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  Summer, Year 3    Leviticus Era
The new Firstborn Vihaan is visiting the horses of Carinae in Viridian Fields!
The Lost One has appeared needing help of your characters in this site wide plot!
Congratulations to Ritsika, the new player of newly mortal firstborn, Cora!
Welcome new Empress Kashmir of Heretic!
The Red Wastes now has a sub-forum of its own! All Lyrus members can post there but outsiders beware!
The training battle between Gotham City and Caelian has been decided on a winner!

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Welcome to the fantasy world of LTTS! We are an intermediate+ forum roleplay for mature members 15 or older. LTTS is considered a Simple roleplay of the fantasy genre, meaning that we spend more time focusing on developing our characters and bettering our writing skills rather than rules. Our site is interactive, and we don't just mean with each other: site-driven and staff-driven plots run amok, keeping things interesting and allowing our members to take their characters in whatever direction they choose.

It's important to note that LTTS is not a conflict-driven site; our themes, magics, and overall site "morale" is intended to be loose and without a heavy flavor of competition. This means that the items and magics on the site are meant to be fun additions to our characters, but they won't make them over-powerful or invincible. Collect them all, or none! The advantages are essentially the same.

This Guidebook is intended to inform you on all things LTTS-related. If you have a question but can't seem to find an answer in the links at left, be sure to visit our Questions & Suggestions thread. We look forward to writing with you, and don't forget to look to the stars!