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  Mid-Winter, Year 2    Leviticus Era
A meeting for the Knights of Lyrus is being hosted by Commander Kodarki in the Red Waste!
Destroyah has lost to Draco in a heated fight, but we're sure we'll see more from the mare!
Valor the dragon-horse has lost against Zuriel, fighting on behalf of Etain for Crucis!
The Hall of the Dead now has an official forum within the Depths.
Beaufort takes Amapola to the Creation Pool after she was badly beaten by Valor.
Valor calls together the horses of the Viridian Fields for a meeting.


the Heretic Herd

"every rose has its iron thorn"

The Heretic Herd came into being immediately after the birth and reveal of the Heretic god himself on Halloween, 2015, during the Genesis Era of Year One. He pandered the horses into claiming the Iron Valley by sheer force, and from that force came the first leaders: Abrin and Nightingale. Since its inception the herd itself has garnered a dark reputation for cruel dealings and malicious horses, and while not all of it is true that reputation still stands to this day. Many regard the herd as a blight or an enemy, and yet still those who call themselves Heretics remain strong and vividly proud of their home and heritage.

Firstborn Heretic
"TO ME! To me, all hedonists, sinners and derelicts! It's time the Firstborn met their match, for Elysium grows too still, too pure."

In many ways, Heretic is not a Firstborn at all but a bastardization of the purity that the Firstborn themselves represent. Rather than created by the Cosmos during the great formation of the Pantheon, Heretic was birthed instead by the inescapable and evil nature of the Darkness -- a yet unidentified force in the shadows of Elysium. Heretic is everything he was created to be: cruel, unforgiving, vengeful... and he holds the horses of the Heretic Herd to the same standard while allowing for moderate deviation. He is large and black as the night, his body muscled with a set of ram's horns that curve outward behind his ears and down the length of his jaw. He prefers to appear as a chaos of swirling shadow, rather than his equine form.

Royal Roster
Those who have held King or Queen positions over the Heretic dominion:

Abrin, King -- October 2015 to February 2016.
Nightingale, Queen -- October 2015 to February 2016.
Ker, Queen -- February 2016 to October 2016
Jaylin, Queen (Ker) -- May 2016 to October 2016.
Sloan, Queen -- October 2016 to July 2017.
Draco, King -- July 2017 to Present.