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Posted on Jan 07 2018, 5:46 PM.

Maaaa, I'm goin' on vacation!

Planning a vacation? Need a break? Got a load of school work or other real-life responsibility barking up your hind-end and know you'll be gone for a while? Be sure to let us know here so that we know when to expect you back. We'll be sure to water your plants while you're gone.

Note: Absence posts made after your character has been challenged to a battle in any capacity does not offer a time extension. Absence posts made before a challenge will offer an additional 7 days extension for the first post, or as made between those members.

We wish all our absent members health and happiness during their time away from the site! As a friendly reminder, if you return from an absence please delete your post so that we know you've returned. Thank you everyone! 

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 Amira Offline
Posted on Jan 14 2018, 3:18 PM.

OOC Name:Amira
Characters:Aztek, Cheshire, Reddit Succubus, Vennom Seduction, Chaos, Ecstasy Overdose
When I'm Leaving:15th January
When I'll Be Back:29 January
Reason: School s*cks. I have exams and math is like a serial killer!

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 Mallory Away
Posted on Jan 28 2018, 10:47 PM.

OOC Name: Mallory
Characters: n/a
When I'm Leaving: Been spotty for a while. 
When I'll Be Back: Gone indefinitely. 

Perhaps it was best to not have come back. I'll be gone indefinitely. Feel free to delete this account as well.


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 Dee Offline
Posted on Jan 29 2018, 7:46 AM.

OOC Name: Dee
Characters: Destroyah, Extasis, Frankenstein, Qallupilluk, Nova, Susto
When I'm Leaving: February 20th
When I'll Be Back: March 2nd
Reason: Going on vacation to Maui and probably going to camp the whole time, so don’t think I will be able to post very much D: just wanted to give lots of heads up!

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 Phish Offline
Posted on Jan 30 2018, 10:22 PM.

OOC Name: Phish
Characters: Acacius, Nylani, Gizelle, Leander, Raina, Jinx, Yvain
When I'm Leaving: Been MIA for at least a month now.
When I'll Be Back: Afraid I can't say Sad
Reason: Finishing up my final year, trying to find a job, writing a thesis and taking care of my own mental/physical health. Will be back as soon as I can <3


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Posted on Feb 05 2018, 2:32 PM.

OOC Name: revenant
Characters: beherit
When I'm Leaving: now
When I'll Be Back: n/a
Reason: leaving. please delete Beherit and my ooc.

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 Amira Offline
Posted on Apr 07 2018, 6:02 PM.

OOC Name: Amira
Characters: Aztek, Reddit Succbus, Cheshire, Yoru, Vennom Seduction, Ecstasy Overdose
When I'm Leaving: Tomorrow
When I'll Be Back: Tbh, I don't know. 16.06.2018 or earlier
Reason:  Schoooool

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 Moseley Offline
Posted on Apr 15 2018, 8:19 PM. (Edited: Apr 21 2018, 5:03 PM by Moseley.)

OOC Name:
When I'm Leaving:
When I'll Be Back:
Soon. Maybe in a couple of days, maybe a week again.
Reason: My demons are striking again, this time in full force apparently. >.< Super sorry, but I'm not gonna be much fun to hang around with until this clears up, nor can I seem to post. See you all when the storm passes!

Extending this to cover until after my doctor's appointment! Anxiety is really kicking my ass atm >.<
I've got the moves like Yaeger

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 Karma Chameleon Offline
Posted on May 06 2018, 11:11 AM.

OOC Name: Karma
Characters: Kodarki
When I'm Leaving: 06/05/2018
When I'll Be Back: Last exam 19th June
Reason: Need to focus on revision and exams, but will be around in discord!

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 BailanduSilueta Offline
Posted on May 07 2018, 11:54 PM.

OOC Name: BailanduSilueta
Characters: -deep breath- Gotham City, Tantibus, Symkaria, Thelxepeia, Gwynn, Jasper, Edelweiss, Delylah, Adreyan (and Astre and Shulmanu in inactive)
When I'm Leaving: slow from 8/5/2018 and even slower from 20/5/2018
When I'll Be Back: back in fully functioning business as of 6/6/2018 !!
Reason:  just as precaution as I know my replies will be getting choppy for the next month as I heave through exams. My first exam is on 21st May so I'll be trying to stay off a little as I study etc, but I'll still be on cbox/discord relatively frequently and I'll most certainly be keeping up with leader requirements. This is more so people know where I'm at if other replies are slow/nonexistent for a little while - i still love u I promise !

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 Ritsika Offline
Posted on May 21 2018, 1:05 AM.

OOC Name: Ritsika
Characters: Alell, Cora, and Kyrian
When I'm Leaving:5.26.2018
When I'll Be Back:6.4.2018
Reason: An out of town business endeavor that may or may not take a considerable amount of my time. I might find that I don't need to take the entire time away or I might need to. 

When I'm Leaving:6.5.2018
When I'll Be Back:6.16.2018
Reason: Early notice, I will be in the wilderness. Literally zero connection to the internet for some time spent with family, friends, and horses out in the back country for a vacation.

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