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Mature  HOLD ON |
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Posted on Jan 01 2018, 3:02 AM. (Edited: Jan 01 2018, 3:20 AM by Valor.)


don't you ever tame your demons
but always keep them on a leash


It was all over; he had fought his heart out and it just hadn't been enough. Somehow, someway, he had been defeated by a man near twice his age and riddled with arthritis. It was how the Gods willed it. Perhaps Valor had done something to upset them, maybe he played the wrong cards and it was just not his lucky draw.

Whatever it had been, it remained the same; Valor lost. He lost the battle for the fortress he desired for his family. He lost the future he had dreamed of. He could only imagine him losing the respect of his beloved, the Moon of his life; the beautiful Khaleesi of Carinae.

The dragon beast parted ways from the dreadful Colosseum, stumbling with every other step he took. His breathing was labored, he couldn't quite get the maximum amount of oxygen he needed. He reached for that breath but he was denied, always came up short. It began to send him into a silent frenzy, he rapidly inhaled but only was met with a dry cough.

There was no doubt that a lung had collapsed when his body had slammed into the concrete wall. He must of blocked it out with the adrenaline, along with the gladiator training he had endured for so many years. He automatically blocked out any sort of pain until he was in a safer, less-vulnerable area to let it out. In this case, Valor had no choice. He had no fight left in him.

Blurred vision didn't help him at all either, his head was pounding. He could feel the pressure building up behind his eyes, his ears were on fire. An insane amount of pain surrounded the top of his head where his long, twisted horns came out. Something was seriously wrong.

The cold bitter air of winter whipped against his body, nearly knocking him off balance. With a semi-quick reflex he managed to keep himself grounded, but not without falling onto his front right knee, nostrils flared as he continued to grab at any oxygen that he could. Enormous amount of white-hot pain pulsated throughout his body, a feeling like it was burning every nerve.

Gathering every last ounce of strength he had left, Valor lifted himself back on all fours, grunting and groaning the entire time. I-I can't breathe... I just, I can't breathe. He kept thinking, not understanding what was happening.

With his destination in sight, he willed himself to push forward. His vision still blurred, but he could smell it. He could hear it. Waves... the salty air. The only place he wished to be was upon the ocean, he wanted to lay on the sandy shores one last time. Every step he took he could feel his head pound in rhythm. Oh my love, Arête... what have I done? I am so sorry. I am so, so sorry. His thoughts caused him to choke up, snake pupils began to water for the very first time in his harden life.  

A sharp pain struck through his chest and it brought the beast tumbling, his entire mass landed upon the sand. With his neck outstretched with pain, his muzzle hit the damp sand. Nostrils flared as he caught the scent of the salt, it was much closer now. Ears swiveled forward as he heard the waves and within moments he felt the ice cold water surround his muzzle.

He made it.

Battered and bloody, convulsing in an intense pain that ravaged through his scarred body, the dragon beast laid upon the beaches of Elysium. With every struggled wheeze, Valor closed his eyes and relived his memories for the very last time. "Hajas, Jalan atthirari anni..." The whisper escaped his lips and were whisked away with the wind.

"Speak." | Thoughts.

OOC | I have no words. Mature was just for any gore - open for anyone who wants to attend Valor's last moments. This post was written to the song, Hold on by Chord Overstreet if you wanna give it a listen while reading to get a better feel. |

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Posted on Jan 01 2018, 5:19 AM.

Steps were taken with care, powerful pillars hauling the man across the lands with ease. He was running, not in the literal way but without a doubt he was running. Steps were quick and sure as he looked to cover as much distance as possibly across these lands. Despite arriving in a place he had never been, despite knowing no one here there was still worry clouding his vision. Everything he knew, everything he loved was lost. While he knew that it was time to start again he wasn’t completely sure if he was ready to face that fact. 

Yet still he would push onwards. 

His body bound tight in leather, riddled with pouches and with herbs hanging from various hooks. Neck arched slightly as he tread forward. He had no real destination in mind but he knew that eventually there would be a sign that he should stop. There would be a sign that he was meant to be somewhere. Until then he knew it was his destiny to travel, and so he would. Hooves would dig deep into the sand, the man breathing heavily as he pressed onwards... Forever onwards it seemed...

That was until he didn’t anymore, the scent of blood hanging in the air. 

Moving like a man passed his course was altered, instead of moving absently parallel to the water he would instead move until the sight of a massive winged man came into sight. He was hurt, the man was half in the water, bowed down and mumbling something that Susto just didn’t understand. But he wouldn’t pause, the bay attempting to come to the man’s right. “I can help you if you allow...” Words were soft, looking to arch his neck around to push at herbs. “Tell me what you need.” Words would urge the man, hoping that he wasn’t too late... 



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Posted on Jan 01 2018, 5:32 AM.

While Syrilth wasn't one for baths, she had been smelled pretty awful.  There was only one water source in Red Wastes which were precious and she didn't want to go anywhere else but the sea.  The peninsula had been a good choice, making it easy to get in and get out.  THe only problem was how bloody cold it will be but she had to suck it up as usual.  

Syrilth began to roll herself in the shallow area, looking a little silly.  She felt some grime of her sweat fall off before playfully striking the next wave with the side of her horns.  It was during this that she saw someone walking in and she snapped her head to attention, her front hooves planting themselves on the sand immediately to rise her up back to all fours.  It was a someone she knew, the dark red foreboding appearance with mass wings at his side was apparent.  As he came closer to the water a bit aways from where she was, he hadn't seen her.  But what was so very wrong was how sluggish his walking was.  Like he was...  Syrilth picked up the smell of blood and immediately made her way to him.

"Valor!" she called out to him, though right as she did, he tumbled to the ground muzzle first right into the sand.  Syrilth used her cloak of speed, but she didn't know he was already finished, nearing his last breaths.  The waves seemed to roll over to him, as if greeting him to their depths.  

Finally she was next to his side and he looked terrible, his gasping for air was one she knew well.  Plenty of times she had heard it from the fallen enemy who tried to take her kind and failed miserably.  She had left some of them to suffer in their last moments in life with the wounds after defeating them.  This though...this didn't seem right to see a drake in his prime like this.  "What happened?"  She only knew of their alliance, nothing else.  Who had done it, had he done something stupid?  Or had someone gotten lucky?  Syrilth needed answers.

Syrilth lowered her head as she positioned herself above his head, careful not to trample any part of him.  Waiting to hear what he would say - if he could say anything to her in such a state.  She hadn't even noticed the other equine who had come to inquire as well.

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Valor :'(((((


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Posted on Jan 04 2018, 3:09 AM. (Edited: Jan 04 2018, 3:11 AM by Shakaya.)


Stealth was never Shakaya's best skill, her vibrant colors a usual giveaway regardless of her surroundings. Tonight though, tonight was different and the healer called upon every ounce of training she had ever received. Revealing herself in front of the others was not an option she wanted to explore, not now. The mare's teeth sank into the piece of driftwood in front of her as she attempted to muffle a sob. The rough wood bit into her tongue, commanding and comforting as it absorbed the noises that made the vixen's frame shake. 

The Carinae healer had been lurking around the arena, already in the area with the intent of healing a different acquaintance and had seen her leader the night before as he strolled along the beach with a strange mare. He'd been alone at first, looking unsure of himself and the sight had frozen Shakaya in place, leaving her shaken and unsure of how to approach him. In the time it took for her to regain her composure another mare had greeted him and the healer had turned away in an attempt to keep from intruding. Her Khal was more than capable of defending himself should the stranger provide any problems and he seemed pleased with the company. Speak to him later and let him have this moment of peace. Content with the fact that Valor wasn't alone, Shakaya had turned away and continued toward the Colosseum.

She had lingered throughout the next day, unwilling to be a spectator to the fight but unwilling to leave the area. Golden hooves crunched leaves and snapped branches as the mare paced and tried to think of anything but the fighting. She settled on trying to connect with her magic. As a foal she had been reassured that every equine in Elysium was born with the ability to wield magic but that it required dedication and concentration. Why won't you let me heal? The frustration of failure tainted her thoughts when nothing responded to her requests. I know you are there, let me use you to do good. Amethyst eyes slipped shut as she concentrated and lost track of the time. It was the dull pang of hunger and Yiteri's frantic tugging on her mane that brought Shakaya out of her trance with a start. She scrambled to her feet and sucked in deep breathes, the thick scent of blood quick to fill her nostrils. Blood, the scent was faint, as if the owner of the liquid had passed through the area a while ago.

Yiteri was pulling at her mane, small hands urgent as the rodent attempted to convince her friend to join the others, to say goodbye. Even the rat knew that the attempt was futile, that there would be no reasoning with the teal mare tonight. Not when her Khal lay bloodied and broken in front of them. "He's still alive and you know that salt water burns."

It was those words that forced the healer to her feet as she tried to ram a wall between her emotions and the present. Shakaya felt numb as her hooves pounded over the sand and crested the dune she had hidden herself behind and her ears pinned as she realized that the others were not even from Carinae. Her strides lengthened before sliding to a stop, quick to take in the wounds that ravaged the Khal's body. Her ears remained pinned as she fixated a piercing look at the mare crouched over her leader, almost daring her to get in the way. Yiteri tugged on her mane, a reminder that there was another present and Shakaya shot him the same look.

Yiteri scrambled down a lowered wing, paws quick to shuffle through the fragile leaf packs that the mare kept tied to the appendage. "Numbing agents," the healer's voice was rough as she assisted her companion, "The cayenne, chamomile and clove paste should work best." There was a quick nod from the rat, small paws already unwrapping the precious bundles. 

"This will numb the pain and help stop the convulsions," the explanation was spoken loudly, yet her tone was soft as she set to work. She dipped her feathers in the topical solution repeatedly as she spread it along Valor's body. She retreated from every flinch, every gasp and hiss by slamming the barrier up in her mind with as much strength as she could muster. Shakaya continued her work quietly, only whispering a broken, "I'm sorry," every so often. 

She stopped only when she ran out of the solution, wings coated in Valor's blood as she stepped back. The barrier crashed down and left her legs shaking as she realized there was nothing more that she could do for him. The ocean's waves lapped against her feet and her attention snapped to the body of water with a silent rage. Khaleesi was not here yet, the ocean wasn't allowed to have her Khal. Not yet. The thought gave her the fuel she needed to move, lithe body colliding against the sand as she lay down in an attempt to block the ocean. You can't have him, she snarled as she waited, not yet

Word Count: 863

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Posted on Jan 07 2018, 5:06 AM. (Edited: Jan 07 2018, 5:09 AM by Arête.)


A fickle wind blows the scents of sweat and blood her way and immediately she recognized the sulfuric perfume. Valor.  Her thoughts become jumbled, a chaotic puzzle of what she should do in the present and what happened in the past. She stands there, at a junction between worlds, two vastly different lifetimes becoming eerily similar to one another. Pale eyes close themselves off from the world as she fights for control and balance; steady inhalations to a slowed count of three ease the rising blood pressure back into normal levels. Memories taunt her but she shoves them away, locking them in their boxes where they belong.

Minutes pass and still she remains a statue, poised and prepared. This is not the past.
Her thoughts are shaky and barely coherent but she is more grounded than before. Dark hooves turn to follow the volcanic scent now seemingly embedded into her nasal passages. Eyelids spring open as she takes the first steps to hopefully tracking down the dragon that abandoned her; cerulean flames dance in her pupil-less gaze. There are occasional drops of inky blood spread upon the snow and broken twigs; she need only inhale once to know it is from the source she seeks. Her pace quickens as eagerness consumes her and anxiety nips at fleeing heels. She is thankful to have left the newborn Davri safely tucked away with Ozereus. Arête does not doubt the upcoming scene will be too much for an impressionable girl to bear.
As she breaks through the dead and the evergreen the site of a group surrounding the massive body of Valor greets her. Icy fear streaks through her veins, he does not appear to be moving and once more the past overlays the present in a horrific display of dismal grays and blacks. The color leeches from her world until there is only a spot of red in the not so far distance surrounded by a growing tide of black blood. The strangers there morph into shadow creatures, beasts of hell, here to drag his soul to its eternal rest; armor snaps into place covering her entire form, leaving only a small section of neck and her legs exposed. He is not for you. She curses fickle fate, the demon who appears content with destroying her life each time she settles into her skin.
A flash of teal in the monochromatic view surprises her; the third being there appears familiar in her manic state. Shakaya. The name is whispered from somewhere in the depths of her mind.
Arête slows her approach now, shaking her head to clear away the overlapping worlds and the all consuming panic with it. Her vision expands and light beckons her closer, chasing away the shadows and leaving only the reality before her…a group of strangers curiously observing the wounded dragon. No beasts, no monsters. The remaining gap between them vanishes and she is there, kneeling in the sand to gingerly touch his shoulder with a velvet muzzle. Azure dances in her vision, she seeks out the traditional healer spying her handiwork. The other two are forgotten, she cares nothing for their presence, purely focused on a singular goal: saving his life. Roughened vocals ease into the still air, a broken quality to her voice that appeared after his sudden departure. ”What has happened to you?” Although she speaks to him, her gaze never leaves the pegasus attempting to block the salt from reaching his wounds and drowning his lungs.
Her own healing magic springs to life easing into his scaled body alongside the organic ‘magic’ her herd mate managed to create.
She cannot help but think this may not have happened if he simply remained with her in their home.
Why did you have to leave?

"Speech." | Thoughts.

Do not hesitate to power play within reason! 

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Posted on Jan 07 2018, 6:41 AM.

don't ever tame your demons.

In and out of consciousness.

He could hear the world going on around him and then everything would fall silent. It kept on back and forth like that, he could feel himself take a breath and then nothing. A bright, white light flooded out his sight; the once salty smell of the ocean air turned into a sulfuric mix of roses and his homeland. Back upon the vast valleys and mountains that his family had thrived on for so many years.

The soft sound of a familiar voice could be heard, it echoed throughout his mind. It was a voice from his past, one he had thought he'd never hear again. An angelic voice that always put him to ease as a colt. A voice that always managed to cool his boiling anger.

Valor dear, honey... you must get up. You cannot go like this, it isn't your time. Your beautiful family needs you... your daughter needs you. My son, my warrior son, enough. Get up.

"Mai, mai..." He groaned, lids still closed and his breathing worsened. A fit of coughs erupted from his working lung; splurges of inky blood splattered from his mouth and onto the sand. The dragon's entire body shivered in pain and utter chill. He felt cold down to his very bones. The faint words "Tell me what you need." Had worked their way into his dying brain waves; lids still not opening but he gasped for a breath, "Arête." Was all he could managed to get out before he fell back into darkness once again.

This time no bright light met him - it remained dark. Like a night of a full moon around the witching hour in a cemetery, it had an eerie feel to it. It wasn't that he had been frightened, no; not much did scare him. But it was a sense of loneliness. There was no one around but himself... where was Arête? Where was their baby? Where was his brother? He could feel himself begin to tense and his heart rate spiked. His spiked tail twitched and slammed back to the sand.

Those words - "What happened?" Began to play over in his mind... the voice was another familiar one. But it was not from his past, but from his present. It had a certain tone to it. He just couldn't place it. With an tremendous amount of energy, Valor willed himself to lift an eyelid, fire red orb peered upward, his vision still a complete blur. Nares flared as he tried to taste the scent, it was dusty. Syrilth. Was the only thought that pinged his mind before eyelid shut once again with another grunt. What happened? He had asked himself, repeating her question looking for a response.

Flashes of the battle riddled his memory, a scene of Zuriel's dusty bay coat slammed his body into the Colosseum wall faded in and out of his mind. The kick that packed the punch to his skull, the one he had managed to block from his jaw, but it dealt just as much damaged to his head. "Vos, vos, vos." Another moan as his nostrils flared, exhaling what he could, inky blood now splattering from his nares. He was bleeding internally; it was almost like he could feel his body begin to shut down.

A blast of white-hot pain sheered through him out of no where, he mustered a roar inside of him but nothing sounded. He was far too weak, nothing but grunts and groans as he could feel something be applied to his bloodied hide. The initial pain faded quickly as the last of his pain began to fade just as well, his ears twitched at the gentle soothing of multiple "I'm sorry." He could feel his body begin to relax and the convulsions quieted, but his labored breathing remained to worsen. With that he faded into the back of his mind once again.

You're not meant to waste away here, my son. You have too much left to do here. We're not ready to take you.

His mother's voice had been firm this time, yet still comforting. The iciness that surrounded him came and went, now no longer came. He couldn't feel it reach around his beaten body, the sting that it left every single wound. "Jalan atthirari anni..." He gasped, he just wanted to hear her, feel her, one last time.

As if by the grace of his Gods, a warmth burst from his very soul as he faintly felt a soft muzzle touch his shoulder. His flesh tingled at the caress. Jolts of mild electricity began to pulsate through his body, in such an attempt to revive what was already dead. Orbs shot open, the once blurred vision slowly began clear, save for the very corner of his sight. It all came into focus; it was her. While she hadn't been looking at him, but directly in front of her. Her body language wasn't threatened, so what she gazed at wasn't a threat.

"Jalan atthirari anni. Hash azisi?" The first words he had been able to muster up clearly, yet exhaustion tugged at every waking moment. He had no care for himself - it had been so, so long since he had seen the flawless beauty of his Khaleesi... the absolute horror of the attack upon her had sent him into a panic. With a dry swallow, he closed his eyelids once more and laid his large skull upon the sand. "I fought so hard, but I made a mistake. Dire. A better home, Khaleesi." And with those words he grew quiet once more, his breathing became less labored, but his blood began to pool in his nostrils.


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Posted on Jan 23 2018, 7:40 PM.

The man was unresponsive, tumbling down and slowly Susto would lower himself to the ground beside the man. He would attempt to wedge his maw beneath Valor’s own skull to lift his head out of the waters and the sand. He would try to place Valor’s head upon his forelimbs so that he would remain raised out of the water even though he would cough and splatter blood. A single name would fall from his lips. Arete. Susto would sigh and cast his gaze around, searching for anything that could help. That came in the form of a black winged woman, rushing to his side and naming him as Valor. She would ask what happened but the dragon man was drifting in and out of consciousness.
Eyes would transfer to the woman, unsure of if there was anything he could do. A colorful woman was the next to join their party, a rat tangled in her hair as she listed a number herbs and the rat came from her back to produce a paste which she applied to his wounds with her wing tips. He would watch everything in utter silence, laying with the man’s head on his forelegs to keep him raised from the waters but his body turned away from Valor otherwise to keep the man from impaling himself further on the hooks and straps that adorned Susto’s body. Everyone here seemed to know the man so he would remain silent…
 A blue woman was the last to arrive, her body dripping in panic. Something in his soul told him that this was the one that Valor was waiting for. He would stir, speaking something in a foreign tongue even as his eyes shot open to greet this woman. She would reach forth to touch his cheek and he would respond in kind to her with more foreign words.  His final words would be ones that he was able to understand. It was a fight. Deep eyes would look up finally, transferring gaze between the three women there. He didn’t know this man; he didn’t want to do anything without his consent. So instead he would remain silent, allowing the women time to consider their options. He would stay or go depending on their wishes.
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