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  Mid-Winter, Year 2    Leviticus Era
A meeting for the Knights of Lyrus is being hosted by Commander Kodarki in the Red Waste!
Destroyah has lost to Draco in a heated fight, but we're sure we'll see more from the mare!
Valor the dragon-horse has lost against Zuriel, fighting on behalf of Etain for Crucis!
The Hall of the Dead now has an official forum within the Depths.
Beaufort takes Amapola to the Creation Pool after she was badly beaten by Valor.
Valor calls together the horses of the Viridian Fields for a meeting.


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Posted on Jan 14 2018, 4:52 AM. (Edited: Yesterday, 8:44 PM by Jaxx.)

This place seemed so desolate and dark. It was obvious all life had been stripped away from a fire some time ago. It raged and ripped through the landscape burning trees to the ground and charring others that remained standing. It was an awful sight to see there was no longer any color. Just ash and dust that stung the eyes and clouded the lungs. Jaxx knew why there was no one else here; it was tragic. Much like her own story - well not really. Jaxx simply left her mountaintop alone because her herd didn't think a world existed outside of it. Jaxx knew better and she had proven to herself she was smarter than others thought her to be. Now that she here on the ground, she wasn't going back. Jaxx shuffled her wings and shook her head nervously while she strode through the darkness of the forest to find whatever destination she was heading to. Jaxx didn't like this place one bit and wanted the skies to fly in again. Though her horn that lit the darkness made it easier to see, it didn't make her more comfortable. It wasn't as if she could fly out of here or use her horn in defense as it was.

Jaxx came to a clearing and a sigh of relief slipped from between her pursed gray lips. At least she could stretch out her wings here, but the canopies still acted as a cage. While perhaps she could break the branches with her own body, those were injuries that would like not to have as she thought of the two scars she had on her body. She had enough accidents in her lifetime to avoid more. In the clearing, she could see others that had been through here at one time or another and it was comforting to know that there were no skeletons around. It meant that there indeed was a way out. But which way? Would it be better if Jaxx waited for someone to guide her? Maybe. In the meantime, Jaxx opened up her massive twelve-foot wingspan and let them have a good long stretch. Maybe she could clear the ash a bit and make it so she could see the ground and breathe easier. When she kicked the ash with a hoof and watch the cloud billow for a while, she thought better of it. She allowed her wings to hang loose for the time being so the joints would not settle into rigor mortis again. Occasionally, she would hold them vertically to also get the blood pumping back toward her heart before hanging them loose again. After a few moments of this, she tucked her wings away again and looked around. Nothing ever changed with this landscape did it?

Jaxx knew she blended in with the landscape very well with her muted colors, so she instead kept her horn lit at middle intensity. Jaxx had the ability to control how bright the tip was which was useful for blinding enemies, but also to find her way. She could even make it dim for aesthetic purposes. For now, it was middle so that she could both see and not blind who would come up to her. Call it a beacon as you will. Probably not the smartest idea out here, but she didn't think other predators would actually be hunting out here either. Unless they ate the horse bone and all. Still not likely. Jaxx trusted she would get out at some point, but she wasn't sure when. Jaxx supposed she would have to wait until someone came to "claim" her.

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."



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Posted on Jan 15 2018, 2:25 PM.

The man was never up to any good, not anymore.

Since the tragic – assumed – passing of his wife and daughter, Tantibus had been led astray by the tauntings of his very own mind. The sense of self that he was exuding was, in fact, nothing at all like the man he truly was, unfortunately unbeknownst to those who had to witness, or experience first-hand, his nightmarish tendencies. By this point, his emotional seclusion had become his unravelling for so long that there was no telling when the man would regain his kind, charming behaviour that Khadeeya had taught him. This ‘phase’ he was experiencing was nothing like the smarmy exuberance of his youth, but something altogether quite more disturbing. The wiring of his head had in fact somehow changed, so that his intentions were no longer good and honourable, but most definitely the very opposite.
Today, you might say the dishonour of his intentions was temporarily put on hold, but on closer inspection would likely wish to take back your words. He was here, for the third time, in the claiming grounds, but for the first time with a purpose lit well in his mind. He had settled well with Syrilth and the Lyrus army, but as his mind grew constantly darker and darker, so did his actions. Eventually, the Queen of the herd he now called home would find out and no doubt she would be immensely displeased. Now, what honourable queen would allow a Knight beneath her name to be committing such distasteful crimes?
So, his intentions on this day were to woo his Queen. Perhaps woo was not the correct word, but rather, she would be more likely to look past his insanities if he worked occasionally to serve the herd like the loyal Knight he was intended to be. He would bring her home another member to fill out the Lyrus ranks, he had decided, and see what thanks she had to inflate his ego after that.
The Claiming Grounds had been quiet for quite some time now. The stallion had, on rare occasion, passed by on his travels, looking over the ashen fields to watch for any new blood that may be worth a conversation. Besides the few stragglers that had already been picked up by scouts and creatures of other herds, there was most often nothing. Today he had ventured in with a higher purpose in his head and a distinct sense of determination; it was near as empty as usual, but this time there was a winged beast who caught his eye immediately. Granted, her pretty dappled coat was not as eye-catching as some of the extravagantly coloured creatures out there, but Tantibus had a keen eye for pretty creatures, and his determination only seemed to enhance his spotting ability. Besides, it was less the mare’s coat that took his attention but rather her splayed, somewhat angelic, wings, and her spiralled horn that appeared to be radiating a soft white glow.
He set out toward her at a startling pace, his cloven hooves swallowing the ground and throwing a cloud of black ash around him. His leonine tail swung out behind him and his eyes remained trained on his target. Within a few hundred metres of where the mare stood, though, he slowed to a leisurely trot before coming to a prompt halt an appropriate distance away. While his mind might’ve been swimming with unspeakable thoughts, today was not a day for despicable behaviour. He was here to be charming, to honour his herd even if it was partially in falsity, and so he plastered a charming, warm grin on his chiselled features.
He dipped his head towards the mare, careful not to let his bony antlers or swinging piranha skulls brush with her own glowing appendage. He took note briefly of the two scars marring her hide and wondered what it was that could’ve caused them. Could it be he had happened upon another warrior, or was there some other excuse for such battle marks?
”Good afternoon, m’lady,” he began, voice as warm as melted chocolate amongst the cold-hearted remains of the Claiming Ground plains. ”What pretty wings you have,” his tone was unusually non-predatory, going for a truly complimentary intention rather than that of the ‘big bad wolf’. ”And your horn and bracelets, too,” he mused – nothing he spoke thus far was a lie. The man stood many a hand above this new creature, in fact he wasn’t sure he had met anyone quite as small in his time here thus far, but the size worked well for her. Cute was perhaps the wrong word, tainted by the magnificence of her feathers and elegance of her silvered coat, but she was somewhere between cute and beautiful.
”My name is Tantibus. What brings you here?”

Jaxx he's a little crazy, but no worries he won't harm her, he's just here to invite her to Lyrus if she wants c:


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Posted on Jan 15 2018, 3:19 PM.

pour salt into the wounds and let it bleed
It had been a slow day, to say the least. The sun had taken forever to rise, and now it was taking an eternity to reach its peak. It was near that time in the day near noon when Caelian decided he was entirely bored. He lay on his side, his neck stretched out and his head laying on the ground. He couldn’t say it was the best spot, right outside the claiming grounds where the ash mixed well with the leaves. So he let out a sigh and rolled his blue eyes back into his head for a second, before rolling and pushing himself up onto his dark hooves. It was time he’d do something.

For some reason, he did not set off toward the mountains in the near distance, but went the other way entirely, toward the ashen landscape. He had a feeling that he hadn’t had since he got here, a feeling that other life was near. Not just any other life, but equine life. He wasn’t sure if it was a feeling to follow, but he didn’t have anything better to do with his day. With quick hooves, he nearly leaped into a run and sped through the forest, creating a wake of ash behind him. With ears perked, he listened for any sign of equine life.

Then suddenly he heard voices, or a voice. He stopped abruptly, skidding across the landscape for a few feet until he stood up straight again. His ears maneuvered until he had pinpointed the exact location of the voice, and followed it to a small clearing. For a moment, he stood in the shadows of the charred trees and watched the two converse for a moment. The one in the centre of the clearing was beautiful, if to say short. Her dapple coat was alluring, and her elegant wings were just as gorgeous. Her horn resembled his own in its spiralling form, and for a moment, a picture of his sister went through his mind. With a shake of his head, Caelian rid her of his thoughts and turned his gaze on the other, a stallion. He had unique antlers atop his head with skulls hanging down, and a skull of a stag on his own. Caelian could see that the strange creature possessed lean muscle, just as himself, and would be one to reckon with. His colouring was unique, as if the ash had an influence on what colour it turned. It was a sooty black fading into tainted cooper. He held a few unique red marking on his coat, though Caelian was done examining.

The freckled stallion stepped out of the shadows at nearly a right angle of the other stallion and walked straight up to the mare. Caelian met the other’s hazel eyes for a moment, his brilliant blue ones tinted with a sense of mystery, before he turned his head down to the pretty mare before him. He bowed to her, his legs spreading apart to allow his neck the flexibility. While in the bow, he flicked his eyes up to her and smiled before standing up straight once more. ”Where I come from all beauty is artificial, fake. It is rare to find one so naturally beautiful.” A flirt he could be, but it was a simple compliment. Honestly, he was looking to add a little life to his day, and if he could edge on the other stallion, it would make this day a little more memorable.

He circled halfway around the mare so that she was between him and the other stallion, Tantibus from what Caelian had heard. He then turned and lowered his head to the mare’s ear. ”Scary looking, isn’t he?” Caelian mused quietly, before raising his head again and trotting a small half-circle outward, so they all stood in a line with even lengths between each other. ”My name is Caelian.” He had nothing to say and do after that announcement.
866 WORDS FOR Jaxx AND tantibus ― i need to fix this template. its not working all the way i want it to. and i can tell either im not used to caelian or my roleplay is a little rusty


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Posted on Yesterday, 8:38 PM. (Edited: Yesterday, 8:50 PM by Jaxx.)

Jaxx gave another hefty sigh, but only because her lungs needed fresh air and her wings needed to carry her through the skies. Jaxx wasn't accustomed to being on the ground for so long, but it was nice when she was from time to time. The only exception was being in a place like this. Jaxx would rather fly out of here than stay. If it weren't for the danger of trees she would gladly be gone by now. Knowing her wings had enough of being hung loosely, Jaxx tucked them back in above her withers gently. The sun had risen a little more in the sky and the area became slightly brighter now, but it never changed the mood. The silver Arabian Pegasi still matched the color of the landscape minus her eyes and could have hidden if she wanted to. However, there was no point to that now because the sound of hoof beats was heading her way at a fast pace before quickly slowing down as they arrived.

Instinctively, Jaxx spread her wings wide and brightened her horn to blind anyone arriving. She didn't know exactly who it was or why they were coming so fast, but at least they would be someone intimidated, right? Even though Jaxx looked a little shorter than anticipated, the dip in ground level she was at now made her seem that way. When she backed up a bit, she rose a little and her hooves were more revealed now. Jaxx was indeed beautiful, definitely not the term cute, but she also wasn't intended to be underestimated either. When the stallion arrived, she looked him over and wasn't sure what to make of his appearance. The stallion was a sooty black that changed to a lighter brown along his spine and head. His mane was short though his forelock was long, and the two other differences were the deer skull he wore on his head and the different tail he adorned. Revan tried to imagine why he could possibly be wearing such a thin and what the piranha skulls meant hanging from each three prong antler, but she did not ask. Fear and confusion took most of the voice out of her. When the stallion spoke and greeted her politely, she calmed down a bit and lowered the brightness of her horn and tucked in her wings again. The horn was now dimmed so that they could both see each other well without being blinded.

"I'm.. I'm Jaxx." SHe said as calmly as she could still not able to understand the appearance of the new stallion. Perhaps this was because of the lands here and that there were other horses of different appearances compared to her. The more she examined him the more curious she became until finally, she was calm enough to feel comfortable for the time being. It was nice that the stallion noticed so much of her which made her question just what his intentions were. "Thank you. Tantibus is it? I am here well... I guess I am here to learn about the world and not stay stuck up on the mountain my family herd refuses to leave." she said with a scoff. "There is more to life than what the mountain has and I am here to find it." Jaxx had never seen another horse like Tantibus before, so she could mark this off as a new experience already. Then, another stallion arrived and this time larger, but more slender as well.

This new stallion was almost black with freckles, obsidian-like mane and tail, and purple horns. He was not as muscular as the other stallion with a skull of another animal on his head, but he did show a little more arrogance it seemed. Jaxx perked a brow and nodded in agreement with his comment about being scary. "Maybe... But it's actually kind of cool." she said with interest. Jaxx was able to closer examine the other stallion this time and saw that his mane and tail was not made of rock, but actually very soft. When the other stallion trotted off to the side and was of equal distance to everyone, he announced his name as Caelian and she nodded in greeting. "I am Jaxx, or you might have heard since you were close by, to begin with. I could hear you when you arrived." Jaxx said with a smirk. One thing that she had gained since living on a mountain was sensitive hearing. Since everything echoed so much, she was able to pinpoint the source of noises a little easier at times. With this setting being in a forest with no sources to bounce off of, Caelian was easier to pinpoint.

(Wow I miscalculated my hands lol... I meant to make her 16 hands but I thought 12 hands would have been the 5.5 feet I was imagining. Lol Nope! She isn't a pony for sure.. Maybe it's a dip in the ash. Who knows.)

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

tantibus Caelian

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