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Private  i am content with loneliness {aeris}

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Posted on Aug 10 2017, 3:33 PM. (Edited: Aug 10 2017, 3:34 PM by Edelweiss.)

words : 503 || tag : Aeris || notes : sorry it took so long!
exploring still, edelweiss was finding it tiring that she had yet to come across anyone remotely like her. friends were few and far between for the warrior mare, due solely to her lack of interest in emotional connection, but that's not to say she failed to get along with every single creature to cross her path. it would no doubt be appreciated if a kindred spirit were to come along and engage the mare in at least some sort of intellectual conversation, no trivial small talk allowed. 

even better would be the opportunity to spar, to shed blood and continue to hone her combatant skills and sharp mind. it was clear from the outset that these lands were relatively at peace, and while it would not remain so indefinitely, it was obvious to the mare that there was little to no chance of her becoming involved in great war effort at any time soon. 

to set out and actively seek a similar personality to her own would be effort; it would involve edelweiss throwing herself into pointless, trivial conversations that would only build her anger and agitation to a point of wanting to scream, and it would be doubtful she'd even happen upon a kindred soul after many days of searching. she is not lazy and it would be mightily unfair to brand this label upon her head - merely practical, unwilling to sacrifice so much of her life in the company of fools. so instead she continued her exploration of these new realms, unhappily stumbling across idiots and occasionally having to appease them in conversation, but otherwise travelling in silent solitude. 

today the fae found herself inexplicably craving the salt air of the seaside. she is not a sentimental creature, certainly not one to reminisce or remember havens for their nostalgic qualities, but like most all of us she finds herself occasionally consumed by an insatiable wanderlust. sometimes it happens to be the sensation of hot desert sand beneath her hooves and matting her hair, sometimes a cold, stinging breeze in snow-capped mountains, but today it is the more relatable lust for salted air and seaspray. this yearning led her to a golden coast via a shallow causeway. it was quiet here, she had room to think, and she didn't have to care for her appearance to others as her long tail dragged through the sand and shallow waters. her walking pace was slow, more of an amble as the island grew closer in her sights. she didn't happen to see sign of any others as she approached, though they may have been secluded in the golden foliage, only saw the swooping flights of colourful birds and animals otherwise. 

edelweiss continued to the other side of the cause way, eventually reaching the island and stopping by its coast to take a deep inhalation of the beach's breath. the sun beat down hard on her ashen coat, and so she moved to take shelter from its heat in the shade of a near tree. 

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Posted on Sep 10 2017, 10:42 PM. (Edited: Sep 10 2017, 10:44 PM by Aeris.)


The Princess of Vanity had found herself wandering so far from her home today - from any home she had ever really known. The place that she would deem as her real home was too far from her grasp, which in return left an ache within her chest. And within her mind's eye she could still see the iron throne, and even the brief moment in history when her mother had allowed her to sit atop it. Flesh toned lips sucked in a quick in take of air at the memory. It was such a glorious memory and she had felt on top of the world in that moment. It was where she belonged, or so she had thought and so firmly believed. Now she found herself residing within the borders of a forest - who would of thought of such a fate for her? But she gladly stood beside her mother, Etain, who was a Queen once more. She had followed her to Elysium after all, and despite an unsettling reunion she played her role as a dutiful daughter and heir.

But Aeris had been born and raised within the cold snowy corners in the north of Arkana. And it had been unbeknownst to her that the enjoyment to live within cold climates ran within the very veins the pulsed and pumped blood throughout her body. This was a story that she still lingered upon for her mother's voice to spill so many unanswered questions. What she did know was that most, if not all, of her half-siblings had been born there too and although it had been some time now it had occurred, she found her mind wandering once more to her favorite brother; Marrok. Their relationship had been unique, or was it? She was not entirely sure how that all worked now since he had left but she yearned for his mutual love, understanding and competition that he brought to her life.

As her silver eyes scanned the island that rolled out before her, she took note of the gold tones it inhabited. She scrunched her nose slightly at such hues, with a preference of silver over the gold. The warm sun cascaded its rays upon her dappled body, which at times appeared to mirror that of the stars and galaxies that were overhead. The light from the sun was glinting off of the sky blue gemstones that began at the lower part of her neck and withers, traveling down her shoulder all the way down her left leg to the top-line of the dark blue hoof there. Small flecks of dust that glittered surrounded these gemstones. The light also made the rubies fastened to her horn gleam and become more noticeable, while the silver chains linking them swayed lightly as a small breeze blew through. The quiet sound of them clinking echoing around the area she traveled.

Why had her legs brought her to this part of Elysium though? The intensity of the politics that were associated with leadership and whatever else followed with that were dramatic, and perhaps Aeris just wanted to escape from it, even if it was just for a moment. Since her mother had claimed the throne to Crucis, the intensity that followed suit was an understatement. And she had also been alone since it all began. The previous herd members that were banished and fled did not count as company. Now that she was finding herself in a position of power and importance again the knowledge and feeling of loneliness was sinking into the very dappled flesh that she bore, running heavily within her family and reflecting her mother's own hide. Marrok had been not only her brother but her closest friend and confidant, and now that he was gone she had not realized how lonely she was - how much she yearned for friendship and affection.

With slightly narrowed lids at the small amount of displeasure she was experiencing in this moment, she found her hooves continuing to carry her forward, sinking lightly into the warm sand beneath her weight. The feeling of cold snow compressing under her as she walked was almost becoming a distant memory and she yearned for the feeling once more. Mentally she took note of this and told herself she would visit the one area here that would be as close to 'home' as she would be able to reach. She was consumed by her raging thoughts as she rounded a slight corner of rock structures that were surrounded by a gathering of a few trees, nearly walking straight into something - no, someone.

Startled she jolts her head slightly upwards, the silver chains linking the rubies on her sky blue horn wildly swinging and clanging together, her slender legs bringing her lithe yet toned body to a sudden halt. Lids pry apart  more now to allow silver eyes to widen as they look forward at another equine, a flicker of suspicious swirling inside their mysterious depths. She can hear her heart thumping within her skull as she finds her muscles tensing up, realizing that she is now a big player on this island and that any encounter so far from home and any sort of protection could be dangerous. Her gaze sweeps over the dark female before her, taking note of her impressive antlers and how her body swirls with a reflection of the darkened sky, much like her own. 

As she becomes easily aware that the stranger is a bit taller, Aeris collects herself and raises her finely sculpted head proudly atop her graceful neck. The Princess carries herself with pride and confident, an air of royalty swirled about her, not that of a more aggressive demeanor. She preferred words to the clashing of horns to solve possible issues. Peach hued lips press firmly together, a slight clench of her jaw is felt as her teeth press together. She muses over what to say as quickly as she can in these fleeting moments. "You sure appeared out of no where." She muses idly, her lips having only parted to let these words escape and then found themselves pressed together once again but with a softer touch. Aeris was gauging this stranger wearily though, her eyes firm on her as she was still on alert in case they ended up being a foe.

And all in spite of you, i'm still breathing

ooc:  so sorry for the wait love! and also sorry that it isn't the best, my thoughts were a bit jumbled,,,and for rambling foreverrr! excited for this though Big Grin
words:  1055


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Posted on Jan 09 2018, 4:28 PM.

words : 587 || tag : Aeris || notes : finally xD

In her brief moments of solitude, Edelweiss had dropped her head a fraction to the sand beneath her, watching a swirl of sand rise upwards as she breathed into the ground. The singular antler decorating her crown was not often a problem, but there were rare occurrences where it became the slightest bit too heavy and turned itself into a hindrance rather than a battle weapon or decorative appendage.
Her eyes, too, were fixed on the floor for no particular reason other than they had nowhere else to look. Despite this, though, it was not the mare’s fault when another creature careers into her side. The dusk-hued mare jolts her head upright once more, sighing heavily as her moment alone comes to an abrupt halt, and looks over the figure of her interruption. Another mare, a smidgen smaller than she and with perhaps a fractionally slighter build. She is rather striking to look over, in fact, with a similarly dark-toned body but accentuated with deep blues rather than Edelweiss’ pink, and a rounded horn in place of a lone antler.
This mare, too, possesses an unruly mane and tail, and she has adorned herself with silver chains not unlike the trinkets threaded into Edelweiss’ hair. Her eyes are strikingly silver. Captivating, almost, to anyone with a heart softer than the lady-warrior’s. Having found herself to be momentarily caught off guard by her company’s appearance, the pink fae tosses her head skyward with an unimpressed snort. Almost, but not quite, begrudgingly, she takes a number of steps back from the pretty mare and regards her with a roll of her pale eyes and a stoic impression to follow. If this intruder had been anyone a little less attractive, or if they had introduced their presence with a pathetic apology or insulting remark, the mare would not have hesitated in wheeling round and kicking them wherever her hooves met first.
For some reason, though, the lady warrior gave this woman the benefit of the doubt. There was something in the way she immediately removed the blame from herself that, while making her furious also, intrigued Edelweiss. She was unapologetic rather than painfully polite or a down and down jerk like the rest of the scum she’d met on her travels thus far. Perhaps there was an interesting interaction to be had with her, but this wasn’t to say she was going to be kind and jovial so easily.
”Oh, I came from nowhere, did I?” the look on her face was only slightly sarcastic, but her features were plastered with blatant annoyance. ”I think you’ll find I’d been stood here a half hour at least before you blundered your way into me, madam.” her voice was low and gravelly, calling the mare madam with a certain lilt that suggested both condescension and a slight flirtatiousness that even Edel was unaware had managed to creep in. She took a step forward, watching the mare’s eyes with her own lavender orbs attentively, her gaze unfaltering as she closed the distance between them just barely.
”You watch where you’re going, miss, you should be so lucky I don’t want to maim that pretty face of yours.” the words were jeering but this time Edelweiss knew there was an embarrassing element of truth in her speech. She was expecting nothing of this, in fact she might’ve been more satisfied with a resulting brawl, but at least it was more interesting to her than the inane conversations with the majority of Elysium’s boring individuals. 

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