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I am your Sun, and you are my Moon, together we will build the sky.
- Aurelia to Stellar Infinitum
Move it, filth, or I will bite you next!
- Syrilth to Renegade
There is no future without you.
- Oberon to Io Kairavi
      Your wounds are your trophies, humiliation and history.
- Oberon to Castor
      The canyons which had forced their very soul onto him now ran in his blood, their red dust powdered and dissolved into the mahogany liquid he pumped to every inch of his mortal being.
- Kodarki about the Red Waste
How lucky I am to see the Moon that guides me in my darkness in this uncertain day.
- Oberon to Io Kairavi
What happened to Heretic wouldn't have happened if I was still here.
- Renegade to Heretics
There is no such thing as being weak, it is simply a state of mind.
- Maruader to Vega
You have to learn many things, and many things you will see.
- Oberon to Castor

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LTTS is an intermediate+ fantasy equine roleplay made simple. We focus more on character development and community interaction than we do on rules or power, and we are designed to be a minimal-conflict roleplay; our themes and magics are intended to be loose without the often-tense flavor of constant competition. Stay a while, and explore the land of Elysium with us!



The wind card.
Yesterday, 2:46 PM
by Firefly

31 Threads, 234 Posts

Devil's Dance Floor [Etai...
Yesterday, 12:27 PM
by Soren

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And did my Sovereign die~
Oct 14 2017, 4:24 PM
by Draco

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What A Queen Beholds
Yesterday, 9:35 PM
by Illyria

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Neutral Lands

crystal ball.
32 minutes ago
by Corson

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Ho! Ho! To the Bottle I g...
Oct 03 2017, 9:00 PM
by Maelstrom

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Sound the Bugle [Open Spa...
Sep 25 2017, 1:25 AM
by Acacius

10 Threads, 52 Posts


13 Threads, 44 Posts

It's all just the beginni...
Oct 14 2017, 6:47 PM
by Etain

32 Threads, 178 Posts

Yesterday, 5:34 PM
by Lyanna

40 Threads, 209 Posts

Siren's Call
2 hours ago
by Serena

29 Threads, 195 Posts

Take me down to your para...
Oct 10 2017, 12:29 AM
by Quetzalli

24 Threads, 115 Posts

product of my anger.
Oct 11 2017, 11:58 PM

33 Threads, 274 Posts

Dirty Encounter
Oct 09 2017, 1:14 PM
by Oberon

25 Threads, 171 Posts

night of the hunter ;
Yesterday, 7:08 PM

28 Threads, 128 Posts

tick, tick, tick, tick, t...
Oct 06 2017, 11:52 PM
by Serena

23 Threads, 115 Posts

and the stars blur bright...
Oct 14 2017, 7:45 PM
by Ariagnia

29 Threads, 236 Posts

Out of Character
This is where all OOC happenings take place! Chat it up with your fellow members, show off your pets, introduce yourself if you're new or start a fun game here! The sky's the limit, so long as all maturity rules are adhered to.

October 14, 2017 - ANNOUN...
Oct 14 2017, 6:53 PM
by Staff

61 Threads, 239 Posts
The Maintenance forum is where all Character updates occur. If your character needs their rank changed, if they've earned points that need to be added to their stash, or if they've recently become a parent, this is where you'll come in order to request such updates and changes. Ads & Affs: Forum Password is 'advertise'

Account Approval
Yesterday, 7:51 PM
by Clowen

11 Threads, 196 Posts
Feeling those creative juices flowing? The Creativity Corner is just the place for you! Here you can test out your coding, store your art, stockpile bits of inspiration, plan future characters and all variety of things art- or muse-related. Be sure you're posting in the correct subforum!

Out of the frying pan!
2 hours ago
by Kansas!

174 Threads, 1,080 Posts
Here rest the completed threads from all corners of LTTS. Members may browse the archives as they see fit. Should you want to continue a dead/inactive thread, simply request to have it moved back via the Maintenance board.

September OTM Nominations...
Oct 10 2017, 11:46 PM
by MollyDoll

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