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Posted on Jan 27 2018, 5:19 PM.

High above the mighty barren desertlands that the Lyrian people call home, an eagle circles, its speckled body eclipsing the commanding midday sun. This is the place the eagle feels likes the most in Elysium, for the heat is like that it is accustomed to in its homeland. It isn't here out of pleasure, however. This eagle has a job to do. When it sees the one it came to find it takes a steep dive, tucking its wings close to its sides. Just as it seems it is about to hit the earth like a falling star it spreads its wings once again, halting its freefall. Tucked tight in its claws is a piece of old parchment, tied with a red bow. The eagle takes one look at the dragon-queen and drops the paper, its mission completed. When Syrilth chooses to open the letter, her nose will be greeted by the scent of spices, and it will read as follows:

To Queen Syrilth and her people,

You do not yet know who I am. My name will mean nothing to you or your people. My homeland is a place you have never heard of. And yet here I am, writing to you, knowing so much about you. Let me explain how I have come to learn about you and your herdmates.

Many travellers have spoken of your kingdom and a place they call the magical 'Elysium' whilst wandering through my father's lands. I have heard much about the blood-coloured dunes, the salty air and open skies of the Red Waste. And I have heard about the Lyrians, the hardy group of warriors who thrive in the wilds of Elysium.

Soon I pay a visit to Elysium with a small entourage from my court. I long to gaze upon the dragon-queen and her realm. As is proper for a royal, I expect to be hosted graciously, and if you manage to impress me with a welcoming event that I truly enjoy, I promise that you will be greatly rewarded. Begin your preparations, mighty queen, for I arrive in Elysium in the coming weeks.

Hénrie, Prince of Kavarre

Something is happening! - start the celebrations, hoist up the banners, gather up some gifts, a visitor is coming! A letter has arrived from a faraway, exotic land. A strange prince is asking for the court to receive him and for them to plan some kind of extravagant event to welcome him. It is up to the herd and the leader to decide whether they want to welcome the prince, or if they'd rather keep the stranger out of their territory. 

This is part one of the site wide plot. Feel free to create a herd meeting discussing the letter, and make your choice as to whether to welcome to the prince ornot!

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