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Open  I dare you to come closer

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Posted on Jan 11 2018, 1:24 AM.

I know I'd rather be complacent

Heavy cloven hooves carried the dark colt through the land of snow. His gait was slow, casual, as he made his way toward his chosen destination. The sound of crunching ice and idle chitter of birds had been his only company. Lifting his visage the boy turned his scarlet gaze upon the darkened forest that lay ahead of him. Despite his calm outward demeanor, Andante's mind was reeling. The majority of his thoughts filled with countless what ifs among other hypothetical scenarios. Though he did well to take heed to such thoughts he would not allow them to inhibit him from visiting the woods.

Besides, Iracebeth would he here. And for the most part that was the only reason he was wasting his time near this forsaken place. His other reason was to simply gain a feel for the other inhabitants should they choose to interact with him. He cracked a ghost of a smile, the corners of his ebon lips rising faintly. It had been a little while since he'd last seen his friend. Not to mention he doubted Nightingale would care if he went to see the filly. Upon reaching the invisible line that warned him not to enter he simply gazed out over the wood. Everything still looked the same. Faint tendrils of breath could be seen evaporating into the crisp cool air as he paced the boarder, brow furrowing.

Now he had not thought this out. What if Iracebeth happened to be in the very heart of crucis? Surely she would not hear his shouting, not that he would make himself look so foolish. A snort escaped him, audits pinning in mild irritation. He had no choice but to play the waiting game, though it was rather tempting to simply cross the line into enemy territory.

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Posted on Jan 21 2018, 7:41 PM. (Edited: Jan 21 2018, 7:43 PM by Etain.)

But the pack survives

There is a strange here, she can feel it. f

It had been years since Etain had connected to a home such as the wood--though she would be lying if she said she did not miss the castle she'd been born into. Nothing could match its structure, the simplistic and rustic design would always dwell in her heart. But the Wood was a close second, despite it's haunted nature of all those lost--may they be at peace. She moves quickly, almost silent in the dark of the Wood, maneuvering with haunting grace between the trees and the underbrush. Her voice is low, gutteral sounds rippling from deep within her chest. Should one be unable to see her, they would expect a wolf to be lurking in the shadow of the forest. 

Her ears are pinned to the back of her neck, body tensed and ready for a fight. Anger surged through her, after all the pain and grief had passed all that had been left was rage; untamed, unbreakable, raw. Silver spots the intruder; decorated in horns and dark colors accented by crimson he is, and stranger still is how alone this one appears. Very few dared to trudge through the Woodlands with out support-- for the Wood could easily be the end of their journey. He stood at the border, clever lad, sticking out like a sore thumb. 

She waits for several long moments, observing, before Etain steps into view. The Wolf emerges from the dark of the treeline--even in winter there were so man barren trees the ground was shrouded in their wake. The wind catches tresses of her blue-white hair in it's cold, delicate fingers but the chill doesn't bother her. The cold was who she was, and always would be. Standing before the boy in all her feral grace and beauty, she does not ask why he has come. Instead, silver eyes pierce the boy--they were the question, and she awaited his answer with unwavering patience. 



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