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Immortal Garden
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On any normal day or night, the Immortal Garden is a place of subtle beauty that might otherwise go unnoticed by the common masses. Amassed across softly rolling hills are layers of close-cropped grass and low-growing bushes whose flower buds are tiny, succinct and all manner of colors ranging from pristine white to deep, deep blue. Here or there large oak trees offer shade, while a crystal-clear stream trickles from the base of one such tree and weaves a gentle path through the length of the large garden. But the Immortal Garden is no ordinary garden: during the times of the Firstborn Festivals and the Star Gazes, this place becomes alive with beautiful life of all sorts. Trees sprout blossoms instead of leaves and brilliant birds, butterflies and dragonflies gather to the power of the Stars in this place. At nighttime during times of Festival, each vein in every leaf gives off a soft blue glow.

Immortal Garden
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