenges ]
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Posted on Jan 28 2018, 10:13 PM.

Ready For Your Next Roll

This is the place you need to be then. You'll notice after reading over the battle guide that the Dice Master battle type has many different times that the die needs to be rolled.

This means that after each post you make you will need to fill out this form here, be sure to keep in mind that you should not post again until after your dice have been rolled by an admin. (This is so you know if your attack or dodge, hit or missed).

Please wait until Battle Judge posts in your thread with the roll before replying.

[b]Battle Thread:[/b] link to thread
[b]Date Last Post Was Posted:[/b]

Here's an example of the system we have:

Char 1
- Post. (Be sure your first post is just an initial post, no attack should be made).
- Rolls for defense.

Char 2
- Post.
- Rolls for attack, if defense of Char 1 is less than attack of Char 2, Char 2's attack hits. (Rolls for Char 2's defense).

Char 1
- Post.
- Rolls for attack, if defense of Char 2 is less than attack of Char 1, Char 1's attack hits. (Rolls for Char 1's defense).

Char 2
- Post.
- Rolls for attack, if defense of Char 1 is less than attack of Char 2, Char 2's attack hits. (Rolls for Char 2's defense).


So basically between each post you need to wait for an admin to roll a die.


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Posted on May 17 2018, 2:03 AM.

Battle Thread: http://www.ltts-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=4694
Date Last Post Was Posted: May 11
Please also disregard battle time limit since it's a fun battle (nothing official) + Bail is busy with exam work.

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