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Open  and it's a lonely, lonely world now

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Posted on Jan 28 2018, 2:03 PM.

i will be your sword and shield
It was a weakness that plagued him as he crossed the borders into this land known as Elysium. His expression darkened. Arihari - the young child and his almost constant companion - had warned him of this. These lands would strip him of everything that he once was and leave him bare and vulnerable. He didn’t like the feeling. The pulsing tug of magic was barely a whisper to him now and the farther he went the more it began to fade. He couldn’t draw upon the endless well of power that had once been available to him. Even his body felt heavier as he ventured deeper into this strange domain.

For a moment the ancient wondered if Sariel had felt this drain when she had crossed the borders. Perhaps not. His very being had been intricately woven into the workings of their homelands that it felt as if something had been severed from his very core.

Whatever Adunit may have been outside of Elysium mattered little now - he walked as a mortal in these strange gods realm. A heavy breath escaped him as he moved deeper into the mountains. It would have been easier to turn around now and hope that what he had lost would return once he crossed back into his own homelands. It would have been easier to just avoid Elysium altogether. Despite the overwhelming feeling of loss that hit him he continued onwards. She was here - Sariel. Arihari had told her of these lands and this is where they had cast her out.

His expression darkened. One of them should have stuck with her but instead the pair had focused on keeping the mercenaries on their trail instead of hers. Even now he suppose Arihari was still casting his illusions, cackling as hunters mistook him for the starry maiden. The child took a great joy in their frustrations but Adunit couldn’t keep up with the games. Despite their best wishes a part of him couldn’t keep from wondering if she was safe.

Marothel, Irialin, Sirastir and the lawless lands beyond - he had not stepped foot outside their boundaries for a long while now. As he pushed himself up another unsteady ledge his attention shifted. This mountain rage was high - tall enough to give him a decent vantage point but what was spread out before him almost took his breath away. These lands were vast. From where he was he could make out the beginnings of a forest with trees that easily rivaled the Mother Tree of Sirastir. To what he believed to be the south was a gaping maw in the land. How curious.

Adunit’s gaze lingered as he remained perched upon the rocky outcroppings. The winter wind was biting and for a brief moment he wished he had brought the aged travelling cloak that Arihari detested so much. It made for venturing though the mountains far more pleasurable despite the faded, torn appearance. He could feel the chill against his skin and he couldn’t draw up his magic for warmth. Once more his expression darkened.

He wouldn’t stay in the mountains for long. Sariel was somewhere in the lands below and he would find her. A heavy, almost labored breath escaped him as he tried to grow accustomed to the weakness overcoming him. Finding her was worth this.


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Posted on Jan 28 2018, 8:10 PM. (Edited: Jan 28 2018, 8:11 PM by Strider.)

nothing but crossed wires in my head
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It had been the snow lazily drifting down and mixing with the ash that filled the claiming grounds that led him here. Somewhere in the deep recesses of the creature's mechanical mind, it triggered some recall of the world he had left. We would call this a memory, but Strider's brain doesn't work quite as organically as you and I. He moved without purpose, piston whirring softly in the quiet of the mountain air, heavy legs sinking deep into the powder and carrying him ever onward.

The snow that fell and gently drifted against his body did not chill the metal beast, for he did not feel such things. The sensors scattered across his chassis told him that it was cold, but he did not truly understand the meaning other than that it meant the temperature was low enough for the liquid water in the atmosphere to crystallize and fall to earth. That it made the hot exhaust that puffed from his olfactory ports steam and swirl like smoke in the air. 

Though he moved forward with no particular location, no sense of direction in mind, it seemed that fate would place the metal man on a trajectory with another soul. Distantly, the voice inside his head spoke up as his sensors picked up a heat signature above. Almost absentmindedly, the creature looked up and glimpsed the equine upon the outcropping several meters higher up the cliffside. 

And for a moment, Strider could not compute what his visual sensors were showing him. Here was a creature that was very much shaped like himself... and yet by all metrics he could measure from here, the being was organic. Where he had come from, the only flesh creatures were much smaller... mostly what his internal database defined as squirrels, rabbits, goats, and boars.

Something we would define as curiosity came over the mechanical beast, though Strider had no words for such abstract things as emotion. His metal lips parted, and deep within his throat a whirring, tinny voice erupted into chill. It sounded almost like someone was playing a recording through an old phonograph, crackling and robotic.

"Hello there."

Well one would certainly not define Strider as eloquent. However as far as first words were concerned, these were rather impressive. He had never used his voice before, had never needed to in his old herd where all communication was made through the network and was typically much more simplified. In fact he had not even known that it existed until this very moment, and the sound of it echoing through the mountain air actually made him start.  

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Posted on Feb 01 2018, 1:38 PM.

For once, the beast was bored. Bored of his playboy life, bedding naive women and starting fights with no reason but to feel blood running down his side. It didn't happen often but there are very few creatures who can go without the slightest of contact with others. Besides sex, that is. He already had a child of his blood running around Elysium, the behemoth knew that much. He had not met the foal, didn't care to, didn't even know their name or gender. But he knew they existed, and perhaps would begin to hear more rumours of their existence as he went about his life. This child was not the first he had fathered, though they were the first during his new life in Elysium. Whilst he didn't have a particular care for the foal, he was pleased that his bloodline was already making its way around this new settlement.

People would soon begin to know who he was, and perhaps the children were not destined to be the only reason. 

Gotham often found himself in the peaks of the Lunar Mountains. They were quiet, often more sparsely populated than the more reachable of Elysium's lands, and dramatic. Rather like him, one might say. While today he was not looking for quiet, the atmosphere of the mountains continued to suit him. He had been in the peaks the majority of the day, and now he was set to entertain himself with mundane conversation - if the conversation could not entertain him, at least he might be amused by the tediousness of whomever he found.

A smattering of snow rained down upon the giant figure, but he hardly noticed. Aside from the occasional tingle of cold on his ears or velvet maw, he was thickly coated enough with fur that cold could not much affect him. The thick and downy fur adorning his underbelly and fore legs was a bonus in the bitterness of the winter months, though had he experienced frostbite he might've enjoyed the pain anyway.

Some strange, rare serenity in the stallion appreciated the prettiness of the snowfall. He was unlikely to ever admit the beauty of anything lest it was a woman he intended to sleep with, though perhaps he allowed an exception for things that fell into the category 'time and space'. Snow was a natural phenomenon of the world, and the intellectual side of the beast was unashamed of his fascination with such phenomena. When he was not in the line of sight of any other creatures on the mountains, the stag even stuck out his tongue to catch a few fluttering snowflakes and let them melt in the heat of his mouth.

His footfall was hard and sure on the mountain side, entirely ignorant of the thin ice laying over the flat surfaces. His mane was shaggy, having not been tended to in the winter season where he would usually rub his neck against bark to keep it short. In the distance were the shapes of two equines, both a little shorter than he, and the only noise he could make out was a peculiar robotic greeting. He was not quite near enough to see the detail of where the voice came from, but set off to approach the pair anyway.

With a brisk pace, though not visibly hurried, the black and blue stallion walked towards the pair, only now noticing the peculiarly mechanical form of one of the other men. The other was more like himself - flesh, bone and fur, though wearing an number of pieces of golden armour. Gotham might've snorted, assuming that this man relied on metallic protection during conflict, though it would not have been the best way to start amicable conversation. He drew up to the two strangers and dipped his head ever so slightly, meaning to at least start well and not make foe out of potential friends.

"Gentlemen," he glanced at them both, not smiling but with at least a telling polite expression balanced on his features, "What do you make of this snow?" already his own commital to small talk was sickening, but he was not yet to know how the interaction would continue, and so maybe there was hope yet.
i am the monster you made me
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Posted on Mar 12 2018, 1:43 AM. (Edited: Mar 12 2018, 1:44 AM by Strider.)

nothing but crossed wires in my head
14:23:01 - ORBIT 4F8 INITIATED: CYCLE 808231
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Strider, in his surprise at the sound of his own voice, had missed the reading indicating another presence approaching. The metal creature's broad face turned to face the newcomer, eyes glowing blue against the snow that continue to fall from the skies. Cone-shaped auditory sensors atop his head rotated to record the speech, parsing the second stallion's words. The query seemed simple enough, and again the creature's tinny voice pierced the quite mountain air.

"Sensors indicate it is made of hydrogen and oxygen particles that have crystallized in the atmosphere."

So perhaps Strider had not yet grasped organic speech. The creature had only spoken once before this moment, after all, and had yet to really converse with anything except others of his kind. And they spoke in binary code, via a neural network to which his old herd had all been connected. They had no need of audible communication.

And so it should not be surprising that when he had interpreted the question, he had thought the one who had spoken had been inquiring what the snow was made out of, not what he thought of it. Turns of phrase were not within his database at the moment. Thus, he gave the only answer that made sense to what he had extrapolated from the question.

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